Returning to the City

Su Yuan helped Su Qiumeng to the bed and started to pack her mother’s clothes.

“What are you doing?” Su Qiumeng asked.

“Mom, your illness can’t be delayed any longer.
I’ll take you to the big hospital in City A for treatment now.” Su Yuan answered as she continued to pack.

Hearing that her daughter was going to take her to City A, Su Qiumeng said anxiously, “Su Yuan, I’m not going to City A.
I don’t want to see that b*stard Bai Weiguang!”

Su Yuan walked around the house a few times, but she could not find a box that could hold clothes, so she simply put all the clothes into the bag she brought.
If it really could not fit, she would wrap it up with the old sheets and then said, “Mom, don’t worry.
If we don’t see Bai Weiguang, I won’t go back to the Bai family.
I’ve already entered university, and I can work to earn money to treat your illness.”

Hearing this, Su Qiumeng immediately stopped her tears.
Her eyes lit up and she asked excitedly, “Su Yuan, is what you’re saying true? You’re in college? Which university? What’s your major?”

Su Yuan saw that her mother was no longer crying, so she also became happy.
She smiled and replied, “Mom, I realized my dream.
I’ve been admitted to Aixi Film and Television Academy.”

“Really!” Su Qiumeng jumped from the bed to the ground excitedly.
She held her daughter’s hand and said, “Is it really the Aixi Film and Television Academy? You really got in?” This school was not just Su Yuan’s dream, it was Su Qiumeng’s dream when she was young.

Su Yuan quickly stood up to support Su Qiumeng and said, “Mom, take care of your body.
You’re still sick.”

“Ahh, I’m not made of plastic.
I’m not that fragile.” Su Qiumeng pouted and said.
She was as happy as a child who had just gotten a new toy.

Su Yuan continued, “I really did get in.
Although the results haven’t been released yet, I’m definitely going to get in Aixi.”

Hearing this, Su Qiumeng could not be happier.
She smiled and said, “My daughter has been good at her studies since she was young.
Even if she didn’t perform well, she would still do better than others.
If you say she can get in, she can definitely do it!” As soon as she finished speaking, she seemed to have thought of something and her expression changed.
she said worriedly, “Su Yuan, you’re so good at your studies.
Your teacher once told me that with your grades, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to get into University A.
You could be a lawyer or a doctor once you graduate from that school.
Now, you want to study acting.
Wouldn’t it be a pity for your grades?”

Su Yuan smiled and consoled her, “Mom, studying is for the sake of living.
No matter what I study or what I do in the future, there’s no difference.
You know, I’ve loved performing since I was young.
As an artist, I can stand on the stage in a glamorous manner and earn a lot.
What’s wrong with that?”

Su Qiumeng’s worries were gradually relieved.
She said slowly, “As long as you like it.
I don’t want to drag you down and affect your future.”

“Mom! You’re not allowed to say such things in the future.
You’re my mother and the closest person to me in this world.
What burden? As long as the two of us live together, we’ll definitely live a good life!”

As they spoke, Su Yuan had already helped her mother pack her luggage.
To thank the neighbors for taking care of her mother, she even gave them red packets.
If it were not for these old neighbors, she really did not know how her mother would have lived these two years.
Especially the village doctor.
Her mother’s medicine was all bought from the village doctor.
Although it did not cure her mother, it guaranteed that her mother’s condition would not worsen.

Su Yuan went to the village doctor’s house.
The village doctor had gone out to do a consultation and was not home.
She took out five thousand yuan to give to the village doctor’s mother, but the village doctor’s mother thought it was too much and refused to accept it.
As the two of them were pulling, Su Yuan happened to see the herbs in the yard.
Her eyes lit up and she said to the village doctor’s mother, “Grandma Liu, just accept the money.
If you really can’t do it, you can give me the herbs in the yard as a gift.
Just take it as if I bought them with money.”

Only then did the village doctor’s mother accept the money.
Su Yuan did not stand on ceremony.
She immediately stripped off all the herbs in the yard and left clear spring village with her mother before dark.
She had just left the Bai family and did not have a place to stay.
Her mother was still sick and needed someone to take care of her.
After much consideration, Su Yuan decided to place her mother in a nursing home.
When they arrived at the nursing home, Su Yuan quickly called the doctor to arrange a full-body checkup for her mother while she went to pay the fees alone.

She had been to this sanatorium before in her previous life.
The environment was comfortable, the medical staff provided good service, and of course, the price was much higher than that of an ordinary sanatorium.
She did not have a lot of savings, all of which were earned during the holidays.
After taking out the 10000 she had withdrawn earlier, she only had 51000 left.
She directly transferred it all to the nursing home’s account, which was only enough for her mother to stay there for six days.

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