67 Victim

Seeing how Su Yuan looked like she wanted to rush up and bite him, Chen Yi waved at the police officer who had just spoken to him and pointed at Su Yuan.
“This young lady should be the victim.
By the way, she has a phone under the coffee table in the private room.
It should have recorded the conversation just now.”

“Yes, Captain!” The police officer nodded.
“I’ll check it out immediately!”

Chen Yi patted the police officer’s shoulder.
“Don’t call me Captain.
I’ve stopped being a captain a long time ago.”

“You’re a police officer?” Su Yuan was stunned.
She was completely lost.
What was going on?

No wonder those police officers respected him so much.
Could he be an undercover? He had gone undercover in the group of people who had tampered with the college entrance examination results.

So, she had accidentally barged into his operation today?

Chen Yi glanced at Su Yuan and did not answer, but it was equivalent to a silent agreement.
He then looked down at Mu Yuchen.
“I’m sorry, I thought you were one of them.”

“Let go of me! My wrist is about to break! Don’t you know how important a man’s wrist is?” Mu Yuchen was annoyed.

“I happen to know a massage parlor with good massage therapists.
Do you want to go there and have a look?” Chen Yi said with a smile.

Mu Yuchen glared at Chen Yi, but he did not push him away.
“Who are you? I’m Mu Yuchen, do you think anyone is worthy of my respect?”

Chen Yi came to a sudden realization.
“So it’s Young Master Mu.
It’s an honor to meet you.”

“If you know who I am, then let me go!” Mu Yuchen said disdainfully.

Chen Yi let go of Mu Yuchen and handed over his business card.
“I’m Chen Yi from Chukai Entertainment.
This is my business card.”

The new entertainment firm? Mu Yuchen was stunned.
When he came back to his senses, he looked at the name card and then at Chen Yi.
He seemed to have thought of something and said arrogantly, “Where’s the massage parlor you mentioned just now?”

Then, Su Yuan saw Chen Yi take Mu Yuchen away and she was stunned.
What kind of situation was this? He was leaving just like this? Did he think she did not exist?

“You’re Su Yuan?” The police officer asked while holding an evidence bag, which contained her mobile phone.

Su Yuan nodded.

“Is this your phone?” The police officer asked again.

“Yes,” Su Yuan replied.

“Then come with us,” the police officer said.

“Why don’t you look for him? He’s one of the suspects!” Su Yuan was anxious.

Su Yuan called a female police officer to take care of her, and before she left, she said, “He’s our boss, and he was the one who called the police.”

Su Yuan was dumbfounded.
He really was a spy! The boss of new entertainment was an undercover? What the hell is this?

“Retreat!” A group of people lined up and got into the police car.

Not far away, two figures ran toward Su Yuan from across the street.
“Little Yuan!”

“Gu Qin, Yingying!”

Seeing her two best friends from her previous life, Su Yuan was so excited that she wanted to rush over and hug them, but she was stopped by the female police officer.
“Keep your distance!”

Gu Qin died protecting Su Yuan in her previous life, so she could not bear to see her being taken advantage of.
She immediately quarreled with the policewoman.
“What are you doing? What did our Little Yuan do to make you treat her like this? I’m telling you, my Little Yuan doesn’t have to say anything before the lawyer arrives!”

“Gu Qin, forget it.
I’m just involved in this.
I’ll just go to the police station to record my statement.” Su Yuan said.

“We’ll go with you,” Xu Yingying said quickly.

“Right, we’ll go too.” Gu Qin agreed.

Gu Qin and Xu Yingying were not involved in the case, so they could not take the police car, so they had to call a taxi and follow behind.

When they arrived at the police station, Gu Qin and Xu Yingying saw Su Yuan being taken in and were extremely anxious.

Meanwhile, as soon as Mo Ting arrived at K Bar, he realized that the place had closed for business.
He was told that someone had called the police.

Mo Ting quickly dialed Su Yuan’s number, but no one picked up.

“President Mo, I’ve just asked around.
According to the people around, there’s a girl that looks like the madam.” Fu Wen reported.

Hearing this, Mo Ting’s eyes darkened, “Investigate!”

Twenty minutes later, a black Maybach stopped near Chengxi police station.

“President Mo, I’ve found out what happened.
The case is about the Deputy Director of the Education Bureau tampering with the results of the college entrance examinations.
Your wife is one of the victims.”

At the police station, the Education Bureau’s Deputy Director Zhao was making a scene.
“I want to see my lawyer! I’m the Deputy Director of the Department of Education.
What right do you have to arrest me? I’m going to sue you for illegal detention!”

He had been repeating the same sentence for almost half an hour.
Even though he said he was not tired, Su Yuan was tired.
“I say, uncle, you’re almost done.
If they dare to arrest you, they must have evidence.

“Look at the big words on the wall.” Su Yuan pointed at the red sign on the wall.
“Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist! Do you understand?”

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