Chapter 11: B-Rank and Auction Rewards

 “This is bad, father!” Princess Celia came to Viscount Grimoire-sama's office. “What's the matter, Celia?” Viscount Gromoire-sama was surprised to see Princess Celia. “Th-That! A future disaster where the city is filled with hordes of monsters has disappeared from my future vision!” “What did you say!?” Viscount Grimoire-sama and I stood unknowingly at an unimaginable event. “Even though I only saw the scene of destruction many times until after lunch, it disappeared beautifully when I just saw it!” “T-Then what about my area?” “Everyone lives in peace!” “Ooooh!” Viscount Grimoire-sama made a fist and raised it out of excitement, but he immediately returned to his seat. “This is right after I hired that person…
I knew my decision was right.” “Surely Aug-dono has heard Master's words, and he has defeated the cause of the disaster.” “Umu, as expected of the man who defeated the dragon.
I must give him a present.” Peaceful air that I hadn't felt for several weeks flowed in the office. As expected of an A-Rank adventurer, did he feel a sign of disaster from his negotiation process with Viscount Grimoire-sama and move on his own? Maybe it's not strange if because of this activity, he will be promoted to S-Rank in the near future. ◆ “Ah, Rex-san! What a great time.” When we defeated the Majin and returned to the adventurer guild, Elma-san from the reception desk came to me. “What's wrong, Elma-san?” “Thank you for waiting.
Finally, the auction rewards for the Dragon and Evil Boar have entered.” Oh, I finally got money for the Green Dragon and Evil Boar! However, after all it was the Green Dragon and the Evil Boar, and I could not hope much until then. “Besides, I also received money from Evil Boar that was bought by Lord, so we will pay you at the same time.” “Oooh, looks like it's going to be a big amount of money, aniki!” “I wonder, after all it's just a green dragon.” “Haa…
I told you that's not the problem right?” Eh? What does that mean, Elma-san? “By the way, we will pay the auction reward, so please come to the reception room.” “Not through the window?” (TLN: receptionist window) “Because rewards from auctions tend to have a lot of money, so I will give them indoors so others don't hear them as a way to solve the problem.” “Eeeh, then I don't know how much Aniki got.” “Even if they are close friends, please don't forget basic courtesy.
Team Leader Dragon Slayer, Gyro-san?” “Kyaaa! Don't say that name!” Gyro-kun was really embarrassed by the name of the team that was scattered. “I don't mind being together, you know?” “Eh? Are you sure?” Elma-san glanced around and saw Gyro-kun. “Because I'll be asked later, it's the same even if you ask now.” “As expected of Aniki! Having deep feelings!” Ah, he has risen again. “…
I understand.
Then everyone is over here.” We were guided by Elma-san and entered the guild reception room. And when everyone enters, Elma-san closes the door and locks it. This is very strict. “Now I'll give you the auction rewards.” Saying that, Elma-san placed a large bag on the table. I felt that the table was disgusting. Then a small bag is placed on the table gently.
Is this a good amount? “This is the total price of the Dragon, Evil Boar, and Evil Boar purchased by Lord, 20 platinum coins.” (TLN: platinum = white gold) 20 gold coins? That's less than expected. “What's that, 20 gold coins is too little, right?” Gyro-kun, who seemed to be thinking the same thing, leaned back in the chair with a disappointed face. “No, Gyro-san.
Not 20 gold coins.” Norve-san corrects Gyro-kun's words. Huh? But you said 20 gold coins earlier, right? “20 platinum coins.” Platinum Coins? Etto…
If I'm not mistaken, that's the name of a special gold coin that is issued when it's hard to pay with gold coins, right? “How many gold coins from platinum coins?” 

“Etto, if I'm not mistaken…” Mina-san asks Norve-san to remember it. “10,000 gold coins.” “””””Ten thousand gold coins !?””””” A surprising amount of money appeared and everyone was affected. “Because this is 20 pieces, so it will be 200,000 gold coins if converted to gold coins.” “200,000 gold coins?” Isn't this a bit shocking!? The amount of money is so different that my income so far feels like a joke! “T-That's an unexpected amount…” Elma-san began to explain in detail to those of us who were surprised. “In this auction, we show every part of the monster.
It is in conditions such as scales, bones, skin, internal organs, and core.
Especially the Dragon because it is a monster with no material that is not used, almost all of which have been won in the amount of money great.
They will be proud if they get it as one of the bidders.
