Chapter 50: How Long Has It Been Since I’ve Had a Full Meal

Su Yuan watched him from the side, waiting for him to say whether he wanted to eat or not.
She was now his doctor, her words were his medical advice.
If Mo Ting rejected her, she would not act like a nanny and coax him to eat, she did not have the time.
If he could not stand up when the time was up, it would have nothing to do with her.

She was just a doctor, not a God.
If she had to take care of what the patient ate, would she not be exhausted to death?

They were only married by contract, and she had already suffered a lot.
She still had to treat his legs and use so many of her precious herbs.
She did not even ask for money.
She would not be a free nanny!

But, who would have thought, even though Mo Ting’s expression did not look too good, he did not reject her advice.

Fu Wen was prepared for the president’s anger, but the president himself compromised.
He had no choice but to order people to find cucumbers.

When Fu Wen left, the only sound in the room was Su Yuan’s eating noises.

The entire table of dishes was originally meant for the two of them to eat together.
Mo Ting thought they had prepared a little too much, but from the looks of it, it was not much at all.
Su Yuan had almost finished everything.

Mo Ting asked in surprise, “You, when was the last time you had a full meal?”

Hearing this, Su Yuan’s hand suddenly stopped.
How long had it been since she had a full meal? It had been three years and 128 days.
Ever since she was sent to prison, she had barely had a full meal.
Bai Yurou had bribed the prison guard so that she could only have one meal a day, and it was leftovers.
In winter, they ate steamed buns that were frozen like stones.
In summer, they ate porridge that was so hot that it was sour and stinky.
In those 1223 days and nights, she woke up and slept with an empty stomach almost every day.

“Pa!” The wooden chopsticks in Su Yuan’s hand broke into two.
She placed her chopsticks on the table and patted the wooden chips off her hands.
She then smiled at Mo Ting.
“Uncle, the quality of your chopsticks isn’t very good!”

Mo Ting looked at her calmly without a word.

Without her chopsticks, Su Yuan lost all interest in eating and put down her bowl.

Just then, her phone vibrated again.
It was Gu Qin.

Su Yuan picked it up, and Gu Qin’s confused voice came through.

“Su Yuan, are you really not at the police station?”

Su Yuan heard the noise on the other end of the phone and asked with squinted eyes, “You’re at the police station?”

“Yeah, I promised to bail you out, but Su Yuan…” Gu Qin paused for a moment and suddenly said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.
Your dad is here too.
Your stepmother is arguing with the police!”

Bai Weiguang? “Let them argue however they want,” Su Yuan sneered.

“Then where are you now? I can see that your dad is really angry.
Don’t go back to the Bai family.
If you really can’t, you can stay at my place for a few days.
I’ll let you have my bed.” Gu Qin said.

Su Yuan was about to say something when she suddenly felt an oppressive gaze on her head.
She lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting.
What was wrong with him? Why did he look so pale?

“No need, I have a place to stay,” Su Yuan said casually.

“What about tomorrow? Yingying said that she wanted to gather at K Bar.
She didn’t dare to check her results and wanted to find someone to play with and relax.”

Su Yuan thought of something and quickly said, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” She hung up the phone in a hurry.

Mo Ting suddenly asked, “Did Madam often go to a man’s house to stay?”

The air-conditioner was not on in the room, but the temperature had inexplicably dropped a lot.

They had already agreed to get married, so they were teammates.
Su Yuan did not hide anything from him and told him the truth.
“Yes, I’ve stayed there a few times.

“But don’t worry, I won’t leave tonight.
Since I promised to treat your leg, I’ll definitely treat it.
Don’t worry.
Su Yuan thought that he was afraid that she would abandon him and hurriedly explained.

But, not only did Mo Ting’s expression not recover, it turned even uglier.
‘Big brother is really hard to understand!’ Su Yuan thought to herself.

After a busy day, Su Yuan was tired and Mo Ting had Fu Wen to look after his legs, so he did not need her.
She washed up, climbed into the princess bed, and fell asleep very quickly.

Her quality of sleep had always been good, and she could fall asleep within three minutes.

At this time, Fu Wen returned to the ward with a box of cucumbers.
As soon as he entered the room, he saw the president’s black face and the little head that popped out from the princess bed.

Fu Wen asked insensibly, “President Mo, Madam is…”

Mo Ting lifted his eyes and glared at the man.
“Hurry up and close the bed curtains.”

Fu Wen was stunned and quickly closed the curtains of the princess bed.

Su Yuan’s powder was effective, but the pain was not something an ordinary person could bear.

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