ich person she could not afford to offend.
She did not dare to say anything more and went to call the director after answering.
However, just as she reached the door, the door was pushed open.

Two police officers in uniform stood at the door and said, “Hello, we are the police from the western district police station.
We are currently investigating a kidnapping case.
Is this Bai Yurou’s ward?”

The nurse was stunned.
She was a little confused about the situation.
She pointed at the person on the bed and said, “She’s the one you’re looking for.”

When the two police officers entered the ward, the nurse took the opportunity to leave the room.
Before closing the door, she looked into the room.
The people in the room seemed to be frightened by the appearance of the police, and their faces did not look good.

Bai Yurou was stunned.
Police? Su Yuan, that little b*tch, actually dared to call the police!

The two police officers locked their gazes on Bai Yurou.
they strode up to her and asked sternly, “Are you Bai Yurou?”

Bai Yurou tried her best to calm herself down and nodded.

The two police officers took out their police badges from their shirt pockets and showed them to her.
then, they asked again, “At around 2100 hours last night, there was a malicious kidnapping case at 233 Liming Road.
The victim, Su Yuan, is your sister, right?”

Bai Yurou’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that.
She was completely flustered.
She quickly reached her hand under the blanket and pinched herself.
The pain hit her, and her tears started to flow.
She cried, “Huhu…I don’t know what kidnapping is.
Go away, go away!” She seemed to have thought of something extremely terrifying as she curled up on the bed in fear, her body trembling non-stop.

Her fear was real, and her trembling was not an act.
After all, if the police really found out that the kidnappers last night were hired by her, the consequences would be unimaginable! By then, even the Bai family would not be able to protect her.
That would be against the law!

The more Bai Yurou thought about it, the more scared she became.
She cried even harder.
she could only cover her head with the blanket and curl up her body to ease the fear in her heart.

Fu Xinlian’s heart ached when she saw her daughter’s frightened look.
Bai Weiguang had clearly said that no one in the family was allowed to call the police.
Who was so bold as to expose this matter? She took a few steps forward and stood in front of her daughter.
She said impolitely, “Where did you police come from? You’re interrogating my daughter.
Leave quickly, there’s no kidnapping here!”

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