Su Yuan thought about it, the news of Mo Ting being gay would only spread a long time later.
Not many people in City A had seen him, so there was no way they would spread rumors about him.
This matter was a secret and could not be known to anyone else, except Fu Wen, of course.
Perhaps even Cui Feng did not know about it.
Otherwise, he would not have reacted that way when they signed the contract this morning.

Mo Ting had kept this matter a secret so well, yet she, an outsider, had suddenly seen through it.
Su Yuan’s heart skipped a beat as she recalled a rumor about Mo Ting from her previous life.

In Mo Ting’s previous life, after he accepted the role of EL’s CEO, a riot happened in EL that alerted the police.
Apparently, that day in the president’s office, the floor was covered in blood and Mo Ting’s uncle, Mo Yi, had died a horrible death.
Afterwards, the police released a statement that Mo Ting had nothing to do with Mo Yi’s death and the matter slowly died down.

But if the police said it was fine, was it really fine?

According to the rumors, the truth was completely different from what the police had announced.
It was said that the CEO of El Corporation was Mo Yi, but Mo Ting had suddenly returned to the country and snatched away the position that originally belonged to Mo Yi.
Mo Yi refused to give up the position, so Mo Ting decided to kill his own uncle.

In this era of highly advanced information technology, the news of uncle and nephew killing each other attracted the attention of the entire City A.
However, it did not take long for this rumor to disappear.

After that, all the elders of the Mo clan either abdicated or disappeared.

Thinking about this, Su Yuan could not help but shiver.
She had just been reborn and wanted to live for a few more years.
She could not afford to offend this big boss now.

She slowly lifted her head and looked into Mo Ting’s cold eyes as she said on purpose, “Uncle, did I say something wrong? We only signed a marriage contract and didn’t get a certificate.
In this case, we can only be considered a couple.
Only after we get a marriage certificate and are protected by the law can we be considered married!”

“Just because of that?” Mo Ting lifted an eyebrow.

Su Yuan squeezed out a smile and replied, “Yeah, what else? Only a marriage certificate is protected by the law.
I’m a woman, so I only feel safe once we have that.”

The coldness in Mo Ting’s eyes slowly disappeared, “I understand.”

Su Yuan was stunned.
What did he understand?

At this moment, Fu Wen returned to the ward with a bowl of steaming Chinese medicine.
As soon as he entered, the entire ward was filled with the bitter smell of Chinese medicine.
“Madam, the medicine is ready.” Fu Wen frowned.

“Take this and give it to your President Mo.” Su Yuan said.
She was almost done preparing the medicine, so she walked over and watched as Mo Ting drank it.

Mo Ting furrowed his brows as he received the bowl of black medicine.

Su Yuan’s eyes were smiling.
He had been living abroad for a long time, so this was probably his first time taking Chinese medicine.

Mo Ting felt her gaze on him as he jerked his head up.
He was just in time to see the girl chuckling at him with a gloating look in her eyes.
He was so angry that he suddenly regretted it.
If he had known that this little girl needed to be taught a lesson, he would have kicked her yesterday.

At this time, the door of the ward was pushed open.
It turned out that Cui Feng had returned.

Seeing that Mo Ting was about to drink something, he quickly stepped forward and looked at Su Yuan with a wary expression.
“Ting, don’t you think it’s strange? How did this girl get kidnapped with you? She might have been sent by the other side to get close to you!

“You can’t drink that.
What if it’s poisoned, Ting?”

While Cui Feng was speaking, Mo Ting finished the entire bowl of medicine.

Cui Feng gritted his teeth in anger.
It was as if Mo Ting did not drink Chinese medicine but poison.

‘This medicine is really bitter!’ Mo Ting tried his best to control his expression so he did not reveal too much pain.

“How is it? Uncle, is it too bitter to finish drinking it?” Su Yuan asked with a smile.

Mo Ting accepted the tissue from Fu Wen and wiped his mouth.
“It’s not bitter,”

“Oh, alright!” Su Yuan’s smile became even brighter.
She took out a candy from her pocket, unwrapped it, and put it in her mouth.
“I didn’t expect uncle to be so tough.
It seems that I prepared the candy for nothing.
Since you don’t need it, I can only eat it myself.”

Mo Ting said, “Ugh.”

“Ting, did you really drink it all?” Cui Feng interrupted.
“How do you feel? You!!!”

“I won’t die.” Mo Ting impatiently cut him off.
He was currently upset over the candy that he did not get to eat.

At this time, Su Yuan reached out her hand and pushed Cui Feng to the side.
She then walked over to Mo Ting’s side with the medicinal powder she had prepared.
She turned around and looked at Cui Feng, who was staring at her, and ordered, “I have nothing to do anyway.
Go and get me a pair of scissors, gauze, and disinfectant cotton.
Oh, and bring me iodophor as well.”

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