Chapter 13: Dangerous Zone and Baptism of Newcomer

 “So that's Hexy City, huh?” When I left Togai City, I used flying magic to come to Hexy City near the dangerous zone. “Even so, this is a big forest.” There is a vast expanse of forest in a place not far from the city of Hexy which is visible from the air. This is a forest of a size I have never seen before in my previous life. Is that a forest that has spread widely since I died? When viewed from above, you can see magic lights and flames around the perimeter of the forest. The adventurers who enter the forest must work hard, huh? “Dangerous zone, Majuu Forest……
huh.” (TLN: Demon Beast (RAW: 魔 獣 = Majuu)) It seems like it's a dangerous zone from B-Rank, but from its name, it's a place with lots of beast type monsters, right? Well, let's get down to the ground before entering the city. Because when I flew throughout the city in Togai City, everyone was shocked. ◆ “It looks pretty crowded.” Unlike the view that was seen from the sky, Hexy City was crowded because of many people. Why is it so crowded here that only B-Rank adventurers can work? “Ah well, let's go to the adventurer guild.” After a short walk, I found an adventurer guild building. Some adventurers thought they were coming home from work, and walked in the same direction. “A new place, makes me feel excited.” With great excitement, I stepped into the adventurer guild in Hexy City. ◆ In one word, I feel hot. Looking around, many adventurers eat and drink at a large table. It looked like a guild that doubles as a bar. The proof is the guild window on the right and the kitchen on the left in the bar. I've heard of it, but this is an interesting structure when you see it. “Gosh, seriously, I must first look at the quest board first.” First of all, let's check what kind of quests there are in this city. “Huh? These kids?” When I went to the quest board, I saw a very young adventurers.In addition, the equipment is also very different. It feels like I have money or just the last thing I need. Are they newcomers like me? But this is a dangerous zone that only B-Rank adventurers can do, right? What does that mean? I thought so, but when I looked at the quest board and froze the question. “Aah, that's how it is.” The answer is quite simple, and all quests under C-Rank come out of the Majuu Forest. A request was inserted for gathering herbs in another forest and escorting to the next town. Well, that’s true. Just because it's in a dangerous zone, doesn't mean there are only reasons to ask for quests in the dangerous zone. I solved my question about confirming B-Rank's request. It's good to accept quests for C-Rank and D, but after all there are quests that can only be accepted by B-Rank, so I want to accept quests for Majuu Forest. At that time. “Hey you! That's not a quest that you can accept in your Rank!” It seems like someone is trying to get a quest that exceeds their rank. I think that's a shame. Alright, that was a reasonable quest for Majuu Forest quest. “Hey! Are you listening to me!?” Apparently that person was very fixated on searching for the quest and not paying attention to that person's voice. I really want to adventure in Majuu Forest. “This is about you!”

 And somehow my shoulder was caught. “Eh? Me?” Maybe she talked about me!? “Who else is there besides you!” When I turned around, there was a young girl standing there. Her age is a little older than mine, and on top of that, her golden hair is like fine gold thread…
(TLN: finally the heroine) “How beautiful.” “Eh!? B-Beautiful!?” This is bad, I accidentally said that. “Oh, sorry.” “Eh, ah, no…
Well, because I'm praised, so I won't get angry, but…
eh, that's not it!” The girl's face turned red and annoyed and suddenly got angry and caught my shoulder. “That is Majuu Forest that only B-Rank adventurers or higher have! Newcomer adventurers must accept quests that match their Rank!” Ah, apparently it says that for me huh. “Etto, although like this, I'm also a B-Rank adventurer.” “Hah?” That's the expression from what I'm saying. “I said B-Rank.
All this time I raised Rank and got permission to explore the dangerous zone.” “……” The girl was silent. “Etto, really?” “Yes, that’s right.” “…
I-I'm sorry!” The girl apologized to me.Thankfully, she can understand it. Well, I'm just an adventurer, and there is no other choice if it is suspected right? ◆ “I am so sorry.” The girl who finally stopped being angry and apologized to me politely again. “No, no, it's no problem.
Etto, I'm Rex coming from Togai City.
If you can, can you tell me your name?” “Rex-san, right? I am Ririera, an adventurer who is home to this Majuu Forest.” Ririera-san smiled on her face. “Rex-san also came to enter Majuu Forest?” “Yes, when I went up to B-Rank, I learned from the Guild Master that I could go to the dangerous zone, and I came to this nearby city.” “The closest…
I see, then have you made preparations?” “Huh? What preparation?” If you are an adventurer, herbal medicines and field equipment are basic, moreover this is B-Rank, so there's no need to bother making sure, right? “I didn't know it was like that.
What place is this Majuu Forest?” “Isn't that a forest with lots of Majuu?” Ririera-san said while feeling shocked, she sighed while putting her hand on her forehead. “I can't talk to you.
Listen? Majuu Forest, literally everything in the forest is a monster.” “Everything in the forest!?” What is that, scary!? “Wild animals and insects, and all the trees in the forest are also monsters.
That is Majuu Forest where there are no ordinary creatures.” I see, that's why the name is Majuu Forest, huh. “Not only that.
Monsters imitate the ground, or slime which if you think is a fountain, and most things that are seen are Monsters.
So when you enter the forest, not only potions and poisons, but also the aromas and monsters' barrier are very important, and difficult to be attacked while capturing fallen monster material!” That's a terrible forest. “So, to enter this forest, it is important to be a magician who can use barrier magic or a barrier that can make a barrier.
Without them, you can't even spend the whole night in the forest! A careless person like you will be attacked from behind in a short time!” Ririera-san is excited about that. “If you are in the forest, get ready for everything, and if you don't have friends, go to a party where anyone can use the barrier technique! Understand?” “Y-Yes.” “I wonder if you understood it correctly?” Ririera-san looked this way while frowning. 

