rom the sofa.
“You shut up!”

He did not expect this wretched girl to be so bold and wanted to expose his secret!

Su Yuan, on the other hand, had an expression that said, “Don’t even think about making me shut up without 6 million.”

Bai Weiguang’s face darkened as he said, “The check is in the study.
Come with me to get it.”

“I’m not going.
Send it down when you’re done.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Bai Weiguang coldly and then sat down on the sofa.

“Dad! Do you really want to give her money?” Bai Yurou was dumbfounded.
She could not care less as she stood up and pulled on Bai Weiguang’s sleeve.

On what basis? She was the heir to the Bai family, and all the money in the family belonged to her.
What right did Su Yuan have to take it? What was her father thinking? Why was he giving Su Yuan money?

Fu Xinlian felt that there was something wrong with her ears.
That was 6 million.
That little b*tch asked for 6 million the moment she opened her mouth!

“Old Bai, don’t be fooled by her.
I saw Su Qiumeng yesterday.
She didn’t look like she was sick at all.” Fu Xinlian said anxiously.

Zhang Huilan did not say anything to stop her, but she clutched her walking stick tightly and sat on the sofa, looking at Su Yuan with an unreadable expression.

Su Yuan completely ignored their gazes.
She lowered her eyes and looked like she was saying, “Do as you please.
If I’m not happy, I’ll expose the Bai family’s scandal at any moment.”

Bai Weiguang had made up his mind.
He pushed Bai Yurou’s hand away and turned around to go upstairs.

Bai Yurou completely lost control of her emotions and shouted, “Su Yuan, you’re the bastard child of a mistress, what right do you have to ask the Bai family for money!

“You might have been raped when you were kidnapped.
You must have bribed the police to issue a fake notice, afraid that people would find out the truth!”

Su Yuan knew from her previous life that Bai Yurou’s words were unpleasant to hear, but today, she realized that her brain was really not working well! When there were no outsiders around, she would not mind scolding Bai Yurou.
However, it was different today.
Pei Yongchang was also present.

Hearing Bai Yurou’s words, Pei Yongchang’s face darkened.
The Pei family was a wealthy family.
Although it was inevitable that there would be infighting, they attached great importance to the education of the next generation and could not tolerate any of this.
Pei Xifan’s two faces were enough to tell.
He could not accept the fact that Bai Yurou was speaking in such a vulgar manner.
He also knew a little about the Bai family’s kidnapping case.
Pei Xifan had told him everything.
He was not as stupid as Bai Yurou.
The training that the police department of City A could not be bought with money.
He believed that Su Yuan had caught the criminal with her high IQ and escaped successfully.
It was also because of this that he thought of asking Su Yuan for help in Zhao Fu’s case.

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