walked to the bed.
“Officers, have you misunderstood something? Su Yuan is my eldest granddaughter, but she is the victim.
Why are you not looking for her? Why are you taking my youngest granddaughter, Bai Yurou, away to cooperate with the investigation?”

Hearing this, Fu Xinlian heaved a sigh of relief.
As long as the old madam wanted to protect Bai Yurou, there would not be any problems.

The two police officers explained, “Old lady, according to the clues we have, Bai Yurou was the only witness at the scene of the kidnapping last night.
She was also the only witness who came into close contact with the kidnappers.
So, we need her to assist in the investigation, not to arrest her.”

“What? A witness?” Zhang Huilan said in surprise.
She was old and did not attend the birthday party, so she had no idea about this.
This meant that Bai Yurou had witnessed the entire kidnapping process.
She turned around to look at Bai Yurou, who was hiding under the blanket, with a complicated expression.

When Fu Xinlian heard this, she became anxious.
She quickly shouted at the police, “Nonsense! Our Yurou was scared to death last night and was even admitted to the hospital.
How could she have come into contact with the kidnappers?”

“I don’t know anything.
It has nothing to do with me.” Bai Yurou said softly under the covers as if she had really been frightened.

“As an eye witness, Bai Yurou has to come with us, ” the two police officers continued.
“As long as she’s done recording her statement and there are no problems, she can leave.
” As he spoke, the two police officers stood on either side of Bai Yurou, ready to get her off the bed.

Zhang Huilan gripped her walking stick tightly and turned her head away from Bai Yurou.
Now that someone had already called the police, no matter how powerful the Bai family was, they could not hinder the police from carrying out their official duties.
If they really had a conflict with the police, as long as the kidnapping incident became more and more serious, they would only be lost even more.
Before the situation got worse, the best thing to do was to get Bai Yurou to cooperate with the investigation and then use her connections to think of a way out.

Seeing that the old madam was no longer protecting Bai Yurou, Fu Xinlian rushed over to stop the police from taking her daughter away.

The ward was suddenly filled with Fu Xinlian’s cries and the repeated warnings of the police.
The two parties were in a heated argument.


In the corner, Pei Xifan suddenly rushed to the front of the crowd, pushed the police away, and hugged the frightened Bai Yurou.
He said righteously, “Officers, she is only a witness, not a criminal.
She was frightened and is still sick.
Isn’t it against the standard operating procedure for you to take her away forcefully?”

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