Looking Down on Others

The Bai family’s mansion was located in the villa area of the western district.
It was rather remote and was still a distance away from the road, so Su Yuan had to walk in.
She had walked this path for two years in her previous life.
Even after so long, she still felt very familiar with it.
She walked to the Bai family’s courtyard and looked at the white three-story building through the railing.
She then looked at the window in the corner of the second floor.
A trace of coldness flashed in her eyes.
she collected her emotions and raised her hand to press the doorbell.
Soon, the door to the courtyard opened.
She walked to the main door and heard footsteps coming from inside the house.
The door was open.

The one who opened the door was a servant.
when she saw that it was Su Yuan, her eyes were filled with surprise and disdain, and she did not even greet her.

Su Yuan did not have much status in the Bai family.
Although she was the Bai family’s young miss, in reality, any servant in the family could easily step over her head.
She could not be bothered with these snobbish servants and walked into the house.

A few servants followed behind her as if they were guarding against a thief, and they kept whispering.

“Wasn’t this country bumpkin kidnapped? Why did she suddenly come back?”

“I don’t know.
look at her, she’s wearing a patient’s garb.
Did someone save her?”

“The family didn’t call the police, so who would save her? Did she run out on her own? ”

“What are you talking about? There were three robbers, how can they not keep an eye on a little girl? Ah, don’t tell me the robbers…”

“It’s possible.
Look at how she is limping.
It must be her…”

The few of them seemed to agree with this guess, and their eyes flashed with surprise and excitement.

Su Yuan was in a good mood and did not want to argue with this group of snobs.
The villa was unusually quiet as if no one was home.
Thinking about it, Bai Yurou had been beaten to a pulp by her, so the Bai family must have gone to the hospital to visit her.
At the thought of this, Su Yuan raised her brows.
It was a good thing she was not at the hospital.
otherwise, she would definitely see Fu Xinlian’s crazed look.
She just did not know if this group of people would be angry if they did not catch her.

Su Yuan pulled back her thoughts and walked straight to the end of the second-floor corridor.
The room in the corner was her room.
She dragged out a dusty and old suitcase from under her bed, patted the dust off it, and started to pack her things.

Outside the room, a few servants stood at the door and kept looking into the room.
They would even chat from time to time, as if discussing why Su Yuan was packing things.

Su Yuan only took a few things with her.
These were all the things she had brought with her when she first came to the Bai family.
There were three sets of clothes that had turned white and faded from washing, a pencil case that her mother had bought for her before she came, two thick science fiction novels, and a blue school bag that Gu Qin had given her.
After living in the Bai family for two years, the things she took with her did not even fill up a single suitcase.

Su Yuan shook her head in self-mockery and looked around at the narrow and dark bedroom.
This was originally a storage room, but after she came, it became her bedroom and she had been living in it for two years.
She pulled open the drawer and took out an old phone and a card.
She dragged her suitcase out of the room, but before she could take a few steps, a voice suddenly came from behind her.
“Young miss, are you leaving? You can leave if you want, but you can’t take that bank card with you.
It’s the Bai family’s money, not yours.”

Su Yuan slowly turned her head and looked at the servants with a sharp gaze.
she said indifferently, “Who was the one who spoke just now? Come out.”

The servants had never seen Su Yuan like this before, so they all felt a little guilty.
They looked at each other, but no one moved.

Su Yuan sneered and said, “Haha, why? You don’t dare to admit what you’ve said?”

The female servants seemed to be frightened by Su Yuan’s behavior.
One after another, they looked scared.
A small, middle-aged woman fiddled with her fingers uneasily and stood out, trembling.
She was Maid Qi, Fu Xinlian’s most trusted aide.
She had been brought over from her family when Fu Xinlian got married.
In the Bai family, she only listened to Fu Xinlian’s words.
She did not even listen to Bai Weiguang or old madam.
She was the most loyal dog that Fu Xinlian had raised.
Most of the bullying that Su Yuan received came from her.

But today, Maid Qi was a little scared.
She did not understand why Su Yuan, who usually did not even dare to speak loudly in the Bai family, would become so terrifying today.
The look in her eyes just now was as if she wanted to kill someone.
However, as the maid of the Bai family and madam’s most trusted servant, she could not lose her dignity in front of these servants.
Even though she was trembling, she still took a step forward, cleared her throat, raised her head, and tried her best to put on a disdainful expression.
She yelled at Su Yuan, “Young miss, I was the one who said those words.”

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