br>With a trembling voice, she said, “Mom, I finally get to see you, mom…” She said.

Su Qiumeng had wanted to reprimand her daughter for coming back, but seeing how agitated her daughter was, she swallowed those cold words back.
She had not seen her daughter for two years, and she could not stop thinking about it.
However, every time she called to ask about her daughter’s situation, she would be scolded.
She was afraid that her daughter’s life in the Bai family would be difficult because of this, so she did not dare to call the Bai family again.
If she really missed her daughter, she would take out her daughter’s childhood photos and look at them repeatedly.
Now that she was holding her daughter, she felt like she was in a dream.
It was her daughter’s birthday yesterday, and she was still mumbling in her heart, wondering if her daughter had a happy 18th birthday.

Su Qiumeng could not care less at this moment.
She held her daughter’s face in her hands and asked with tears in her eyes, “My good daughter, let me see if you’ve lost weight.
Did you have a happy birthday yesterday? I have a present for you, you…”

Su Yuan listened to her mother’s long-winded words and looked at her face.
She had never felt so at ease before.
This was the happiest moment since her rebirth.
God was really fair for once.
She could no longer suppress the joy in her heart.
Tears of happiness flowed out of her eyes.
She was really too happy! As long as her mother was still alive, her rebirth would only be meaningful!

Su Qiumeng looked at her daughter’s tear-streaked face and frowned.
“What’s wrong, Su Yuan? Did someone bully you? Did you suffer in the Bai family?”

Su Yuan was crying uncontrollably, but she shook her head with a smile.
Su Qiumeng looked at her daughter crying and laughing at the same time, and she was a little confused.
She asked anxiously, “Did your dad bully you? Or your stepmother? Say something, Little Yuan.
Do you want your mother to die of anxiety?”

Su Qiumeng’s heart ached and she was anxious.
Her daughter had always been strong and rarely cried since she was young.
For her to suddenly cry like this, she must have suffered a great grievance.
Looking at her daughter, she felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart.
For the first time in two years, she doubted whether she had made the right decision and whether she should have sent her daughter away.
As she held her daughter’s hand, she picked up the broom by the door and said, “Let’s go, Su Yuan.
Mommy will bring you to the Bai family and settle the score with those bastards.
Who asked them to bully my daughter? I’ll fight it out with them!”

“Mom.” Su Yuan knelt down in front of Su Qiumeng and cried, “Mom, why did you hide your illness from me?” This was a knot in Su Yuan’s heart in her previous life, and now she finally had the chance to ask her mother.

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