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Su Yuan looked at the dress in her hands.
It was a top-tier dress in terms of design, workmanship, and cutting.
“It’s really pretty.
Where did you buy it?”

When she asked this, Xu Yingying immediately perked up.
“It’s a niche brand.
Their clothes are all handmade by the manager.
Let me tell you, their clothes are really nice and the design is very unique.”

Xu Yingying immediately went on and on about how good the brand was and how outstanding the designs were.
Su Yuan just looked at her quietly, a smile in her eyes.

In her previous life, Xu Yingying was a famous fashion designer in City A.
It seemed that she was still very interested in this field in this life.

After her shower, Su Yuan changed into her sister’s battle suit.
The future fashion designer had good taste.
This dress was very beautiful.

When he went out, the aroma of food was already coming from the living room.
Hearing the sound, Gu Qin turned around and shouted, “It’s time to eat, come over quickly.”

Gu Qin was stunned.

“You’re done?

“Let me see.” Xu Yingying ran over from the window and was stunned when she saw Su Yuan.

Four eyes stared straight at Su Yuan, making her feel uncomfortable.
She flipped her hair and asked, “Don’t I look good?”

“F*ck! Don’t you have some misunderstanding about the definition of ‘good-looking’?” Xu Yingying strode over and pulled Su Yuan to look left and right, mumbling, “So beautiful, so beautiful.
These legs, this waist, this shoulder, this skin, so beautiful!

“Yingying, you’re complimenting the clothes?” Gu Qin felt that something was off.

“Why are you complimenting clothes? I’m complimenting Su Yuan.
Su Yuan is a natural-born clothes hanger.
She looks beautiful in anything.

Xu Yingying pulled Su Yuan to the living room and said in a low voice, “Su Yuan, can you agree to a small request of mine?”

“What request?” Su Yuan asked.

Xu Yingying was a little shy.
She lowered her head and fiddled with her fingers.
“It’s…um…in the future, when you have time, can you be my model?”

There were not many models as perfect as Su Yuan, so she had to make her move as soon as possible!

“A model?” She pretended not to know anything.

Xu Yingying said, “Yes, I’m applying for the School of Fashion.
I should be able to get in with my grades.

“Of course, no problem!” Su Yuan replied with a smile.

After dinner, Su Yuan gave Su Qiumeng a call.
Originally, she wanted to go to see her mother after checking the results so that she could tell her the good news, but now her plan was disrupted by the Bai family.

Su Qiumeng seemed to be walking around.
It was not very noisy, but there were quite a few people in the ward.

Su Yuan told her mother about the results, and the phone was filled with voices from her mom and other people.

“Oh my God, my darling Su Yuan is so good at her studies.
You actually scored more than 700 points.
Then, you must have a subject with full marks, right?”

“Wow! Your girl will definitely be the top scorer today!”

“I heard from my niece that today’s questions were very difficult.
She went to check her results today and barely passed the tier 2 exam.
They’re all students, but look at her, she scored more than 200 points higher than her!”

“Auntie Su, your daughter is so capable!”

Su Yuan did not expect her mother to put the phone on speaker.
Su Yuan’s face turned red from all the compliments.
She was not used to them and felt awkward.

Su Yuan told her mother that she would visit her at night, then she hung up the phone in a hurry.

In the car, Gu Qin would glance at Su Yuan from time to time.
The two of them were sitting in the back seat, so Su Yuan could not ignore his gaze.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been charmed by me?” Su Yuan said jokingly.

“No.” Gu Qin looked away awkwardly.
“I just haven’t seen you in red before.”

Su Yuan usually wore plain colors, which were black, white, and gray.
After knowing her for so long, Gu Qin had never seen her wear anything bright except for her blue school uniform.
Now that she was suddenly wearing a very eye-catching red dress, he was indeed so stunned that he could not take his eyes off her.

“Just tell me if it’s good or not,” Su Yuan said with a smile.

Gu Qin met her bright eyes.
“Yes, it’s very nice.” She was so pretty that he wanted to take her away and hide her immediately, not letting anyone see her.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Bai family villa, it was different from the last time she barged in.
As soon as they got out of the car, the servants of the Bai family all came out to open the door for her and even greeted her warmly.

“Young miss, you’re back.”

“Young miss, you’ve worked hard.”

“Young miss, do you need to eat?”

“Young miss!”

Su Yuan and Gu Qin exchanged a look and walked into the villa together.

As soon as the door opened, she saw that the sofa in the living room was full of people.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on her, and it seemed that they were all waiting for her.

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