Yes, this person suddenly snorted, but she was a very good person. The words are difficult, but all of them worried about this. “Thank you for telling me so much.” “Ara, you're quite honest huh.
Well, it's very good to be able to get people's advice honestly.
There are also people who rise to B-Rank even though they're young.” “Ojou-chan has eyes like dead people because we don't accept her advice honestly.” “Th-That's an old story! An-old-sto-ry!” And an adventurer who was drinking in a chair nearby teased Ririera-san. “Gahahaha.” ◆ “Geez, seriously, because of this I hate people who don't have any taste.” Even though Ririera-san said it in a vulgar voice, that expression looked a little pleasant. I'm not sure she isn't really hated. “Even so, I've never seen a child with B-Rank who was close to my age before.” Saying that, Ririera-san looked at me. “Could it be, Ririera-san is also the same B-Rank as me?” Ririera-san answered my question. “Yes, I'm B-Rank.” “I feel relieved if someone is my age.” “I understand it.
Everyone around is older.” Because our ranks are the same, we immediately become close. Sometimes the guild doubles as a bar, so I'm sorry that I misunderstood, and decided to eat and eat the dish. I refused her for a while, but Ririera-san didn't give up and said that she was rude to the person she first met. And Ririera-san, who is a senior, will teach me about this city in many ways. “Because the city is adjacent to a dangerous zone, many merchants have collected rare materials that can only be obtained there.
And the work of adventurers under B-Rank has also increased to protect the merchants.” “I see, that's the reason why there are many B-Rank quests and below.” “And sometimes there is even a quest to subdue monsters who have strayed from the forest.” “Is that so~” “Well, because forest monsters rarely leave the forest, so it's not a certain quest.” So that's how it helps you in many ways. “Even so, Rex-san is not only seen but also feels younger talking.
How old are you?” “Me? I'm 15 years old, you know?” “Ara, then have you been an adventurer for a year? You have enough talent to be B-Rank in a year!” “No, I'm just lucky.” “Luck is also good.
Should I celebrate something on your birthday?” “Ahaha, don't be like that, my birthday is still one year in the future.” Ririera-san is also a responsive person. “Eh? Next year?” “Yes.
Next year.
I'm 15 years old recently.” “Recently, could it be that you have just reached adulthood!?” “That's right.” “Wait a minute, then you, how long have you been an adventurer!?” And somehow, I feel like Ririera-san's atmosphere is irritated. “Etto, it hasn't been a month.” “……” “Ririera-san?” Huh? Is there something wrong? “You are fake!” “Eh?” What does that fake mean? “Well, actually what―” When I tried to ask the meaning of those words, Ririera-san hit the table and stood up. “It's no fun! Don't talk to me again!” Saying that she hates me, Ririera-san is angry and leaves the guild.

