d, “Alright, I’ll listen to you, Miss Su.”

This sentence sounded quite interesting.
‘I’ll listen to you.’ Was this not something that only young couples would say in the past?

When Pei Yongchang heard his son’s words, his expression brightened.
“Come, Little Yuan, take a seat here.
We haven’t met before.
I’m your Uncle Pei!”

Pei Yongchang did not treat himself as an outsider and spoke as if he was in his own home.

Su Yuan stood at the door, while Gu Qin stood outside.
Other than Bai Weiguang and Zhang Huilan, who were standing close to them, no one in the house could see Gu Qin.

Su Yuan walked into the house, and Gu Qin followed behind her.
Seeing Gu Qin enter the house, the expressions of everyone in the house changed.

Pei Xifan’s eyes widened and he said angrily, “What are you doing here?”

Only then did the others realize that Su Yuan did not come on her own.

Pei Xifan was burning with anger.
This man was really like a dog-skin plaster.
Yesterday at the police station, he should have gotten someone to beat him up and let him understand that Su Yuan was not someone a poor boy like him could dream of! He did not expect this kid to be so bold and even dared to follow him to the Bai family! If it was not for the fact that there were elders present, he would have rushed up to him and beat him up.

Pei Xifan looked at Gu Qin provocatively, but Gu Qin did not even spare him a glance.
He was not familiar with Pei Xifan and did not want to talk to him.

“Let me come back.
What’s the matter? tell me quickly.” Su Yuan said.
Then, she sat down on a single-seater sofa.
Gu Qin was like her bodyguard, standing directly behind her.

Bai Yurou was the closest to Su Yuan.
Earlier, she was further away, so she only roughly sized her up.
Now that she was in front of her, Su Yuan’s every move exuded the air of a young lady from a wealthy family.
She was completely different from the timid village girl she used to be.
And the red dress she was wearing was like a fire burning her eyes.
What was the reason? Why did Su Yuan suddenly become so beautiful? Even her temperament had changed.
Why did she attract everyone’s attention the moment she entered the room? Even Pei Xifan, who was usually attentive to her, was now staring at Su Yuan?

“Who allowed you to sit down? Your Uncle Pei is a guest.
Is this how Su Qiumeng taught you?” Bai Weiguang reproached.

He helped Zhang Huilan back to the living room and saw that there were many people standing there, but Su Yuan had sat down, and she had even sat in his seat.
He instantly exploded.
He had never liked Su Yuan.
If Su Qiumeng had not knelt and begged him back then, he would not have brought Su Yuan back to the Bai family.

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