Especially the valuable site between them, as everyone wants, it seems that the offer is done with incredible speed.” So, everyone wants a Green Dragon!? Is that why? Even if it's a Green Dragon monster, materials in good condition are very rare because the price is very expensive!? Maniac in the popular sense. “Evil Boar is also able to show off everything without cutting his fur, so it seems like great aristocrats managed to make an offer without paying attention to their money.” Ha―, money from rich people is amazing huh. “””” …………
“””” Gyro-kun and the others are also speechless. “Even so, this is a very large amount…” “The pay from the Lord is also great.” “From the Lord?” “Yes, it looks like they will include the price to defeat the Evil Boar and the Dragon.” “Price to defeat them?” “Yes, defeating the Dragon and Evil Boar in the region is an act that will bring stability to the territory.
Therefore, the reward must be given a fair price to defeat it.” “The Lord does something like that…” “Well, even so this is an unnatural amount of money…” And Elma-san looks like she's thinking about something. But this is a good story. I was very touched that there are nobles who think of people like that. Even good nobles are in the place where they are. “If that's the case, I'd be happy to accept it.” “I knew Aniki was cool! A normal D-Rank wouldn't be able to get that amount!” Gyro-kun cried out in surprise at the 200,000 gold coins. Well, indeed, I'm also surprised by this amount of money. So the adventurer is profitable huh. “The total amount is explained as 20 platinum coins, but the money prepared here has drawn 16,000 gold coins which is 8% of the auction fee for the guild.
The smaller one is 18 platinum coins and this large bag is 4,000 gold coins.” Aah, this big bag is subject to a discount.
(TLN: you could say this is a tax) Turned into 4,000 gold coins. “Oh yes, if you have a lot of money, we can look after it at the Guild Bank.” That, do you want to tell me to deposit it? “Etto, I have a magic bag so it's fine.” Saying that, I put the rewards in the magic bag. “That’s unfortunate……” Elma-san muttered while regretting that. “That's it, if you conquer the big monsters from now on, please submit a purchase to our guild! There will be a price, but it will be more a good price if auctioned!” “That, the guild only wants payment, right?” “!?…
What do you mean?” Elma-san tensed for a moment because Mina-san straightened her intentions, but her expression immediately returned to calm. Yeah, what a professional job. “Ah, by the way talking about a big monster…” I will talk to Elma-san about the Cursed Viper I defeated just now. “You mean you want to ask me to buy it?” Since I've been hunting, let's sell it for money. “Even though you have just hunted down the Evil Boar, there are already other big monsters…
yes, this is good talk!” Somehow Elma-san screamed.
I'm sure she's a hard-working person. “But isn't that a cursed monster? Is that okay?” And, Meguri-san asks a question about Cursed Viper. “That's right! If it's cursed, you can't dismantle it Aniki!” (TLN: dismantling here means breaking material from Cursed Viper) “Aah, don't worry.
Cursed Viper's curse disappears when they die.” “Is that so!?” “Yes, because it is the Cursed Boost of physical reinforcement magic, it is similar to Gyro-kun who unconsciously releases recovery magic.
That's the type of monster.” “No, more importantly didn't you just say that it's a monster from the demon world?” 

Somehow Elma-san trembled while listening. “Yes, it is a monster that Majin summoned from the demon world using the gate.” “Majin!?” Elma-san screamed. “Ah― Un, well this is a normal reaction.” “Yes, a very natural reaction.” For some reason, Mina-san and the others smiled and nodded happily next to me. “Oh yeah, if I'm not mistaken the name of the Cursed Viper monster is in the monster material from the demon world that I've read before…
W-Wait a minute! It's okay! I'll call the boss, so be sure to wait!” After saying that, Elma-san came out of the living room and went somewhere. And in a few minutes she returned with a man. “Oi oi Elma, what is an emergency? Besides, who are these children?” It seems like the man was taken without being told of the problem, and became confused. “Etto……
I will………
Explain it………” In a hurry, Elma-san regained her breathing that was interrupted. And the conversation continued when his breathing was regular. “Rex-san, this is the guild master of the adventurer guild.
This problem is beyond my authority, so I asked the guild master to come.” “Guild master!?” I never thought someone would appear! “Ou, guild master Burkley, nice to meet you!” (RAW: バ ー ク レ ー) The guild master welcomed us kindly. “Nice to meet you, my name is Rex.” “G-Gyro!” “Mina.” “Meguri.” “Norve, nice to meet you.” “Ou, so Elma, what's up? Even though like this, I'm still busy, you know.” He was called while working.
I apologize for this. “Most of your work is drinking, right? Because you're a former A-Rank, so be prepared to work hard at times like this.” “Former A-Rank?” When I responded to Elma-san's words, Norve-san, who was next to me whispered in my ear. “Gulid masters from the Adventurer Guild branch have the custom to take his position from A-Rank adventurers as experienced people.” “Hee, so that's how it is.” “That's right, I'm cool.
