97 Acknowledge a Master

The more she could not control her imagination, the more Su Yuan would hate herself, hate her own weakness.
She knew that Bai Yurou was behind all this, and the Bai family knew about it, but there was nothing she could do.
She could not get justice for herself at all, and she even felt that she was meaningless.
She was tormented by this pain every day.
She had thought of committing suicide, but the moment the cold knife touched her wrist, she was afraid.
She suddenly thought of her mother.
If she were to die, what would happen to her mother? She would be very, very sad, right?

After she dispelled this thought, she began to try various ways to enrich her life.
Yoga, working out, working overtime, and writing papers for others.
In short, she did not let herself rest for a moment.
Only by doing so would she not feel the pain.

Until one day, she received a paper order from a computer science graduate student from a university.
In order to complete her thesis, she started to research and study day and night.
For some reason, she accidentally entered a strange website.

The website was in pure English, and the design of the website was very simple.
There was only a pure white section on the front page, and it was written in black font, ‘The Mission’.

Su Yuan was stunned for a moment before she realized that this was a hacker’s website.

The seller would post missions here, and the website would randomly assign missions according to the ability of the website’s members.
After the mission was completed, the website would receive 60% of the reward, while the hacker would receive 40%.

Su Yuan took a look.
The seller posted a lot of miscellaneous tasks, big and small, and the degree of difficulty was different.
About half of the posts were posted by women.
The mission was to hack into her husband’s computer to find evidence of his affair.
This kind of mission did not require a high level of skill from the hacker, but the commission was ridiculously high.
Su Yuan’s spirit was immediately lifted, and she immediately registered an account.
She had always been interested in computers and had even taught herself programming.
The paper she was accepting now happened to be about internet security.

She passed the website’s test without much effort and became a new hacker under the website.

For a period of time after that, she studied and accepted tasks at the same time.
It was also because of these missions that she slowly developed an interest in life.

The hacker’s level on the website was represented by the icon of a small black hat.
The more small hats there were, the higher the level.

Su Yuan had been on missions for more than a year and finally had three black hats.
She was then added to a group.

boxn ovel.

The group was filled with hackers with more than three hats.
They would usually chat and brag in the group, and occasionally, they would post some missions that were not available on the website.
The rewards for crossing the border were very high.
However, the hackers who could take on these missions had to have at least five hats, and they could only succeed.
They could not fail.
If they failed once, they would be kicked out of the website and never allowed to enter.

The code name of the person who issued the mission was Z.
He rarely spoke in the group and would only appear when he was issuing a mission.
He had eight small hats and was the highest level hacker in the entire group.

When Su Yuan first joined the group, she had seen Z post a mission in the group.
That was the first time she had seen a mission with such a high pay, and the string of zeros dazzled her.
Hence, she remembered this Z.

In the days that followed, Su Yuan worked hard to learn hacking skills because she also wanted to take on missions with a string of zeros.
However, she gradually realized that after she had three little black hats, the missions she received became more and more difficult, and she would always fail once in every mission.

Su Yuan had her own pride, and she could not tolerate failure.

Hence, one day, she tagged Z in the group and begged him to teach her.
She said that she wanted to be a hacker with eight hats like Z.

Seeing this, the group fell silent, and the originally happy atmosphere of bragging and chatting instantly froze.

No one dared to speak.

Just when Su Yuan thought that this matter was over, Z suddenly replied to her.

“I don’t accept disciples,” replied Z.

Even though he had rejected her, Su Yuan still saw hope.
She did not hesitate to type on the keyboard, typing paragraph after paragraph of words, saying that she was the fastest hacker to level up and that she would help him make money after she learned it.

Z did not reply.

Su Yuan was a little dejected, but in the end, she simply said that as long as she finished her studies, she was willing to split the money with Z 30/70.

Who knew that Z would just go offline?

After that, Su Yuan did not know where she got the courage from, but as long as Z was online, she would harass him and beg him.
The people in the group could not stand it anymore and started to beg for her.

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