63 Kidney Deficiency

However, Mu Yuchen was still stubborn.
“Sure, Su Yuan.
I did not expect you to be so good at playing, even though you look so innocent! What are you going to do with my checkbook?”

Mu Yuchen was shocked, but his hands were tied up, so he could only grab it with his head.
He did not expect Su Yuan to lie to him!

“I estimate that it will take at least 500000 Yuan to repair the stage and room that was destroyed.
Also, you’ve seriously affected my colleague’s mood at work, so the remaining 500000 Yuan can be considered as emotional damage compensation!” Su Yuan said.

Mu Yuchen said, “Mental damage my ass!”

He was so angry that his eyes were about to pop out.
“You dare to whine!”

“You’re so noisy!” Su Yuan found a piece of cloth and stuffed it into his mouth.

After that, Mu Yuchen watched helplessly as Su Yuan took out a pen, wrote something on his checkbook, and tore it apart.
His one million Yuan was gone just like that.

When Zhang Gang looked at the check in his hand, he was dumbfounded.
“You, what have you done? Why would he pay so much money?”

Su Yuan gave him a reassuring look.
“Tell Director Zhou to bring his good wine.
He’ll be able to earn big money in the future!”

After Zhang Gang left, Su Yuan had wanted to go back to the room to persuade Mu Yuchen.
She really wanted him to be her underling.
After all, he was going to be a top player in the future! If she had the money to start a company now, she would definitely sign him as soon as she could.

However, just as she was about to push open the door to the private room, she saw a fiery red figure from the corner of her eye.
She subconsciously turned her head and saw a woman with an extremely good figure in a red mermaid dress pushing a man’s wheelchair toward the innermost part of the corridor.

It was not that Su Yuan wanted to overthink things, but the man in the wheelchair was too obvious.
And the man that the woman was pushing was also in a suit.

Su Yuan immediately thought back to the way Mo Ting had gone to see his mother.
They were wearing suits of the same color, and even their backs looked so similar.
Even their wheelchairs looked like they were in the same place.
Could it really be Mo Ting? But why would he come to a bar? And that woman in the red dress does not look like a good person.

A possibility suddenly appeared in Su Yuan’s mind, and she was shocked.

In the private room, Mu Yuchen was still howling on the ground with his hands and feet tied and his mouth stuffed.

Su Yuan said, “I have something to do at the last minute.
Lie down for a while.
I’ll come find you later!”

Mu Yuchen’s aggrieved eyes suddenly widened, but no matter how much he called out, Su Yuan did not show any sympathy and closed the door.

Su Yuan chased after her, but the woman had already disappeared into the corridor.
This area was filled with private rooms, and at this time, they were all occupied.
Su Yuan found a broom in the corner and searched the rooms one by one.

The bar was very noisy, and they could not hear anything inside just by standing at the door, but they could not just barge in.

Su Yuan was holding a broom and trying to think of a solution when she walked into the bathroom.

At this moment, a girlish laughter suddenly came from the men’s bathroom.
“Aiya, President Mo, you’re so annoying.
You’ve already torn my clothes.”

F*ck! President Mo! It really was Mo Ting! Su Yuan was shocked.
He had broken his leg and still dared to mess around in the bar’s bathroom! Scumbag! He already had Fu Wen, yet he still found such a sexy woman.
Su Yuan looked at the sign that said, ‘In the middle of cleaning’ at the door of the bathroom, and she looked at it with disdain.

She could not tell that Big Boss Mo was actually so meticulous, how skilled!

Su Yuan held the broom in one hand and her phone in the other.
She turned on the camera and put her ear to the crack of the door.
They had just signed the contract less than two days ago, and this guy was already messing around outside.
When she got the evidence later, she would get the two billion in penalty fees!

At this moment, the woman’s voice came from the crack of the door again.
“Aiyo, President Mo, why do you still want me to help you undress? I’m still young, I’ve never done such a thing before, aww!”

Su Yuan felt a chill down her spine.
Was Mo Ting that perverted? Asking a woman to help him undress? Bah! How disgusting! She had actually signed a contract marriage with such a person! No, she had to run away as soon as she got the two billion Yuan and take Fu Wen with him.
There were so many men in the world, why did he have to find this kind of trash!? He usually looked cold and abstinent, but he was actually an old lecher!

However, was his body not a little too weak? Could it be a kidney deficiency? Hearing the panting inside, he felt like he was about to faint.

Su Yuan was planning to rush in and take some photos as soon as they were done.
After she got the evidence, she would run away immediately.

At this time, a low and hoarse male voice suddenly came from not far behind him, “Have you done what I told you to?”

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