Ghahahahahaha!” Thankfully, he's a good person. “Sorry to disturb you when the atmosphere was good, but a Cursed Viper was found near the city.” “Cursed Viper? If I'm not mistaken that…” “Those are monsters that inhabit the demon world with a level of danger A-Rank.” “Really…
Eh, what―!?” The guild master cried out unbelievably after some time lag. “Why are monsters from the demon world on earth!? Elma! Hurry and tell the adventurers about the notification of the emergency quest!!!” “Cursed Viper has been defeated, so don't worry.” “Is that so! Then hurry up to the Church and the Magicians' Association with emergency communication…
Eh, seriously!?” The guild master let out a surprised voice with fear. “Besides that, the gate that connects to the demon world and Majin's whereabouts is also confirmed.” “What did you say!? Majin in this age!? What's more is that true!? No, no matter what the emon's world has nothing to do, we must immediately report to the country in a hurry and get an army to move!” “It looks like the gate and Majin have also been pushed back.” “Doesn't that mean everything is over!?” Yeah, he's a very tense person. “……
Elma, stop the bad joke.
Even though I'm like this is a guild master you know?” Huh? Do you think that's a joke? “Etto, that's right.
I brought a corpse from Cursed Viper.” It feels bad to think that Elma-san is a liar. The guild master will also believe if I provide evidence. “That's right! Aniki won't lie!” “Cursed Viper's corpse……
Well all right, take it to the demolition site in the back…
Mostly it's a type of Big Viper species.” Well, I'm not trusted. ◆ We who came with the Guild master, came to the demolition site behind the guild. “Hee, the demolition site is like this huh.” “We were the first person who entered this.” “That’s what will happen.
Only a high-ranking party has hunted large monsters to enter here.
Come on, quickly release your prey.” Because I was asked to hurry by the guild master, I immediately took the corpse of Cursed Viper from the magic bag.

 “Here is it.” “‘Here it is’ you say, the Cursed Viper is bigger than a house…
Eh, Whaaa!?” The guild master was shocked at the Cursed Viper I took out, but I thought this was the normal size for a Cursed Viper. “Y-You!? Where did you take it out!?” Ah, that part huh. “That's from the magic bag.” “Magic bag!? Isn't that a Lost Item!? Where did you get that kind of item!?” Lost Item? What is that? This is just an ordinary magic bag. “I just brought it from my house as usual.” “What kind of house is it!?” Because it is comfortable to use everyday in the village, everyone has it. “Haa Haa…” The guild master let out a rough breath, after he was tired of screaming. “…
So that's it, guild master.
You believe that it's true, right?” Elma-san spoke to the Guild master while smiling with laughter. “Elma, why didn't you tell me?” “Eh? I have reported it since he defeated the dragon.
Isn't it the guild master who doesn't really listen to that report.” “Don't tell me this kid is a newcomer who defeated the dragon from that case!?” The guild master looked at me with a scared face. “That's right, if you work seriously every day, you will pay attention to Rex-san beforehand.
So, from now on, please work seriously.” The staff around him nodded. “Damn, you planned it, don’t you?” Could these two people not be in a good relationship? “So, Guild master.” “Yes, I know.
Killing a dragon alone, and there is a corpse of monsters from the demon world in front of me.
I believe it.
If I'm not mistaken Rex, right? You defeated Majin right? Where are the rest of the Gate and the corpse from Majin?” The guild master who changed the atmosphere suddenly asked me. This is A-Rank adventurer’s ability. “Because the Gate and Majin's corpse were also thrown into a different room, there was nothing left.” “……
Seriously.” The guild master seems to be in trouble. “Do you have a problem?” Could defeating it be a mistake? “No, I can report to the country and call attention if the corpse remains, but if not, I think the great man will trust me first.” Gosh, apparently there is a place like that where the nobles are. If there is no physical evidence, it will make it clear that we will make a deal with it or try to burden it with a feeling of crisis. I understood that well because in my previous life I struggled with it. “We saw it! Aniki's magic made Majin sucked and pulled her in half.” “I saw it too.
That's incredible magic.” “Majin is more terrible than the Cursed Viper there.
I think we will all be killed.” “I swear on behalf of the church that it is true.” Gyro-kun and the others testify that my words are true. All are good children. “Well, since there is a corpse of monsters from the demon world, let's use this kid's ice magic to freeze it and bring it to the military forces.
I have a feeling of crisis.” “Sorry, I threw away the evidence.” It's a bit difficult to recover something that was dumped in a different space. “It's okay.
What's important is that we don't need to sacrifice.
The rest is left to adults.” Oh, as expected of an adult! That is the figure of an adventurer who can be relied upon! “I know that, but this is a project in which the state moves when Majin is involved.
So I didn't say anything about this case.” As expected of a Guild master, it was the right decision that also considered the following matters. “Wait a minute! In that case, Aniki's success is gone! That's cheating!” Gyro-kun protested to the Guild master that he didn't accept it. “It's okay, Gyro-kun.
