Beating the Dog

As soon as Maid Qi finished speaking, the servants seemed to have found their backbone and began to criticize her.

“Young miss, you ran out from the kidnappers’ grasp and didn’t inform everyone.
You’re going to take your things and leave right after you come back.
This isn’t good!”

“That’s right.
If you take something that you shouldn’t, we won’t be able to explain it to master and madam when they return.”

“You should wait for madam to return and check your things before you leave.”

“That’s right, Maid Qi.
You should quickly give master and madam a call to inform them.
Otherwise, eldest miss will really leave soon.

Maid Qi only reacted when she heard the reminder.
she quickly took out his phone and called madam.
However, for some reason, no one picked up after three consecutive calls.
Su Yuan deliberately put the bank card in her pocket in front of them and said provocatively, “Which of you saw that this card contains the Bai family’s money?”

“Of course it’s the Bai family’s money.
Everything in the villa belongs to the Bai family!” Maid Qi came back to his senses and quickly replied.

The other servants also echoed, “That’s right.
when you came from the countryside, you only brought a box.
You probably don’t even know what a bank looks like, let alone a bank card.
You must have gotten this card after you came to the Bai family.
Maid Qi is right.
This belongs to the Bai family.
We won’t stop you if you want to leave, but you can’t take the card with you.”

Su Yuan laughed instead of getting angry.
She glanced at them and said slowly, “What if I insist on taking it away?” She did not seem to be angry, and there was a hint of a smile in her eyes.
However, it was this smile that made the servants’ hair stand on end and their hearts beat wildly.
It was as if a cold breeze was wrapped around their bodies, and they trembled for some reason.
The servants, who were full of fighting spirit just now, immediately shut their mouths.
No one dared to speak.

Only Maid Qi was unwilling.
she knew all too well how much Fu Xinlian hated Su Yuan.
Yesterday, this wretched girl was kidnapped, so Fu Xinlian must be in a good mood.
She was still thinking of using this opportunity to beg Fu Xinlian to transfer her son to an elite school.
She was sure that she would succeed.
Who knew that before she could say anything, this girl would actually return! She was thinking that if she could make Su Yuan stay and give her a good beating, Fu Xinlian might be so happy that she would agree to her request.
For the sake of her son’s future, no matter what, she had to make Su Yuan stay in the Bai family!

After making up her mind, Maid Qi said, “Alright, if you don’t want to return the card, then you must be hiding something.
you must have stolen the Bai family’s money.
You country girl, don’t even think about running away!” With that, she gritted her teeth and charged at Su Yuan.
She knew clearly in her heart that this wretched girl’s box contained all the things she had brought from the countryside.
These were all the things that this wretched girl cared about the most.
As long as she snatched this box, she would not be able to leave today! She felt that Su Yuan’s sudden ruthlessness must have been triggered by last night’s kidnapping.
No matter how strong she was, she was still just an 18-year-old girl, thin and weak.
How could she possibly win?

People always bullied the weak and feared the strong.
Su Yuan was usually soft and weak, and even if she was a little tough for a moment, she still made people feel that she was easy to bully.

However, Maid Qi did not expect Su Yuan to wave her little hand and fly toward her without moving an inch.
Maid Qi was so focused on snatching the box that she did not see what was flying over.
She thought that Su Yuan was scared and had thrown something out.
She subconsciously dodged, but when she saw the thing flying toward the ground, she laughed to herself.
This little girl was indeed weak.
She could not even throw something far.

However, in the next second, Maid Qi felt pain in his foot and fell to the ground with a cry.
She looked at her foot in surprise and saw a small dagger stuck in the tip of her foot! A chill ran down Maid Qi’s spine.
This girl had actually thrown a dagger at her! Her face was distorted with fear, and the tip of her foot hurt as if she had been stabbed by a dagger.
However, she did not dare to move at all, and her back was covered in cold sweat.

The servants did not see clearly what had happened.
They pushed and shoved each other a few steps forward to see what had happened.
When they saw what was stuck in Maid Qi’s toes, they widened their eyes in shock and retreated one after another.

Maid Qi had been nailed to the ground by the eldest miss with a knife! When they looked at Su Yuan again, their expressions had changed.
Shock, panic, and deep fear…

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