r mother was really angry, but if she did not make things clear today, she would not give in.
She did not want to experience the pain of losing her mother again.
She hugged Su Qiumeng’s leg and looked up at her mother pitifully, “Mom, then tell me the truth.
Did you send me to the Bai family because you don’t want me anymore? Why don’t you let me live with you?”

Su Qiumeng’s eyes welled up with tears at the mention of this.
She had raised her daughter from a young age.
All these years, it had been the two of them who had relied on each other.
How could she not want her? However, she really had no other choice…

Su Qiumeng was afraid that her daughter would notice something was wrong, so she pulled her daughter’s hand away and walked out.
As she walked, she pretended to be cold and said, “You’re also Bai Weiguang’s daughter, there’s nothing wrong with living with him.
It’s getting late, you should go back.”

Su Yuan was about to go crazy.
She stood up and shouted at her mother, “Mom! I know everything! I know that you’re seriously ill and need a lot of money for treatment.
I also know that you don’t want to implicate me, so you’re trying your hardest to leave me alone.
Am I right?”

Hearing this, Su Qiumeng stopped in her tracks.
She seemed to be unable to stand steadily as she quickly held onto the door frame.

Su Yuan quickly ran over to hold her mother, only to realize that her mother’s face was already covered in tears.
Su Qiumeng held her daughter’s hand, trembling.
She gritted her teeth and asked, “Did Bai Weiguang, that bastard, tell you?”

Su Yuan was stunned.
She did not know that Bai Weiguang knew about her mother’s illness.
However, after thinking about it carefully, she understood that Bai Weiguang must have threatened her mother.
Otherwise, no matter how cruel her mother was, she could not have ignored her for two years.
She quickly replied, “Yes, mom.
He was the one who told me.”

Su Qiumeng’s eyes turned red with anger when she heard that.
She said angrily, “That bastard! He promised me that as long as I don’t see you, he won’t tell you that I’m sick! He lied to me!” Su Qiumeng could not control her emotions any longer and started crying loudly.
As she cried, she held Su Yuan’s hand and apologized profusely, “I’m sorry, Su Yuan.
I’ve let you down.
I’m so useless.
I didn’t want to send you away.
I’m just afraid that you won’t have anyone to rely on in the future.
I’ve let you down…”

Hot tears fell onto the back of Su Yuan’s hand, and her heart was about to break.
In her previous life, she had wanted to die because the person she loved was gone.
Now that her mother was standing in front of her, she was not afraid of anything.

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