87 Intelligence Has Returned

Su Yuan took the dagger and said slowly, “I won’t be going to the press conference.
I won’t be going to the opening ceremony either.
You can send whoever you want to go.
Don’t bother me!”

What was there to attend her husband’s inauguration ceremony? She could attend it whenever she wanted to, so why did she need these people to worry?

Seeing that Su Yuan was about to leave, Zhang Huilan panicked and even forgot her walking stick.
She stood up and held Su Yuan’s hand.
“Little Yuan, for grandma’s sake, can you make a trip to this press conference?”

The Su Yuan now was not only a good citizen who fought the kidnappers with her wits but also the top scorer of the college entrance examination who almost had her marks changed to make her fail.
These two incidents put together were like two golden hats.
Whether she was willing to return to the Bai family could be discussed in the future, but right now, Zhang Huilan could not just stand by and watch as the chance to make the Bai family proud was gone.

Su Yuan looked at her with a smile, then pulled back her hand and patted her wrinkled hand.
She asked, word by word, “Based on, what, huh!”

Zhang Huilan’s expression froze.
Su Yuan ignored her, released her hand, and turned to leave.

At this moment someone said, “Mother, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Huilan did not know if she could not handle the shock, but the moment Su Yuan turned around, her body twitched and she collapsed.

Bai Weiguang was quick to react and rushed over to hold Zhang Huilan, who was about to fall to the ground.
He shouted at Su Yuan, “You unfilial daughter, you’ve angered your grandmother so much.
Her health wasn’t good to begin with, and she knew that you were coming back, so she specially discharged her from the hospital.
If anything happens to your grandmother, I’ll never let you off!”

Su Yuan stopped in her tracks and turned around to glance at Zhang Huilan.
The old lady’s face was ruddy, and her eyelids were trembling slightly.
She was obviously pretending.

“Little Yuan, if you can’t do it…” Gu Qin advised her in a low voice.
It was fine to vent her anger, but it would not be good if someone died.

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“Little Yuan, grandma’s illness is so serious.
Are you really going to leave?” Pei Xifan looked at Su Yuan and Gu Qin standing together, and his heart ached as if it was being stabbed by a knife.

Why? Su Yuan used to admire him so much, and every time she saw him, her eyes would light up.
How could she, how could she, in front of the two families, ruthlessly poke at his scars and expose his secret? She must have believed Gu Qin’s nonsense.
Gu Qin must have been trying to drive a wedge between them.

Su Yuan looked down at the furious Bai Weiguang and said nonchalantly, “If you’re sick, call the emergency number!”

With that, Su Yuan left the place without looking back under everyone’s incredulous gazes.

After they left the Bai family villa, Gu Qin looked at Su Yuan, hesitating to say something.

Su Yuan said as she looked at him, “Why? You think I’m too cold-blooded?”

Gu Qin thought for a few seconds and said, “No, they’re bad to you.
You didn’t do anything wrong.
I’m just…”

He did not know how to describe it, but he felt that Su Yuan seemed to be different from before.
She was startled.

After walking for a while, Su Yuan suddenly turned around and smiled at him.
“You just feel like I’m not stupid anymore and know who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy, right?”

In her previous life, Gu Qin had told her more than once that the Bai family were not good people and that Pei Xifan had a reason for being nice to her.
However, she did not listen to him at all and even distanced herself from Gu Qin because of that.
Later, when Pei Xifan and Bai Yurou had worked together to frame Su Yuan, everyone had accused her of being a murderer.
Only Gu Qin had stood up for her and believed that she was innocent without any conditions.
He had even gone around to find evidence and a lawyer for her, trying to save her.
It was only then that she realized how stupid she had been, but it was too late.

In her previous life, Gu Qin’s death was very sudden.
It was a car accident.
The night before her trial, he was killed in a car.

Hearing Su Yuan’s words, Gu Qin looked at her.
The little girl was standing against the light, and her red dress was swaying like a flame, so beautiful that it could move one’s heart.
He was stunned.

Su Yuan walked in front of him and waved her palm in front of his eyes.

Gu Qin finally came back to his senses and looked away awkwardly.

“Congratulations on your intelligence!” As Gu Qin spoke, he ruffled Su Yuan’s hair like he always did.

“Now that the problem has been solved and we’ve even gotten 6 million, let’s carry out the original plan.
I’ll treat you to a day at the amusement park!”

In her previous life, Su Yuan had always wanted to go to the amusement park in City A.
She had wanted to go with Pei Xifan after her college entrance examination, but after so many things had happened, she decided not to go.
By the time everything was over, she would have lost the mood to go to the amusement park.
That was why she had never been able to go in her previous life.

“You said it yourself.
You’re treating and you’ll pay for all the expenses!” Su Yuan said with a smile.

Gu Qin raised his head and said arrogantly, “Hmph, who are you looking down on? I have money!”

After saying that, he took out something from his pocket.
“Use it all you want!”

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