86 Suitable for Servants

Su Yuan continued, “Even if Bai Weiguang married someone else, my mother was still the first wife, and I’m still the eldest daughter! It’s the same even if he marries a hundred or a thousand more wives!

“And you, Pei Xifan, you’re the product of your father’s drunken mess, an illegitimate child that can’t be shown in public! Your background is so bad that I can’t stand it.”

At this point, Pei Xifan, Fu Xinlian, and Bai Yurou’s faces darkened.
However, the degree of their expressions was different.
Pei Xifan’s face was especially dark, as black as ink.

Su Yuan found it interesting and burst out laughing.
This time, Pei Xifan’s face darkened even more.

“What’s wrong? You’ve lived for more than twenty years, and you’re still living in a beautiful fantasy? Has no one ever told you the truth? When I said that you weren’t good enough for me, of course, it had nothing to do with your background.
After all, one’s background isn’t something they can choose.
This isn’t your fault.

“But you’re a narrow-minded person who doesn’t mean what you say.
You even want to get rid of what you already have, find a wife of status, and use your wife to get to the top.
That’s very shameless.

“Your father is not young anymore.
Do you still have a conscience after he has been deceived by you?”

Upon hearing this, Pei Yongchang also joined the black-faced trio.

Su Yuan continued.
“If I were you, I would use my own abilities to get his approval.
I would use my brain to make him understand that even if I wasn’t born into a rich family and didn’t receive the best education, I would not be worse than your brothers!”

At this point, Su Yuan sighed, “It’s a pity.
From the looks of it now, your brain doesn’t seem to be too good.
I’m afraid you won’t be able to do a job that requires too much intelligence.”

“Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!” Gu Qin, who had been silent since they entered the villa, finally could not hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.
‘This girl’s mouth was still so sharp!’ He thought to himself.

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“I’ll have to trouble you to bring these gifts back.
If you think it’s embarrassing to take it back, then give it to the servants of the Bai family.
Bai Weiguang is very stingy with the servants, and these things of yours are just right for the servants to use.” Su Yuan said indifferently.

Although the gifts on the coffee table were not anything particularly precious, they were all from top-tier luxury brands.
Ordinary people would not even get to see one in their entire lives.
In Su Yuan’s mouth, it became something suitable for servants and she even made fun of Bai Weiguang.

Bai Weiguang’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

After scolding Pei Yongchang, Su Yuan looked at Zhang Huilan.
She did not want to talk about this old lady, but she could not seem to find her place, so she felt that it was better to remind her.

“Old Madam Bai, don’t you know that Fu Xinlian went to the nursing home to cause a scene? I’m no longer a member of the Bai family, she has already kicked me out of the house.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Huilan was first stunned, then her slightly cloudy eyes suddenly burst with a sharp light as she looked at Fu Xinlian.

Fu Xinlian was helping Bai Yurou up the stairs when Zhang Huilan’s sudden look made her shiver guiltily.
She quickly denied, “No, it’s not like that.
I don’t know.
I’m afraid.”

“You don’t know?” Su Yuan interrupted her.
“I don’t know who said that, but apparently she’s the head lady of the Bai family.
Everyone in the Bai family has to listen to her.
She even asked me to wait.
Since I can enter the Bai family, she can also ask Bai Weiguang to kick me out.
Fu Xinlian, could it be that I’m hearing things? You didn’t say those words?

“You even said in front of the nursing home’s medical staff that the Bai family was so powerful that you even asked the director of the nursing home to kick my mother and I out of the hospital.
You said that you lost your memory? That can’t be, these things just happened yesterday, don’t tell me you don’t remember?”

With every sentence that Su Yuan said, Fu Xinlian took a step back in panic.
She only stopped when she had backed to the wall.
She explained to Zhang Huilan with a face full of fear, “Mother, don’t believe her.
She’s not telling the truth.
I didn’t say that.
I really am innocent.”

“Hehe.” Su Yuan laughed coldly, Old Madam Bai, I’ve already made it clear to Fu Xinlian yesterday.
I, Su Yuan, will only have the surname Su for the rest of my life.
I’ve never acknowledged Bai Weiguang as my father.
I don’t acknowledge him now, and I will never acknowledge him in the future! From now on, I will never step into the Bai family’s mansion again.”

“The reason why I’m here today, other than to take the money, is to take back my own things.
Maid Qi.”

Maid Qi, who had been on standby, rushed in.
The way she looked at Su Yuan was no longer as arrogant as before.
She lowered her head and called out softly, “Miss.”

“Where’s my stuff?”

Maid Qi quickly took out an exquisite dagger from her pocket and presented it to Su Yuan with both hands.


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