It turned out that Su Yuan had not fainted at all.
These criminals had obviously watched too many movies.
With the way they tried to knock her out, it was very difficult to knock someone unconscious with one hit without strict training.
It was impossible to do it with a deviation in position or insufficient strength.

So, other than the slight pain in her neck, Su Yuan did not faint.

She did not know how it happened, but there was a small gap in the hood.
She slowly calmed down after seeing some light.

The car’s engine was roaring loudly.
As long as it was not too loud, the three criminals would not know that she was awake.

At the thought of this, she secretly stretched her legs out to explore the surroundings.

Suddenly, she seemed to have touched something.
She touched it with a little force and it was soft!

Su Yuan had already thrown away her high heels when she was trying to run away.
Now that she was barefooted, she moved her body again and touched that thing with her foot.
She could confirm that it was warm, and it was definitely a person!

After she was sure, she quickly retracted her foot.

Su Yuan started to recall the kidnapping incident from her previous life.
According to her memory, after she hit her head against a rock and fainted, she was unconscious for a long while.
When she woke up again, she was lying on the dirt road of a remote mountain village.
There was no one around, the criminal was nowhere in sight.

She wandered on the road for a long time before she met a kind person who took her home.
When she arrived home, she realized that her family did not call the police at all.
When they saw her return, they wanted to call the police, but her father, Bai Weiguang, locked her up and said that such a scandal must not be spread.

In the following month, Su Yuan’s life was completely ruined.

Firstly, the results of her college entrance examination came out.
She, who had always been the first in her grade, dropped to the bottom 50 of the school.
There were almost no schools to choose from.

A few days later, a rumor about her suddenly spread in City A.

It was said that after she was kidnapped, she seduced the kidnappers and was only released home after she took turns sleeping with the three kidnappers.

These two incidents completely ruined Su Yuan’s life.
No matter how she tried to explain herself, no one would believe her.

Not only did outsiders not believe her, but even her family members also criticized her.

Her father, Bai Weiguang, even said that she was a disgrace to the family and that she was not worthy of the Bai family name.
He changed her family name back to her mother’s maiden name and expelled her from the family.

When she was at her lowest and most helpless, it was Pei Xifan who appeared to save her.
Not only did he give her a place to stay, but he also gave her love.

The handsome and warm Pei Xifan had touched her heart, which was why she had been so loyal to him.
But who would have thought that he was just using her and lying to her?

Thinking about this, Su Yuan’s emotions were a little out of control.
She quickly took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Now, she could not count on anyone and could only rely on herself.
No matter what, she must escape in this life!

Su Yuan, who had calmed down, started to analyze the situation.
The criminal’s destination should not be far from the mountain village.

The distance between the mountain village and the Bai family villa was about an hour and a half by car.
According to the speed of the journey and the time, it was estimated that they would arrive at the destination in less than 20 minutes.

She had to successfully escape within 20 minutes!

At that moment, the car suddenly started to shake.
Using this as a distraction, Su Yuan slowly moved toward the other hostage.

Suddenly, the car seemed to have run over something, and the car tilted.
Using the momentum, Su Yuan pounced in the direction of the other hostage and grabbed onto something.



The sound of him hitting the wall and his muffled groan rang out at the same time.
Su Yuan’s heart raced.
She could tell that the other hostage was a man.

The three criminals were shocked when they heard the sound.
The scar-faced man quickly ordered, “Third brother, quickly take a look at the hostage.”

The red-haired thug quickly turned around to check.
Frowning, he reached out to pull Su Yuan back, trying to pull her back from the man.

However, Su Yuan had already secretly grabbed the man’s belt, and the back of the car was already narrow, so it was not easy for the thug to pull them apart.
The red-haired thug pulled a few times and gave up.
He turned his head and said, “Don’t worry, boss.
nothing happened.
It’s just that the daughter was too light, so she was thrown around and hit something.”

The scar-faced man smacked the steering wheel and cursed, “F*ck! Women are really troublesome!”

“Boss, why don’t we drug this woman with aphrodisiac too?” Second brother asked with a smirk.

The scar-faced man laughed eerily and said, “No, let’s feed him it.
We’ll shoot those rape scenes.
I like the sound of that.
It’s exciting!”

After that, the three criminals laughed lecherously at the same time.

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