d pressure shot up when she saw that it was a reporter.
She could not care less about her image and quickly shouted, “Who told you to take pictures? You…” Before she could finish speaking, she felt as if her heart was being stabbed by a needle.
She clutched her chest in pain and could not say another word.

The reporters did not care about the old lady’s life or death.
They only wanted to get the news material they wanted.
The kidnapping case of the wealthy Bai family.
The police coming to arrest them.
This was great material.
As long as he could take a photo and publish it as soon as possible, he would definitely be able to get the front page headlines today! Under such circumstances, none of them would care about an irrelevant old lady.
In the face of huge benefits, human lives sometimes became worthless.

Zhang Huilan could not hold on any longer as she watched the reporters take full pictures of the scene.
Her eyes went blank and she fell to the ground.

At this moment, Fu Xinlian noticed the old lady’s condition and quickly ran over.
She hugged the old lady and shouted anxiously, “Mom, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me.
doctor, please save my mom.

Zhang Huilan heard Fu Xinlian’s voice and regained some consciousness.
She opened her eyes with difficulty and said, “Call Weiguang, hurry…” After that, she completely lost consciousness.

Su Yuan had no idea what had happened at the hospital.
She was on the bus, preparing to return to the Bai family.

“Sir, please give me your alipay account number.
I’ll transfer the money to you when I get home.” Su Yuan said, a little embarrassed.
After she sneaked out of the ward, she realized that she was wearing a patient’s gown and had no money on her.
She didn’t have a cell phone either.
The Bai family’s house was very far from the hospital.
If she walked back, she would probably walk until dark.
The weather outside was not good either.
After thinking for a while, she could only thicken her skin and discuss with the bus driver whether she could get off the bus and pay.

However, when the bus driver saw that she was a young girl and wearing a patient’s garb, he happily let her get on the bus and even paid the fare for her out of his own pocket.
Seeing that she was about to get out of the car, the driver said that he did not want the three yuan fare, saying that he would treat it as a favor to her.

Su Yuan could not argue with the driver, so she could only accept his good intentions and thank him with a smile before getting out of the car.
This was the first time in many years that she had felt the warmth of a stranger, and her mood was much better.

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