89 Poverty Limits Imagination

Su Yuan was dumbfounded by the one-sided comments.
She looked at the other posts, and the situation was similar.
It was as if someone was controlling the public opinion and making it speak for her.
The netizens showed all kinds of concern and sympathy for her.

At this moment, the car suddenly shook and stopped.

Su Yuan looked out of the car window.
She did not see the villa, but she did see a lake.

“Assistant Fu?” Her mind was filled with question marks, was she not supposed to go look for Mo Ting? Why did he come to the lakeside?

Fu Wen unbuckled his seat belt, got out of the car, and explained, “Miss Su, President Mo’s injury is considered a serious matter.
We can get there faster by boat.”

Take a boat? Su Yuan thought she had heard wrong, but the next second, a speedboat appeared on the lake and headed in their direction.

“Mo Ting lives on the lake?” Su Yuan asked in disbelief.

“No, President Mo’s mansion is across the lake.
The Golden Water Bay is named so because of this lake.
President Mo likes peace and doesn’t like to be disturbed.
So, when he first planned out this area, he made the entire opposite side of the lake into his own private residence.”

Su Yuan was speechless.
On the way, she saw many villas, and each one was beautifully renovated.
Some of the owners probably wished they could stick a layer of gold bricks on the wall, afraid that others would not know that the owner was rich.
She even thought that from Mo Ting’s clothes, he looked like someone with good taste and was not too tacky.
But now, it was no longer a problem of vulgarity.
The entire area on the other side of the lake was his house? Did his nanny have to be in a long-distance relationship if she wanted to date the security guard?

“So, you take the speedboat to and fro every day? Mo Ting as well? Take a speedboat to work?” Su Yuan asked curiously.

“No,” Fu Wen replied seriously, “President Mo doesn’t pass by here on work.
He’ll send a helicopter to pick you up.”

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Su Yuan suddenly remembered a saying, ‘Poverty had limited her imagination! Big Boss Mo was really rich!’

After getting off the speedboat, Su Yuan thought that she would see a villa that looked like an old castle.
Who knew that it was actually a Chinese style courtyard.
The elegant decoration style made her fall in love with it at first sight.

She had seen many luxurious villas in her previous life, but none could compare to the courtyard in front of her.

The entire villa was three stories high, and the whole structure was irregular.
On top of the traditional Chinese style villas, some modern elements were also incorporated.
The walls of the second floor were completely made of glass, and they were built together with the third floor.
From a distance, it looked new and unique.

“This villa is quite special.” Su Yuan praised.

Hearing this, Fu Wen proudly raised his head.
“Of course, President Mo personally designed this villa and it’s one of a kind in the world! Back then, when the judges of the world’s tallest building competition saw the mansion, they insisted on inviting President Mo to participate in the competition.
If President Mo goes too, he’ll definitely win the gold award!”

So powerful! Su Yuan had always admired people who knew how to design, especially those who designed unique skyscrapers, bridges, and buildings.
She felt that these people were blessed by the heavens, which was why they could design such a unique and beautiful thing.

But, after hearing Fu Wen’s words, she suddenly felt a sense of admiration toward Mo Ting.

As they entered the courtyard, Fu Wen whispered to her that Mo Ting was a little angry because of the failed attempt to contact her.
If she entered the villa and Mo Ting’s attitude was bad, he asked her to understand and not take it to heart.

At that moment, a middle-aged woman came out of the house and greeted Su Yuan with a smile.
“Hello, Madam.
I’m the housekeeper here.
You can just call me Aunt Du.”

Su Yuan took a closer look at the person in front of her and confirmed that she had never seen her before, so she asked, “How did you recognize me as…?”

“You’re definitely Madam,” Aunt Du said with a smile.

Su Yuan’s face was filled with confusion.

Aunt Du continued to explain, “From the day I served Sir, no woman has come to this villa.
You are the first one, so it must be Madam.”

Su Yuan remained silent, “…”

Fu Wen secretly gave Aunt Du a thumbs up.
Aunt du was really good at picking up girls.

“Madam, please come in quickly.
Sir is currently resting.” As Aunt Ddu spoke, she stuffed the tray of fruits into Su Yuan’s hands and pulled her into the villa.

With a ‘dong’ sound, the villa’s door was closed.

Su Yuan thought, why does she feel like she’s been kidnapped?

However, since things had come to this, she could only compromise.
She randomly found a pair of slippers at the door, put the tray aside, and directly took the cup to drink as she walked into the depths of the villa.
It was really not bad.
The interior design was even more brilliant than the exterior.
It was just that the color matching in the room was a little stuffy, and one might feel depressed if they stayed too long.

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