to eat with Su Yuan, but now, he could only lie on the bed and watch as Su Yuan ate.
Moreover, this little girl did not even ask him a single question, and she was eating so happily by herself!

Fu Wen could not stand it anymore and reminded in a low voice, Madam, President Mo…

Su Yuan, who was engrossed in her food, interrupted him, “You don’t have to remind me.
He can’t eat these dishes.”

Fu Wen was stunned.
“Can’t eat it?”

Su Yuan picked up a piece of tender and juicy beef sirloin and shook it in front of Mo Ting before placing it in her mouth.
“Are you hungry?”

At this moment, Su Yuan’s phone vibrated.
When she saw the number, her heart skipped a beat.
Her hand, which was about to answer the call, started to tremble unconsciously.
The vibration of her phone was getting louder and louder, but Su Yuan did not pick up.

Sensing her unusual behavior, Mo Ting squinted his eyes.

The other party did not seem to want to give up and continued to call.
Su Yuan slowly put down her chopsticks, took a few deep breaths, and then answered the call with a shake of her finger.

Before she could speak, a man’s voice came from the other end of the line.
“Su Yuan, what’s the matter with you? You didn’t even tell me about such a big thing? Don’t you see me as your brother anymore?”

It was Gu Qin on the other end of the line.
It was Gu Qin’s voice.

Su Yuan’s breath was stuck in her throat, and she could not breathe.
Her eyes were red from holding it in.

Realizing that Mo Ting was looking at her, she quickly turned her back to him, not wanting him to see her lose her composure.

Gu Qin still did not hear Su Yuan’s voice, so he shouted, “Hello, Su Yuan, is your phone broken? Why aren’t you saying anything?

“F*ck! You couldn’t have been kidnapped again, right? Ah?”

“G-Gu Qin.” Su Yuan’s voice was hoarse, and Gu Qin on the other end of the phone suddenly fell silent.

“Su Yuan, are you crying?” He finally asked after a long while.

Su Yuan did not say anything and only shook her head.
She was not crying, she was happy! He was Gu Qin, the only person in her previous life who believed that she did not kill anyone.
In order to clear her name, he ran around and fought with Pei Xifan face to face.
In the end, he died under Pei Xifan’s wheels.

Before Su Yuan could reply, Gu Qin quickly said, “F*ck! Su Yuan, you’ve been missing me so much that you cried? Where are you now? Big brother Qin will go find you now!”

Hearing the words from the other end of the phone, Su Yuan immediately held back her tears.
Sure enough, he was still the same as in his previous life, not serious at all.

“Hey, Su Yuan, give me your address quickly.
You’re not at the police station, are you? Is there no one to protect you? I’ll be right there, just you wait!” Gu Qin said.

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