Do You Know How to Fight?

After the three of them laughed, the red-haired thug asked, “Boss, that young lady is really beautiful.
she just came of age.
Why don’t we enjoy her after we’re done shooting the video?”

When the scar-faced man heard this, he turned around and hit him with his arm.
“Go to hell! You’ve followed me for so long and you still don’t know the f*cking rules? We’re kidnappers, we’re paid to do things, and we won’t do anything else.
If you want to play with women, after you get the money, I will find you two eighteen-year-old virgins!”

“But big brother, didn’t the employer ask us to ruin her innocence? Wouldn’t it be the same if we do it ourselves…” The red-haired thug scratched his head and asked in confusion.

“What the f*ck do you know?!” The scar-faced man roared, “The employer for the rich girl was not as generous as the employer that wanted the boy’s reputation ruined.
The other party was willing to spend 70 million as long as the kid had sex videos and didn’t hurt anyone.
The other one? F*ck, 200000 yuan to ruin her innocence.
If it wasn’t for the fact that it would be convenient to have a girl getting raped by the boy, I wouldn’t have even bothered with this order!”

“Third brother, I’m just going to be blunt with you.
If you f*cking dare to touch this girl and break the rules, I will literally break your jaw!”

Hearing that, Su Yuan’s expression darkened.
Her kidnapping was indeed instructed by someone to spend money.
She did not even need to think to know who that person was.

She swore in her heart, Bai Yurou, I will never let you go in this second life!

Su Yuan recollected her thoughts and started to move.
She tried to untie the rope around her body.
If an ordinary person wanted to break free from this kind of rope, it would be impossible to untie it unless they used a knife.

However, she was no longer the ordinary girl from her previous life!

In her previous life, after she went to prison, the big bosses in the prison were very sympathetic to her and even taught her their own means of survival.

In these eight years, she had learned all kinds of skills that ordinary people would never come into contact with in their entire lives.
It was just a hemp rope, and it was not a problem for her at all.

She held one end of the rope with her hand and twisted her wrist back and forth a few times.
The rope loosened and her hand was released from the rope.

She twisted her slightly painful wrist and reached out to touch the man behind her.
She did not know where she touched, but she picked up a piece of meat and pinched it hard.

The man’s body behind her clearly shook.
He was awake.

Su Yuan continued to search the man’s body and seemed to have found a flat area.
She quickly wrote on the man’s body.
“How are you? Are you hurt?”

After waiting for a while, there was no response.
Su Yuan thought that the other party’s hands and feet might still be tied up, so she could not reply.
“If you’re not hurt, touch my hand.”

After waiting for a while, the other party still did not respond.

Su Yuan furrowed her brows.
He was clearly awake, so why was not he responding? Time was of the essence.
She was listening to the three criminals ‘lively conversation’, so they probably would not notice them.
She lifted the hood and turned around to look.

Their eyes met, and Su Yuan saw a face that surprised her.

It was Mo Ting!

He was the person who would soon become the most powerful person in Xia Country.

In Su Yuan’s memory, not long after the kidnapping incident, the 28-year-old Mo Ting took over as the head of the world’s largest entertainment company, EL.
He was also the youngest billionaire in history and ranked first on the list of eligible bachelors most women wanted to marry.

News about Mo Ting was all over the place and was the talk of the town for a time.
At that time, her best friend was especially fond of him.
Apart from his titles, his good looks were another important factor.

Her best friend had pulled her into following Mo Ting for a while, so she had a deep impression of his face.

At this moment, that handsome face with clear lines was right in front of her.

His skin was a little too fair, his thin lips were a little red, and his facial features were as exquisite as a male barbie doll.

How could a man be so beautiful…this was too much!

Su Yuan really wanted to ask what had happened to him and why someone had paid for that video of him.

At this time, Mo Ting was also looking at Su Yuan with caution.

Although the girl was dressed weirdly, her face was exquisite and beautiful, especially her pair of clear eyes, which revealed a calmness and calmness that did not match her age.

Mo Ting’s eyes flashed with curiosity.

At this time, Su Yuan’s fingers started to move around on Mo Ting’s body as she wrote.
‘Do you know how to fight?’

Mo Ting’s face revealed his confusion.
Fight? With who? A criminal?

Su Yuan then wrote, ‘I’ll take two, you take care of the last one, okay?’

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