Princess Room?

Fu Xinlian did not realize that her actions were disgraceful.
Her originally unfriendly face, because of her anger, appeared even more ferocious and terrifying.

Seeing that the other party had no intention of giving up, the middle-aged woman did not want to be in a stalemate.
She said helplessly, “This madam and everyone present, you can go in and take a look, but there are some things I need to make clear in advance.”

Fu Xinlian rolled her eyes at the other party.
She did not want to hear any of this nonsense and was about to force her way through the door.
This time, the old lady did not allow her to continue her nonsense.
She pulled her back and said to the middle-aged woman, “Go ahead,”

The old lady had been in contact with countless rich and powerful people over the years.
There were people of all levels, so she had a good eye for people.
The middle-aged woman in front of her was very elegant and proper from her dressing to her expression and words.
The old lady could tell that she was just a servant.
It was impossible for an ordinary rich family to cultivate such an excellent servant.
At this moment, she was also a little suspicious whether she had really found the wrong room.

“Everyone, sir has instructed that strangers are not allowed to enter my madam’s ward.
If you’re in a hurry to find her, I can make an exception for you.
However, I hope that you won’t touch anything in this room.
If there’s any damage, sir will blame you…”

The middle-aged woman deliberately left half a sentence behind.
Her threat was obvious.
If she were to blame them, she would definitely make them pay!

The old lady frowned.
It was sir and madam.
Did they really come to the wrong place…but now that they were already at the door, she felt a little indignant if she did not go in to take a look.

“Okay, thanks for the reminder.
We’ll just go in and take a look.
If we don’t see the person we’re looking for, we’ll leave immediately.” The old lady made up her mind and said.

Pei Xifan, who was standing at the back of the crowd, looked at the room number in confusion.
He had been here before and this was Su Yuan’s room.
How did it suddenly become the madam’s room?

He had only left for a short while, so what had happened in between? Where had Su Yuan gone? Could it be that he had been hallucinating when he and Su Yuan had broken up and quarreled?

The middle-aged woman opened the door and made way for the crowd.
They entered the ward one after another and were all dumbfounded.
It was not a hospital ward in front of him.
It was like a princess’ room in a mansion!

The room was a tender pink color.
Pink curtains, pink bedsheets, pink flowers everywhere, and even the iv drip in the ward was decorated with a pink bow.
The whole room was filled with the scent of a young girl.
In addition to the middle-aged woman, there were three other maids in the ward.
They were cleaning the room.
When they saw someone come in, they quickly got up and stepped aside.

The moment Fu Xinlian entered the room, her eyes were stung by this pink dress.
She said unhappily, “This isn’t a hospital room.
This is…why is this room so much bigger than Yurou’s?”

When she said that, everyone also noticed that in addition to the decoration of the ward, the room was also surprisingly large.

Bai Yurou’s classmate, Li Feifei, said, “It’s indeed huge.
It’s almost twice the size of Yurou’s room.”

Another student also said in surprise, “Yeah, I heard that the VIP rooms in this hospital are very expensive.
Yurou’s room costs 20000 yuan a night, so this room costs 40000 yuan!”

Forty thousand? Hearing this, Fu Xinlian frowned.
How could Su Yuan, that little b*tch, afford to stay in such a luxurious ward? And these maids…she looked around.
Although there was no one in the room, there was a medical record book on the bedside cabinet.
Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, she rushed over and reached out to take the medical record.

“Madam, you!” The middle-aged woman’s expression changed, but she still could not stop her.

Fu Xinlian ignored the middle-aged woman and brought the medical record to the old lady.
She handed it to the old lady proudly and said, “Mom, there’s a medical record here.
It’s definitely Su Yuan’s.”

However, when she opened the medical record for the old lady, she realized that there was not a single word on it.
It was blank.

The middle-aged woman’s face was filled with anger as she coldly said, “Madam, I’ve made it clear just now that you can come in, but you can’t touch anything in the room.
I only let you in because you agreed.
Now that you’ve touched your things and the person you’re looking for is not in the room, please leave immediately.” Before they could explain themselves, the maids who had just retreated to the side came over and chased them out of the ward like chicks and ducks.

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