Chapter 51: The President’s World

Late at night, Mo Ting closed his eyes to rest.
Suddenly, he heard a gentle knock on his door.

Fu Wen gently pushed the door and came in, whispering, “President Mo, we’ve caught the driver that night and tortured him, but he didn’t say anything.”

Mo Ting did not even lift his eyes.
“Throw him into the sea to feed the sharks.”

Fu Wen was stunned for a moment and said, “But…”

Mo Ting seemed to have thought of something as he slowly opened his eyes and his lips curved into a cold smile.
“Don’t let the shark completely devour the body.
Fish it up and send it over for him to admire.
Take his legs along the way!”

Fu Wen was shocked.
His intuition told him that President Mo was not in a good mood today.

He immediately left the ward.

After Fu Wen left, Mo Ting quietly lifted the curtain and saw Su Yuan’s delicate face buried in the soft pillow, she was sound asleep.
He stared at it for a long time before he pulled down the bed curtain and closed his eyes again.

After the bed curtains were lowered, Su Yuan’s eyes shot open.

The next day, Su Yuan was woken up by a series of incomprehensible grumbling.
She stretched lazily and sat up.
As she turned around, she noticed that Mo Ting had already combed his hair neatly and changed into a suit.
Of course, only his upper body was exposed.
He was currently facing his laptop and speaking in a language that Su Yuan did not understand.

Seeing that she was awake, Mo Ting closed his laptop and asked, “Morning, how did you sleep last night?”

“I slept pretty well.” Su Yuan nodded.
“Are you in a meeting?” She asked.

Mo Ting nodded his head.

“What language are you speaking?”

“Arabic,” Mo Ting replied.

Su Yuan swallowed her saliva.
The EL Group’s business was international, and the CEO’s ability was so high that he obviously would know many languages.

She did not continue to disturb the man but tiptoed out of bed to wash up.
Then, in the next half an hour, she heard a total of seven different languages from him, all of which she did not understand.

An ordinary person like her could not understand the president’s world!

By the time she finished washing up, Mo Ting’s International Conference had ended.

“Your legs are already like this, why don’t you take a rest?” Su Yuan said.

The nurse who was delivering the medicine pushed the door open and came in.
“Fu Wen, this is the medicine you’ll take today.”

Afterward, the nurse checked the medical records at the end of the bed.
After confirming that there were no problems, she said to Mo Ting, “Take this medicine before the meal and the other half an hour after the meal.”

“Alright, thank you.” Mo Ting replied calmly.

Fu Wen received the medicine and handed the pre-meal medicine to Mo Ting.
He then turned around to get a glass of water.

Fu Wen? Su Yuan blinked her eyes in confusion.

After the nurse left, Su Yuan picked up the medical record at the end of the bed.
The patient’s name was indeed written as Fu Wen.

“I can’t let anyone else know that I’m injured.” Mo Ting explained to Su Yuan after taking his medicine.

He was recuperating in secret, so he had to stand at the ceremony three days later, and the driver who had been fed to the shark last night.
As expected, they were all secrets of the wealthy!

But, Mo Ting did not need to explain.

Seeing that Su Yuan was not surprised, Mo Ting was a little curious, “Madam, don’t you want to know why?”

Su Yuan put the medical record back in place.
“The president of EL group was kidnapped and injured.
If the news got out, the economy of many countries will be affected.”

Mo Ting chuckled, “When did you find out?”

“Uncle,” Su Feng said indifferently, “information gathering is very advanced now.
Is it very difficult to know as long as I have your name? ”

After breakfast, Su Yuan examined Mo Ting’s wound and found that it had already healed.
So, she left with the excuse that she had something to do at school.

She did not have any money on her, so she could only borrow some from Gu Qin first.
When she returned to the nursing home, she bought her mother’s favorite millet porridge and a few light side dishes at the entrance.

She did not know if her mother was awake.
When she arrived outside the ward, she saw that the door was not closed properly and thought that the doctor had gone in to do a ward round.
Just as she was about to push the door open, she heard a roar from inside.

“Su Qiumeng, you shameless b*tch! Not only did you seduce my husband, but you also gave birth to a little b*tch like you.”

“You saw that the Bai family was rich, so you decided to sacrifice your face.
You pushed Su Yuan into the Bai family and even wanted to fight for the family property with my daughter.
Now, you caused my daughter to go to jail.
If I don’t beat you to death today, my surname isn’t Fu!”

“No, it’s not what you think.
You’ve really misunderstood.
I, I’m sick.
I can’t live for long.

“No matter what, Su Yuan is still Bai Weiguang’s daughter.
I…I just want my little Su Yuan to have a family.
I didn’t ask her to fight with your daughter for the inheritance.
I really didn’t.
I’m sorry.”

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