Chapter 854: Refusing to answer?

The moment that the red-robed old man’s aura surrounded Shun Long, Little Silver’s deep yellow eyes that resembled a snake’s suddenly sprung open, before the overbearing aura of a peak rank 6 magic beast burst out from its body, immediately descending upon the red-robed old man.

Before any of the surrounding experts around had any time to react, Little Silver shot to its feet, appearing right in front of Shun Long in a single instant, while its cold gaze that was filled with endless killing intent bore down on the red-robed old man who was standing in front of it.

The red-robed old man’s eyes narrowed when he sensed Little Silver’s aura that was able to easily rival his own, but Liu Mei and the others didn’t hesitate in the slightest, as their auras immediately exploded outwards as well.

Sensing the aura of an early rank 7 Dao King coming from Liu Mei’s body, the red-robed old man snorted mockingly before he turned his full attention towards Little Silver as he prepared himself for battle.

As for Xingyi who had broken through to the middle rank 6 of the Dao King realm in these last 3 months, and Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian who had broken through to the middle rank 5 of the Dao King realm respectively, the old man didn’t even glance at them, as if they didn’t even exist in the first place.

With an extremely cold look on his face, Jiang Chen took a step forward and approached the red-robed old man before he asked coldly

”Old fart, who the hell are you? You think you can come here and act arrogantly in front of us just because you are a peak rank 9 Dao King?”

A look of unconcealed killing intent flashed through the red-robed old man’s eyes when he heard Jiang Chen’s disrespectful tone, but he still took a deep breath to suppress his killing intent for a few moments, before he turned his gaze towards Shun Long and said calmly

”Brat, even if you have a peak rank 6 magic beast, don’t think that you are invincible in this place.
This is the ‘City of Immortals’, not the backyard of your little sect.
There are plenty of experts here who can easily squash this panther of yours!

I will only ask you one more time, so think carefully before you answer.
How did you comprehend the remaining sword intent behind this stone mural when even a peak Dao King like me can’t comprehend it?”

Looks of realization appeared in the surrounding Dao Kings’ eyes when they heard the red-robed old man’s words, before they too turned their gazes towards Shun Long and his group.

Right! This red-robed old man was also someone who had stepped into the ‘realm of masters’ after he had studied one of the sword scenes in this stone mural for more than 10 months, but even someone like him was unable to comprehend sword aura.

It would be weird if the old man let a peak rank 3 Dao King like Shun Long go without getting an answer from him.

In fact, the red-robed old man knew clearer than most other people present here how massive the gap between the ‘realm of masters’ and the level of sword aura truly was.
Forget about a peak rank 9 Dao King like himself, the old man guessed that even a newly-advanced Dao Emperor would be unable to endure the pressure from this stone mural and breakthrough past the level of the ‘realm of masters’.

And yet, Shun Long merely shook his head in response to the old man’s question, before he stepped forward and said coldly

”There are plenty of experts who can easily squash my panther you say? That’s true… Too bad that you are not one of those ‘experts’!

However, since you want an answer so badly, then let me answer your question.
It’s because your spiritual strength is simply insufficient.
You want to obtain sword aura huh? Come back after you reach the standard of a middle-stage Dao Emperor.
Perhaps you will have a chance by then.”

”Hahahahaha! The standard of a middle-stage Dao Emperor? You little bastard, are you really messing with me? Do you really think that I won’t dare to attack you because of that panther of yours?” The old man roared angrily while the aura around his body seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

If it wasn’t because of Little Silver’s presence, the old man would have never wasted so many words with someone like Shun Long trying to convince him to give him an answer and would have already soul-searched him for the answer instead.

And yet, in the red-robed old man’s eyes, Shun Long simply gave him an answer that was no different from mockery.

The standard of a middle-stage Dao Emperor in terms of spiritual strength when he was still a peak rank 9 Dao King? That was obviously impossible!

Even finding an immortal-grade cultivation technique was easier than that.

Waving his hand, the old man then took out a blood-red sword from his spatial ring and held it in front of him with both hands, before he said coldly

”Since you refuse to give me the answer I want, don’t blame me for being impolite.
Little bastard, you have brought this upon yourself!”


Sensing that the red-robed old man was about to attack, Little Silver no longer held back either, as it suddenly opened its mouth let out a powerful roar that reverberated in the ears of every single expert present, before its massive figure abruptly disappeared, appearing right by the red-robed old man’s side.

The old man who was about to attack was startled by the black panther’s speed that was several times higher than his own, as it ended up catching him off-guard.

Seeing the massive claw that was descending upon him, causing even the surrounding space itself to ripple in the process, the red-robed old man immediately switched his stance, as he held his blood-red sword horizontally in front of his chest.


The moment that Little Silver’s claw met the blood-red sword, a loud explosion that could be heard for tens of miles shook the underground chamber where the stone mural was located, raising a massive cloud of dust that completely obscured Little Silver’s and the red-robed old man’s figures.


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