75 Friendship Through a Fight

Su Yuan’s face was filled with questions.
She casually grabbed a pillow and leaned back on the sofa.
“What did I do?”

Xu Yingying glanced in the direction of the kitchen, then asked in a low voice, “Why are you so familiar with Gu Qin’s family? Tell me the truth, are you together with Gu Qin?”

Su Yuan said helplessly, “I just broke up with him…”

Xu Yingying said to herself, “They just broke up.
That’s why it’s possible for them to start a new relationship immediately.
That’s the only way to help them recover from their emotional wounds.”

Su Yuan looked at Xu Yingying and thought about her fate in her previous life.
It was because she was always so silly that she was cheated by men in her previous life, and in the end, she died of depression.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Xu Yingying asked.

“What are you two talking about?” Gu Qin came out of the kitchen with three bottles of soda in his hand.

Su Yuan took the bottle and said, “It’s nothing.
Xu Yingying just asked me if we’re together.”

“Ah, what are you doing!” Xu Yingying hit Su Yuan’s arm twice.
Who would reveal their secret?!


“Then, is it true?” Gu Qin looked at Su Yuan.

“I’ll slap you!” Su Yuan was so angry that she laughed.
She grabbed a pillow and threw it over.

Gu Qin dodged to the side and mumbled to himself, “It’s still the same.”

He and Su Yuan had gotten to know each other through a fight.
At that time, Su Yuan had just transferred to the class with the worst grades in the second year of high school, while he was the famous school bully in the school.
He was about to graduate, and many people wanted to take his place.
Therefore, his juniors in the first and second year of high school would come to him from time to time to ask for a fight.
The most active one was a boy in Su Yuan’s class.

The two of them agreed to have a one-on-one fight in the alley behind the school after school.
For some reason, Su Yuan found out about this.
She called the police without hesitation, and even insisted that it was Gu Qin who bullied a student from a lower grade.
In the end, Gu Qin was gloriously given a warning before he graduated.

After the incident, Gu Qin was so angry that he blocked Su Yuan at the school gate every day.
He did not want to hit the girl, but he just wanted to scare her.
Who knew that such a weak-looking little girl would be so bold? She caught a snake out of nowhere and threw it at Gu Qin when he was about to approach her.
The snake was cold and slippery.
It coiled around Gu Qin’s neck and flicked its tongue at him.
Gu Qin was scared out of his wits and did not dare to move.
His whole body trembled.
After that, he did not go to school for a week.
Later on, it was also because of this snake that the two became good friends.

“Little Yuan, where did you find that snake?” Xu Yingying asked.

Su Yuan chuckled, “You can’t find snakes in the city.
I bought them from the market.
They’re more than ten Yuan each!”

Hearing the word ‘snake’, Gu Qin could not help but tremble.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Can we not talk about this anymore?”

Every time she told him that he was afraid of snakes, it was a joke.
Did he not have any pride?

Xu Yingying and Su Yuan’s eyes met and they both laughed.

Gu Qin’s face darkened.
He picked up a pillow from the sofa and threw it at the two of them.
Xu Yingying pulled Su Yuan and ran.
The three of them started to play in the living room, and even the black walls were stained with the smell of change.

At this moment, Su Yuan was grateful from the bottom of her heart that God had given her a second chance.
Although there were still a lot of bad things waiting for her to solve, her family and friends had all returned to her side.
There were no tragedies in her life now, and it was still not too late.

At the same time, at the Pei family.

The head of the Pei family, who was also Pei Xifan’s father, was furious when he heard that the police station would not let him go.
When he heard that his brother-in-law had become a suspect in multiple rape cases, he instantly lost all his drowsiness and immediately went to the police station.

This brother-in-law had really caused a lot of trouble for the Pei family over the years.
He had saved his sister’s life back then, but after he married into the Pei family, his sister died early.
Before she died, he asked his brother to take care of him and transferred all her shares to him.
He had also taken care of him like a younger brother, but who knew that this guy had no memory at all? Every time he committed a crime, he had to come forward to solve it.

When he arrived at the police station, he did not even see Zhao Fu.
He only heard from the police that the Director of the Public Security Bureau had personally brought Zhao Fu to the police station for interrogation, and his heart sank.
He immediately made a decision to use all his connections, but when everyone heard that the person they wanted to help was Zhao Fu, they politely rejected him.
Those with a bad attitude directly hung up the phone.
It was as if Zhao Fu was some sort of virus that everyone wanted to avoid.

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