 “W-What does that mean!?” Ririera-san suddenly got angry, but did I say something that would make her angry? What should I do, I want to know if it's better to chase after her to apologize!? But I don't know why, so what would I apologize for even if I chased after her? “Hahaha, don't be too disappointed, Rookie.” At that moment, an adventurer who was eating in a chair near me spoke to me. His muscles are very big, and a big fight is on the table. “She just hates adventurers with Power Rankings like you.” “Eh? Who are you?” “I'm Ivan, an adventurer based in this city.” “I'm Rex.
So, what is Power Ranking?” Power Ranking? I wonder what is that? That is a word I have never heard. “This is an adventurer who joins a party of high rank adventurers and fights in the back, and only rises rank to the weak.
Sometimes he is a nobleman's son or a good man.” What is that!? If it's like that, he can't get his abilities at all!? “Well, I know what that Ojou-chan wants to say.
You can't live in this dangerous forest to do things like that.
Rookie also did a bad thing to do higher quests to raise Rank continuously.” Hmm, this is really a misunderstanding. “Well, but I always play solo, really.” I used to work with Gyro-kun and the others, but I didn't clearly cooperate with them, and also they were F-Rank. “Hou, then, did Rookie walk up to B-Rank himself?” “Yes.” “Gahahaha, don't be strong, son.
You're such a tough person here!” “Really, I'm not saying anything bad, but starting again from the F-Rank quest!” “This is also the strength to recognize your weaknesses.” This is a problem.
It seems like everyone doesn't believe it. Now many problems will occur in this city adventure in the future. How can you all believe it? “Then, let's show your abilities quickly, Rookie.” And the one who said that was Ivan-san. “Showing ability?” “Aah, this city has a good quest to measure the beginner's strength, and if you complete it, it will allow everyone to see it, no matter how weak it looks.” “Ooh, do you want to do that?” “Baptism of newcomers.” huh? baptism? What will be done? “Come follow me Rookie.
Show us your strength.” When Ivan-san pressed, all the other adventurers stood up. “Through this way.” I don't know what that is, but if you can recognize your abilities, let's participate in baptism. ◆ “Here.” The place Ivan-san and the others took me was around a large forest. “This is Majuu Forest …” I didn't realize it when I saw it from the sky, but the height of the trees in this forest was different. There are many short trees, but sometimes they are mixed with tall trees. And the trees were so big that they went into the depths of the forest. “Like the story you heard before, Majuu Forest consists of all monsters and plants.
And because it is so bad that plant type monsters sow seeds and expand the forest little by little.” Yes, not only plant monsters have high vitality, but places like that are bothersome. “Therefore, countries bordering the forest have made a permanent quest to prevent this forest from developing further.” Saying that Ivan-san pointed towards the forest. “Look over there.
Adventurers are cutting forest trees, right?” I was told that some adventurers were cutting trees with axes. Yes, it is not a tree. “Plant type monsters?”

 Adventurers fight with plant-shaped monsters with their axes. Ivan-san nodded in my words. “Oh, that is a trap plant or a plant monster.
It is an annoying monster that mimics a tree and attacks from a blind spot.
Tall plants are the best kind of killer plants.
So, the permanent quest is the task of preventing the expansion of the forest by defeating the plant type monsters that make up the Majuu Forest.” When the forest spreads, cities and villages will be swallowed up. “Oh, newcomers only fight with plant monsters at the entrance, and that is the baptism of newcomers to get dexterity into the depths of the forest.” In other words, the baptism I will do is. “Do anything and get rid of 10 plant monsters and show them.
If you can't do that, you will only die if you enter here.” “In other words, a permanent quest is a request for training.” “Well, those who don't have the ability to be fast and strong quickly have no choice but to gain experience.
Well, usually low-skilled Thief and Priest training is the only role.
Even if it's the rear guard here, it can't be determined because close combat cannot be carried out.” Uwaa, looks like this place is very serious. “If you understand, go! If you are in danger, we will help!” “Yes!” I walk into the forest while being reminded by Ivan-san. “Do not exaggerate!” “It's not something to be ashamed of if you run away!” They told me jokingly, but I know everyone cares about me. Well, I guess it's because I'm considered a newcomer who looks good and says B-Rank. First of all, activate the exploration magic and explore the signs around it. This is not to know the position of the monster but to find out the position of humans. It will be difficult if you get involved with unrelated people. Luckily, the people in this area seemed to be only Ivan-san and the others and the adventurers who fought monsters at once. “Well, let's move on and go there.” I invoke my magic and aimed at the forest perimeter. Forests are entirely composed of monsters, and the state wants to prevent the expansion of forests. In other words, you don't need to modify anything. “Then, let's just burn it!” I chose magic that only burned the designated part for a moment so that the fire spread and did not become a nuisance from adventurers working in the depths of the forest. “Inferno Flame!!” Blue orbs of light appeared from the sticking end of the hand. And the light was expanding in an instant, and it spread forward in the blink of an eye. Flame Prison Magic, Flame Inferno.This is magic that radiates blue flames with extremely high temperatures in a straight direction. The light that appeared immediately sucked up the surrounding air and momentarily developed a fire. And oxygen in the air burns instantly with every surrounding material, and the flame immediately extinguished by creating a pseudo vacuum. This is effective fire magic when you don't want to spread fire widely. “Is this like this?” A large land lay before me. I have shaved a part of the boundary of the Majuu Forest. Therefore, the corner of Majuu Forest, which had spread in a distorted circle, now disappeared in a straight line as if it were being cut down. “Is it like this?” I looked back and asked Ivan-san. “……” But for some reason, Ivan-san was only trembling with his eyes wide open. The adventurers who came also trembled in the same way. “Huh? Could it still not be enough? Then, I’ll do it again.” “Wait, wait, wait! What was that?” And when I tried to burn the forest again, Ivan-san shouted. “No, that's just falme prison magic?” “Just what is it?! From the name alone it looks very chaotic!” “Don't be like that, it's a magic to get rid of that we normally use to get rid of weeds.” “”””What kind of magical place is your home!!?”””” The words of the adventurers were so beautiful. Eh? My village is just an ordinary rural area.

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