When she first returned to the Bai family, Bai Yurou had looked down on her.
She thought that since she came from the countryside, her foundation was poor, so she definitely would not be good at her studies.
She did not have the ability to go to the top class and be her classmate.
So, she told Bai Weiguang that she was forced to put her in the worst class in the whole grade.

Su Yuan did not argue and just did what she was supposed to do.
During the mid-term exam of that semester, she came in first in the entire school, shocking everyone.
The top student from the worst class in the entire grade could no longer sit still and insisted on spreading rumors that she had cheated during the exam.
Coupled with Bai Yurou’s interference, the principal finally forced Su Yuan to admit to cheating in front of the whole school.

That was the bravest day in her previous life.
She first pretended to agree to the principal’s request, but when she went up to the rostrum, she did not listen to the principal’s request.
Instead, she challenged all the students in the top class in front of the whole school.
Needless to say, the final result was that not only did she rank first in the school, but she also scored more than 50 points higher than the second place.

In the end, the principal personally came forward and wanted to transfer her to the elite class.
However, Su Yuan refused to go and she refused to leave her original class.
From then on, she would come in first in all the exams as a student in the worst class.
The one and a half years that she had been in school were the most humiliating years for all the students in the elite class.

Bai Yurou also knew that her grades were not as good as Su Yuan’s, so she left the art school and entered the school.

Cui Feng’s suspicion was the first time Su Yuan had faced a challenge since her rebirth, and it was the medical skill that she was most proud of! She glanced at Cui Feng coldly.
“I’m not a doctor.
I only learned my medical skills from a barefoot doctor in the village.
My medical skills are not as good as my master’s.
I only learned a little bit.
But even so, it’s enough to cure uncle!”

Although Cui Feng was not a serious person, he was a serious person in academia.
When he heard Su Yuan say that she had learned her medical skills from the barefoot doctor, his face darkened and he said in a serious tone, “Mo Ting, listen to her.
She admitted it herself.
I’m afraid that the disciple of a barefoot doctor can’t even read pharmacological books.
It’s going to be the ceremony soon, and there can’t be any problems at this critical moment.
I can’t let her mess with you!”

For the sake of his brother’s marriage, he had put in so much effort and found so many women, but Mo Ting did not like a single one of them.
In the end, he had chosen this little girl.
He could forget about the marriage, but now, he wanted this girl, who had never been through any systematic learning, to look at his legs.
Mo Ting had only been kidnapped, but his brains were still intact.

Cui Feng’s words successfully triggered Su Yuan’s desire to win.
She thought for a moment, the ceremony they were talking about must be Mo Ting’s inauguration as the head of EL.
On that day, all the rich and powerful families of City A and the media would be present.
This event would mean a lot to Mo Ting.
If he were to attend in a wheelchair, it would definitely cause a huge commotion.

So that was how it was.
No wonder Mo Ting’s expression changed when she said she could help him heal his legs.
He really could not appear in this situation in a wheelchair.

Su Yuan’s lips curled up and she said in disdain, “You said that my medical skills aren’t good enough.
May I ask if your medical skills are good enough? Just because he put a cast on his broken bone, did he think that he could attend the ceremony while standing? What kind of sweet dream are you having?”

“You!” Cui Feng was furious.
He had studied medicine for 13 years and was recognized as a genius.
He had never been doubted like this.
However, he could not scold anyone for the sake of his face.
He was so angry that his face was puffed up.

Su Yuan did not care what kind of animal he looked like, and she hit the nail on the head.
“What’s wrong? What did I say wrong? It’s a good way to treat broken bones with plaster, but uncle’s leg injury is not only broken bones, but also lacerations.

“The air permeability of the plaster isn’t good.
You only care about his bones and completely ignore his external injuries.

“Once the external injury worsens, let alone three days, uncle won’t be able to stand up at all.
If you treat him like this, he will have a fever due to infection, and in serious cases, his muscles will rot.
If he’s not careful, his leg will be completely disabled by you!

“This is the treatment method that you, an Orthodox medical genius, came up with?”

Upon hearing this, Fu Wen panicked and quickly asked, “Is it really that serious?”

“Fu Wen!”

“How can you side with an outsider?” Cui Feng was exasperated.

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