95 The Last Lunch

Su Yuan was in the same situation.
Mo Ting glanced at Su Yuan’s dress and noticed that the part where they were pressed together was wrinkled.
He had deliberately pressed down on her.
He was in an extremely good mood.
He would never allow his woman to wear clothes that were given to her by others.
Especially if it was a gift from a wild man, he not only wanted to crumple it but also tear it apart, until it could not be worn!

“Stop bullshitting.
I’ll compensate you with a new one.” Mo Ting grabbed onto Su Yuan’s hand that was tugging at her clothes.

“Don’t touch me!” Su Yuan angrily shook off Mo Ting’s hand.

“She gave it to you? You’re dressed so beautifully?” Fu Wen’s teeth ached when he heard such a sour sentence.

She gave it to her? Big Boss Mo knew Xu Yingying? Su Yuan was still angry, so she could not be bothered to answer.
She unhappily walked to the seat furthest away from Mo Ting and sat down.
There was a turntable on the round table.
She swiped it with her finger and the food that was originally in front of Mo Ting was all turned to Su Yuan.
She then buried her head in her food, leaving only the top of her head for Mo Ting to eat.

Mo Ting ‘tsked’ at her.

Fu Wen silently broke out in a sweat for the president.
Was he not fine in the study just now? Madam had even personally given him an injection.
Why did the atmosphere become like this?

“President Mo, Aunt Du still has some plain porridge.
Do you want some?” Fu Wen suddenly said.
He deliberately raised his voice in order to awaken a little sympathy in his wife.

But, before Mo Ting could respond, Su Yuan spoke first, “Assistant Fu, you haven’t eaten yet, right? Come over and eat with me.”

After she finished speaking, she even scooped a bowl of rice for Fu Wen and placed it beside her.

Fu Wen was shocked.

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He thought to himself, ‘I’ve tried so hard to matchmake you two, how could you have the heart to dig a hole for me? Madam, look up at me! I’m your assistant! Our President Mo’s wife, are you serving me rice? This is the last lunch you’re serving me! The kind that would kill me after eating it!’

Su Yuan looked at Fu Wen’s pale face as he stood there unmoving.
She then lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting.
“What’s wrong? Did President Mo always act like this? Do you just sit down and let your assistant stand? Do you really just eat by yourself and let your assistant watch? The Qing Dynasty is long gone, is it appropriate for you to do this?”

Mo Ting never expected the little girl to make such a big mistake with just a few words.
He gritted his teeth in anger but could not do anything about it.
All he could do was say in a deep voice, “Sit down and eat.”

Fu Wen was so scared that he almost knelt down on the spot.
Why was he suffering in the middle when the husband and wife were fighting? Was he cannon fodder? Why did he think that? What a cheap mouth! He really wanted to give himself a slap!

He sat down shakily, but before he could sit still, Su Yuan placed food into his bowl with the serving chopsticks.

“Assistant Fu, this tastes good.
Try it.
We’d better finish all these dishes.
We can’t leave anything behind, or the leftovers won’t taste good.”

“Madam.” Fu Wen said with a face of despair, “President Mo has not eaten yet either.
These dishes are just enough for the three of us to finish.”

“Isn’t there still plain porridge?” Su Yuan raised her eyes.

Mo Ting glared at her.

Fu Wen sneaked a glance at the president.
He really tried his best!

A good lunch ended in this depressing and silent atmosphere.
Mo Ting was silent, Fu Wen was depressed, while Su Yuan was completely fine.
Following the principle of not wasting food, she finished the four dishes and one soup.

In fact, it was still because of the shadow of her hunger in prison that she always overate.
She would only feel at ease when her stomach was full.
Fortunately, she was young and did not gain weight easily, so it did not matter how much she ate.

After dinner, Mo Ting seemed to have something to do, so he asked Aunt Du to take Su Yuan to the guest room to rest.
Su Yuan rested until night fell.

When she woke up on the bed in the guest room, the sky outside the window was already dark.
If she was not a doctor, she would have suspected that Mo Ting had drugged her food.

She did not know why, but after her rebirth, she always felt very tired, and her physical strength was far from what it used to be.
She massaged her sore neck and leaned against the headboard for a while.
Just as she was about to check on Mo Ting, she lifted her head and saw a laptop on the table opposite her.

There was no reply to the proposal that she had sent to Chukai Entertainment.
She went over to her computer and logged in to her email.
She found that the email was still unread.
She was a little angry.
Was the artiste director of Chukai Entertainment so irresponsible?

Checking the emails regularly was a daily task for every entertainment person.
She tried to recall the artiste director of Chukai Entertainment in her previous life, but she could not remember anything.
Not only at this time, but it seemed that she had not come into contact with this director until she was in prison.

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