Abusive language and physical abuse ahead!!!

My final year at college, Im so freaking happy. I will get a job and take my brothers with me. That horrible woman has been using them to get her drugs. She has been horrible for as far as I can remember. Sarah and her husband Tony came to the orphanage when I was 5 years old. They wanted to adopt a child because Sarah had some medical problems and couldn have any children of her own.

So they picked me. They were a lovely couple, married for four years and they were the perfect family. It was amazing at first, then she got pregnant and she was over the clouds happy, but Tony wasn . He didn want any children anymore. He didn show it, but thats where the drinking began. After my brother Malech was born, Sarah was so engrossed in her happy world and forgot about Tony. Then Tony started skipping dinner and staying at the office because he was busy.

When Sarah started noticing and confronted him, he treated her to dates and gave her money to distract her. During one of the dates, the six-year-old-me babysitting my ten-month-old brother made another member of this depressing family. Thats when it all came to hell. Tony became abusive, beating up his wife for getting pregnant and giving birth like a rat. He called her stupid and useless, a woman who couldn be satisfied with one child or no child at all.

Sarah went into depression and locked herself away from the world and thats where Tony snapped and walked out on us. She went into labor early, at seven months, and Zach was born. She didn even want to see the baby because he reminded her of the man she loved.

At seven years old, I have two baby brothers. I babysat, fed, burped, changed their diapers, bathed them and I made sure to put them to bed. That was my daily routine until mom snapped one day. She saw Tony with his secretary getting married at a church. It broke her and snapped her final straw of sense.

She started beating Zach at eleven months. I would intervene and get lashes and verbal abuse. She made it her daily routine to beat us up and starve me. Three years later, Tony got triplets with his wife and they were happy together. Sarah got hold of the news and she started drinking heavily. First, it was just alcohol and weed. After a while, she started dealing heroines and cocaine.

For twelve years, I was the mother of the house. I worked small jobs to get something to feed me and my brothers, since Sarah stopped feeding us though she paid the bills and school but nothing more. We walked to school daily and I had to drop Zach at kindergarten first. This was our normal school routine, being beaten daily, house chores, four jobs and sleep.

I turned sixteen and she chased me out of the house saying I was old enough. I promised my brothers I would go back for them no matter what. I worked five jobs and missed school a lot, though I finished high school and got a scholarship to Colombia university. The four years have been long but I am glad. At twenty-two with two degrees, one in child development and the other in business management, I won miss a job opportunity.

I took my phone to call Malech, who is now sixteen and in high school.

”Hey Lechi, how have you and Achi doing? ” I asked, fearing the answer. ” Hey sis, when are you coming for us, because she has gone mad. She started bringing men into the house to beat us up. We can do this any longer, we want out like yesterday. ” He says, and I know he is in tears. I sniffle and wipe away the stray tear.

”I will send you the tickets on Friday and I want you to run. Don even pack anything. Just come, I will pick you up from the airport. Don tell her and please notify Achi and take care of him until then. ” I told him, hanging up. I cant hold my tears back anymore, so they just flow and I end up crying myself to sleep.

After graduation on Wednesday, I packed my little belongings and got ready for New York. The taxi picked me up at around 12 noon and I was

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