The Princess Bed

Cui Feng looked at Mo Ting’s actions and laughed cheekily, “Ting, this is a muscle injection.
It’s aimed at your butt.
What’s the point of lifting your clothes? Don’t move.
I’ll help you pull down your pants…”

Mo Ting’s expression turned cold as he replied, “Fu Wen.”

Fu Wen immediately understood his president’s meaning and quickly stood in front of Cui Feng.
He reached out and said, “Young Master Feng, leave it to me.”

Cui Feng was stunned.
Before he could react to Fu Wen’s words, the injection in his hand was taken away.
Fu Wen quickly closed the curtain beside the bed and pushed Cui Feng away.

By the time Cui Feng reacted, the curtain had been pulled open and the needle had been inserted.

Fu Wen then walked to Cui Feng and said with an apologetic face, “Young Master Feng, I’m sorry for the offense.” After that, he stuffed the empty syringe into Cui Feng’s hand.

Cui Feng was so angry that his nerves were jumping.
he gritted his teeth and said, “Did you remember to apologize only after offending me?”

Fu Wen lowered his head and did not dare to say a word.
He retreated to the side.

“Mo Ting, look! This is your good assistant! How dare he bully me!” Cui Feng said angrily.

Mo Ting completely ignored Cui Feng as he turned to Fu Wen and said, “How’s the matter?”

Hearing the president’s words, Fu Wen quickly looked up and replied, “I’ve already investigated them.
They are indeed madam’s family.
I’ve already called the police.
The police took madam’s sister and the man who had an argument with madam that day.
The reporters also arrived on time and should have taken all the photos.
Madam’s grandmother couldn’t take the blow and had a heart attack.
Hospital Director Qian listened to your orders and didn’t treat her.
Instead, he transferred her to the Second People’s Hospital.
Now, they’ve all been chased out of this place and won’t cause madam any more trouble.”

Hearing this, Mo Ting nodded his head in satisfaction and added, “Immediately order Auntie Du to move madam’s things over.”

“Yes.” Fu Wen replied and left the ward.

Cui Feng could not believe what he had just heard.
He asked in surprise, “Mo Ting, you called the police because of that girl? He even found a reporter? Are you crazy? Your inauguration ceremony is in three days.
If something goes wrong at this time, what are you going to do…”

Mo Ting lifted his head and looked at the anxious Cui Feng.
“What are you still doing here?”

Cui Feng was speechless.

Cui Feng sat down on his bed.
If he did not get to the bottom of things today, he would not leave.
He asked, “Mo Ting, tell me the truth.
Which girl do you really like?” After speaking, Cui Feng observed Mo Ting’s expression.
Mo Ting did not respond and his expression did not change.

However, Cui Feng seemed to have noticed something and said excitedly, “Mo Ting, you’re really like a withered tree that’s sprouted after ten thousand years…haih!”

Before Cui Feng could finish his sentence, Mo Ting used his undamaged leg to kick him to the ground.

He got up and rubbed his butt, saying in a flustered and exasperated manner, “Mo Ting, you’re too much!”

Mo Ting did not even look at him as he asked, “Will my legs be able to stand up in three days?”

Originally, Cui Feng wanted to dig into the details of the kidnapping, but who knew Mo Ting would start talking about business.
So, he turned serious and said, “Mo Ting, I already told you clearly yesterday.
your leg is seriously broken.
You saw the x-ray.
your entire tibia is dislocated.
If it wasn’t for the timely reattachment of the bone yesterday, you wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed.
Although the growth factor that I stole is said to be able to repair all damage, it will definitely take some time.
Three days is too short…”

“I know.” Mo Ting interrupted him, “You can leave now.”

“Mo Ting, you…” Cui Feng did not want to leave just like that, so he advised, “If you can’t, then postpone the ceremony for a few days.
I can’t watch you ruin your legs.
You can’t stand for that long now!”

Mo Ting looked at him and replied calmly, “I’ll see to it.”

At this time, Fu Wen came back with a group of servants.
After the maids greeted Mo Ting, they moved their things into the hospital room.
After entering the room, they began to dress up in an orderly manner.
They were prepared to decorate the room just like Su Yuan’s old room.

Mo Ting’s room was the largest in the entire VIP area, so this time, a pink princess bed was brought over and placed inside.

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