A woman and a man rapidly ran towards the counter and asked about todays accident and the patient. I quickly recognise them as the patients mother and father. When I looked at his moms face I can feel the pain of a mother. her tears fell from her eyes were pure and gentle, while her pale face seems to state a different story of the grief of her sons incident.

Jasmin reached to her and told her about the accident in brief. she cried out, her husband supports her while he himself was crying.

after a while.

the surgeon came to us to inform.

I kinda feel pity for the mother.

her stability lost in a sec while listening to the doctors word about his injuries but luckily he was saved.

His mother came to me and thanked me for saving his sons life.

while his condition was still not helpful so I decided to came back for the routine check on the man.

it was none of my business still as a helpful hand I asked the mother to give the contact details of her.

she agreed. when I asked her sons name she stated ”Martin. ”

He was Martin the one boy I meet about sometimes before in the university. I accidentally meet the boy after a long time, but the situation was completely different from how it should have to be. I can deny the fact that I meet him one time only but I still knew him that well with the first meeting. that charm and personality are hard to forget. I asked Jasmin to come with me so I can drop her to the dome.

while on the road she asked.

”Do you know the boy? ”

”what? ”

”I can see the shocked face of your when you heard his name. ”

”One time only that was back about 3-4 months from now. ”

”Is that the one? ” she doesn hesitate to ask. and her face seems so dreamy happy like was I was gone happy go lucky

”No ” I quickly denied. but her facial expressions were expecting something else than the words that have been taken out by my mouth.

”I can understand what you were thinking but Im definitely sure he is not the one. I can get the feeling when first meet him at the university. neither by knowing his name in the hospital. ”

”Maybe. ”

”Jasmin, look, you are my true friend. I will not hide my true feelings from you. if someday I feel love for some guy you are the first person to acknowledge. so please don attempt to ship me with random guys. ”

”ok, I know its hard for you Mint but promise me when you find him out, please let yourself live the life you have imagined. please don let yourself be in grief. ”

”I understand what are you trying to do and I appreciate that too. but let see what happens next. ”

”ok, fine. ”

her words express the caring nature of a good friend. despite that her evil smile tell her expression is different.

”You are so dammed hot why are you gay. can you be straight? I love you. ”

her mocking me feels me kinda funny and kid-like personality killing ever men at the university. but, even that I wonder why is she chose to stay single after her last breakup?

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