Su Yuan suddenly remembered Mo Ting’s leg that was in a cast.
She fell silent for a moment, “Alright, I’ll go back to the hospital now.”

Mo Ting’s lips curved upwards, “Ok, I’ll wait for you.”

After hanging up, Su Yuan rummaged through her pockets and only found three coins.
Luckily, it was enough to pay for the bus to the hospital.

In the ward of the First People’s Hospital of City A.

Cui Feng happened to overhear the conversation as he came over to check on Mo Ting.
He looked at Mo Ting in fear, he felt it was time for him to get to know his childhood friend.
He was more skilled in flirting, teasing, and flirting than he was.
If he was still a virgin, he would have pulled his head off and let him kick it like a ball!

After hanging up the phone, Mo Ting immediately returned to his usual ice-cold expression, as if the person on the phone was not him.
“Don’t you think it’s time for you to leave?” He looked at Cui Feng with disdain.

“Ting, you’re killing the donkey when it’s done!” Cui Feng asked in disbelief.
He had not heard enough gossip, so how could he leave so easily?

Fu Wen could not help but burst into laughter.

Cui Feng then realized that he had been comparing himself to a donkey.
His face darkened.
“What are you laughing at!”

Fu Wen quickly put his hands together and begged for forgiveness.

Cui Feng rolled his eyes at him, then turned around and asked, “Ting, tell me the truth.
Did something happen between you and that girl last night? For example, Su Yuan.”

Mo Ting raised his eyebrows and replied impatiently, “You’re talking a lot of nonsense today.”

“No?” Cui Feng was shocked.
He said with regret, “You had such a good opportunity last night.
What are you waiting for? Mo Ting, how about I teach you a few tricks to pick up girls? you can’t go on like this, you can’t!”

“Fu Wen, throw him out!” Mo Ting said.

“Yes!” Fu Wen said.
Upon receiving the order, he strode forward and grabbed Cui Feng’s collar, about to throw him out.

Cui Feng held onto the bed railing tightly and refused to leave, “No, I’m not done with my questions.
We’re all waiting for my letter!”

Hearing this, Mo Ting furrowed his brows, “Quickly throw it out!”

Fu Wen simply reached out and scratched Cui Feng’s armpit.
He felt itchy and let go.
Then he was thrown out of the ward by Fu Wen.
The corridor echoed with wails for a long time.

“Su Yuan, Mo Ting, you’re inhumane.
You value your lover over your friend.”

Fu Wen reported back to the hospital room, “Do you need me to throw him further away?”

Mo Ting waved his hand, “Go and find Cui Shouzhong.
Tell him that his son sneaked into his lab and stole his regenerative factor while he was taking a nap.”

Fu Wen was stunned for a moment, then glanced at the door and silently lit an incense for President Mo.
Of all people to offend, he had to offend President Mo.
He was in deep trouble!

“Yes, President Mo, but your leg is still in good condition.
There’s no need to wait until after the ceremony to inform the Cui family.”

“There’s no need.
I think the Madam has a better idea.” Mo Ting replied.

“Understood, I’ll do it immediately!”

40 minutes later, Su Yuan arrived at the hospital with her luggage.
As she walked downstairs, she suddenly remembered that she had no idea where Mo Ting’s room was.

At this time, her phone suddenly rang.
She raised an eyebrow, it was a call from Mo Ting.
So, she picked it up.

“Madam has finally arrived.”

Su Yuan was shocked.
She raised her head and looked upstairs.
“You sent someone to follow me?”

A man’s laughter suddenly came from the other end of the phone.
“No, but my people are all around the hospital.
Someone reported to me as soon as Madam arrived.”

Su Yuan was silent for a few seconds.
Was this old man trying to show off his power?

“Madam does not know my ward.
Why didn’t you call me?” Mo Ting asked.

“I’m talking to you on the phone right now,” Su Yuan pouted.

“Room 606, I’ll be waiting for you,” Mo Ting replied.

Su Yuan had just entered the building when a row of bodyguards in black suddenly appeared in the corridor.
The medical staff and patient were so frightened that they hid to the side.
The bodyguards walked up to Su Yuan and respectfully said, “Madam, Sir is afraid that you won’t be able to find the way, so he asked us to lead the way.”

Oh, President Mo has really made a big scene!

Su Yuan sized up these people one by one and realized something shocking.
These bodyguards were not Chinese.
Even though they were dressed up and had Chinese accents, she could still tell the difference from their facial features.

For example, the one who spoke just now had Middle Eastern blood, and the few behind him were of Mexican or Spanish descent.

Thank you for reading on

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