“What do you want?”

Su Yuan snorted, what else could she do? “Remove the stitches!”

Under Mo Ting’s gaze, Cui Feng did not dare to argue.
He obediently went out to get Su Yuan’s things.

Her movements were very skilled as she removed the stitches and cleaned the wound in one go.

As he looked at Mo Ting’s wound, Cui Feng’s expression turned uglier and uglier.
The originally closed wound had split open and the entire wound was a bloody mess.
One could even see the bones.

Even Fu Wen, who was used to bloody scenes, turned his head and did not dare to look.

But, Mo Ting acted like nothing had happened, it was as if the injured leg did not belong to him.

“Uncle, I’m going to apply the medicinal powder on your wound.
You’ll be in pain for 12 hours.
It’s not too late to regret it now.” Su Yuan said indifferently.

Before Mo Ting could respond, Cui Feng grabbed onto Su Yuan’s wrist.
“What do you want?”

Su Yuan could not be bothered with him.
She simply looked at Mo Ting and waited for his answer.

“No, Mo Ting, I’ve never seen that thing in her hand before.
You can’t take the risk.
You have to think about it carefully!” Cui Feng advised.

Mo Ting’s face darkened, “Cui Feng! Let go of your hand!”


“Did you not hear me? Let her go!” Mo Ting’s eyes were cold.

Cui Feng glared at Su Yuan and let go.

Mo Ting looked at Su Yuan and said with a gentle smile, “You’re my wife.
I believe in you.
You’ll definitely be able to make me stand at the inauguration ceremony.”

This kind of unconditional trust moved Su Yuan, but she did not say anything.
She looked away and turned to Fu Wen, “You come and hold down his legs.”

After everything was ready, Su Yuan applied the medicine on Mo Ting’s wound.
In that instant, Mo Ting’s legs started to shake violently.

Cui Feng was shocked.
He grabbed Su Yuan’s shoulder and asked, “What did you do? What did you do to Ting?”

“If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll really cut your tongue off!” Su Yuan said, annoyed.

After speaking, she turned around and continued to apply the medicine on Mo Ting’s wound.

Fu Wen pressed down on Mo Ting’s leg.
The skin under his palm was as solid as a rock, but it kept trembling.

Su Yuan lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting.
He was no longer as calm as before.
His eyes were tightly shut as he turned his head to the side.
His masseter muscles were bulging, but he still did not make a sound.

He could really endure! Su Yuan could not help but sigh.
In her previous life, after she went to prison, her Chinese medicine teacher had used this medicine to cure her old injuries.
No one knew better than her how painful it was to sprinkle this medicine on a wound! It was a heart-wrenching pain.
It was not an exaggeration to say that it was heart-wrenching.

Back then, the 12 hours after the drug took effect, she felt like she was better off dead.
Even though she was reborn now, she could still clearly remember the pain.

However, when the medicine was placed on Mo Ting, it also hurt, but it did not seem to hurt as much.
Was he still human?

“Madam, the wound, the wound has coagulated.” Fu Wen said in disbelief.

Cui Feng quickly pushed Fu Wen away and went up to check the wound that was visibly solidifying.
“H-how is this possible? You haven’t even stitched your wound, and that powder of yours hasn’t been sanitized.
There must be bacteria on it.
This isn’t scientific at all!”

He had studied medicine for 13 years, and the number of medical books he had read was more than the two of them combined.
All the common sense he had learned over the years told him that the scene in front of him did not conform to science.
However, the truth was right in front of him, and he had to believe it.

“Have you seen enough?” Su Yuan picked up the splint that Fu Wen had prepared.
“If you’ve seen enough, move!”

As she spoke, she used her legs to push Cui Feng to the side and skillfully secured Mo Ting’s legs with splints.

At this moment, there was an urgent knock on the door.

Fu Wen frowned and turned to open the door.

A moment later, Fu Wen came in with a group of people in black and happened to meet Cui Feng’s eyes.

Cui Feng was so shocked that he took a few steps back subconsciously.
“W-what are you guys doing in the hospital?”

“Young master, I’m sorry.
We’re here on old master’s orders to bring you home,” the leader of the men in black said.

As soon as he finished speaking, a team of men in black rushed up and tied Cui Feng up.

“You, you dare to kidnap me? Why did you capture me?” Cui Feng asked.

“Young master, we’re following old master’s orders.
If you have any questions, you can ask old master yourself when we get home.”

Cui Feng still wanted to say something, but the leading man in black took out a handkerchief from his pocket and stuffed it into Cui Feng’s mouth.


No one paid him any attention, and his face was livid with anger.

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