Su Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and moved her limbs.
She did not seem to be injured and slowly got up.

Looking around, they were in a ravine in the mountains.
They should have left A City.
The sky was dark and it affected their vision.
There were no lights around, so there did not seem to be any villages.

They had to wait until dawn to leave this damn place, but could they really sleep here for a night?

“Little girl, you should leave quickly.” Mo Ting said as he sat up.
His voice was low and hoarse as if he was trying to hold back something.

Su Yuan thought back to her previous life.
It seemed like Mo Ting was the one who saved her.
He could not reveal his identity, so he had no choice but to leave her on the road to the small village.

If he said that, she felt that this man would definitely have a way to get out of this quickly.

Su Yuan walked to his side, squatted down, and asked, “You have something that would allow you to call for help don’t you…how did you get hurt?”

Mo Ting’s right leg was twisted in a weird way and Su Yuan could smell his blood.

When she rolled down, her head had been protected, so she had not suffered any injuries.
She had only felt a little pain on her body, but he was injured in many places.

Especially his leg.
When he jumped out of the car, he had carried Su Yuan in his arms and landed against the hard road.
He seemed to have hit a rock and rolled all the way down.
Now, his leg was broken.

Su Yuan stretched out her hand to check on Mo Ting’s injuries, but before she could even touch him, her wrist was grabbed.

Mo Ting said in a deep voice, “Little girl, you better stay away from me.
Otherwise, I can’t guarantee what I will do to you.”

This threat did not work on Su Yuan.
She shook off his hand, looked up at him with clear eyes, and said, “Uncle, your leg is broken.
I guess you don’t have the mood to think about other things, right?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Yuan placed her hand on Mo Ting’s injured leg.
The intense pain hit his nerves, and beads of sweat immediately formed on his forehead.

The little girl was right.
All his thoughts had disappeared, and there was only the word ‘pain’ in his mind.

Su Yuan touched his leg and felt something sticky on her hand.
It was blood.

She used the web between her thumb and index finger to feel down his knee.
Every time she touched him, Mo Ting’s body would tremble, he was obviously hiding his pain.

Su Yuan was a little impressed by Mo Ting, he was really good at hiding his pain.
It was normal for a normal person to cry their hearts out when their bones broke, but he did not even make a sound.

However, even though he did not make a sound, his face was pale, and he could still feel the pain.

Su Yuan nodded in relief.
His face looked much better than it did just now.

After examining his injured leg, Su Yuan stood up and found a small tree.
She broke off a few branches that were as thick as a child’s wrist and picked up a sharp stone.
She used the stone to clean off the excess leaves and branches before returning to Mo Ting.

Including her previous life, Mo Ting had already saved her life 3 times.
She could not just leave him here alone.

Moreover, he still had a way to get out of this situation, so no matter what, she could not leave him alone.

Mo Ting looked at what Su Yuan was doing and raised his eyebrows.
” You’re a doctor?”

“I’m not.” Su Yuan’s answer was straightforward, but her hands did not stop moving.

She used her arm to hold onto the tree branch and reached out to pull on Mo Ting’s pants.

Perhaps it was because they had been through life and death together, Mo Ting did not stop her.
Even though she was not a doctor, he did not sense any malice from her.

Under the moonlight, he sized up the strange and mysterious little girl in front of him without hiding.

Su Yuan’s attention was completely on Mo Ting’s legs.
She furrowed her brows as she tugged at Mo Ting’s pants.
As expected of a rich man, his clothes were of good quality.

She used a lot of strength to tear her pants, but they were still intact.
She frowned, lowered her head, and started to tear it with her teeth.

In the car, this little girl had bitten off the rope on his feet like this.
The two scenes overlapped, and the numb feeling spread from his legs again.

The effects of the drugs, which had just been suppressed by the pain, were now writhing in his body again.
He clenched his fists, closed his eyes, and gritted his teeth as he tried his best to endure it, but his breathing was getting heavier.

“Ahhh!” Mo Ting’s nerves jolted as Su Yuan tore a large hole in his pants.

The wound on his leg was slightly above his ankle.
Without the cover of his pants, the thick smell of blood gushed out.

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