Thinking about the lives of common people is the first.” “But, you know.” Even if I say it's okay, Gyro-kun can't seem to accept it. What a good boy. “Don't worry.
The reward for this case is to color the purchase price of this item.
And, by defeating a very dangerous monster, I promote you to B-Rank adventurers with my authority.” Eeeh! I became a B-Rank!? “Oooh! Seriously! B-Rank, he said, aniki!” Gyro-kun is excited and feels happy. “If that's true, I really want to raise it to A-Rank by defeating an equivalent monster, but I knew if you rose too high for someone who had just become an adventurer, you would be suspected of raising rank by connection or something.
I would raise ranking this time with a dangerous guild nomination quest.” “It's the same as when I was promoted to D-Rank.”

 I'm sorry that I went up too fast like cheating. “Yes, that's right.
The point is that we also feel frustrated.
But it's okay, if it's Rex-san, then you can be promoted to A-Rank right away.” Elma-san smiles and comforts me. “Besides, I want you to immediately raise your rank and enter the dangerous zone.” “””Dangerous zone?””” I tilted my head at words I had never heard from Gyro-kun and Meguri-san. “This is an area where adventurers with low ranks may not enter.” And, Norve-san will explain it. “It is a dangerous place where the National Guild and Adventurers forbid the entry of civilians and weak adventurers because it is too dangerous.
Dangerous zones are ranked and classified into three areas: B, A, and S.
Only adventurers with the same rank as the same area at least it must be included in this zone.” “In other words, you must have a rank of at least B-Rank.” “In other words, because you want to let Rex-san explore the dangerous zone, did you raise it to B-Rank?” “You understand well, Ojou-chan.” The guild master confirmed the points from Meguri-san. “The dangerous zone is literally a dangerous place, but the result will definitely be the achievement of an adventurer.
If you go to that zone, you will definitely rise in rank.” “Go to that zone?” The guild master whispered and continued speaking to my question. “There is a need for quick resolution in dangerous zones, and there are places where danger will increase in the future, which will endanger humanity in the future.
For example, a decaying earth where entire areas are poisonous swamps.
Everybody know?” “I know.” “Un, I know.” “I hear that the church is also looking for ways to purify the decaying earth.” “What is there like that?” “There is!” Arara, it seems like only Gyro-kun doesn't know. But at this time, there was also a dangerous place like that. I do not know. “The swamp here is growing year after year, and it is said that eventually it will develop until it engulfs the village.
The country is looking for ways to solve problems where there is no choice but to throw away or separate them.” Hee, it looks like the story of an adventurer who saved a village that was attacked by a curse of monsters. That's immoral, but I feel nervous. “Therefore, do your best to get through the dangerous zone.
That's because your activities will be formally rewarded!” “Aside from the irresponsible expectations of the Guild master, we the adventurer guild also expect the success of Rex-san.
Unfortunately, this activity is too important to be evaluated openly, so we cannot open it and evaluate it.
However, because it is still properly evaluated in assessment in the guild, so I will reflect on this activity in future assessments.
” Elma-san and the Guild Master look at me with hopeful eyes. That's embarrassing. “I don't know how much I can do, but I'll do my best!” ◆ “Oooh! Seriously, Aug, you’re so lucky!” “Hehe~n.
Well, my ability is very strong.” After we finished talking to the Guild master, we returned to the lobby, and Aug-san and the adventurers were somehow excited. “What's wrong, Aug-san?” “Ooh Rex! How is it? Are you doing your best?” “Yes! I defeated the snake monsters today!” “I see! Let's do our best!” Aug-san hit my back hard so I felt good. “You look very happy, but do you have something?” “Ou, listen to me carefully! Look at this!” Saying that, Aug-san points to one of the boar monsters. “Are? Isn't this the Evil Boar?” “That's right! I do the work of conquering monsters if I happen to find it! It's quite difficult, but it's not an enemy I deserve to defeat with my deadly blow!” “Incredible! As expected of Aug-san!” “Fufun, that's how it is.
I'm too strong so I can defeat a B-Rank monster by myself.” “Even so, it's thanks to the armor right?” Half of the adventurers around him began to tease him. “Noisy! Luck also includes skills!” How nice, a relationship that makes you laugh when fighting like this. “That's right, the tool until the last moment is still a tool, and that is Aug-san's ability to defeat monster!” “…
Hee, I'm glad you said that!” “I understand, because it was defeated so beautifully.” “Right, right!?” Yes, I understand.
The little boy from this extraordinary Evil Boar. The meat is extraordinarily tender and delicious when baked! Evil Boar children are usually protected by the killer adult Evil Boars, so they are rarely found. And he found it, as expected of Aug-san! “Today's sake looks very good too!”

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