Shrew in the Market

The more Zhang Huilan listened, the angrier she got.
She had been protecting the Bai family’s reputation her entire life, but two things had happened today that had embarrassed the Bai family.
One was Su Yuan being kidnapped in front of everyone, and the other was the two sisters fighting in public.
The people in the ward consisted of the rich and powerful.
In a few hours, this scandal would spread all over City A, and many people would secretly laugh at the Bai family!

The old lady’s heart was filled with regret.
It was all Su Yuan’s fault, this country girl.
She could not get away from both things.
She should not have agreed to let her marry into the family in the first place!

At the thought of this, the old lady slammed her walking stick on the ground and roared, “Where is Su Yuan? After being kidnapped and escaping, she didn’t even inform her family.
When her elders came, she didn’t even come to say hello.
Did she still have the bai family in her eyes? Find her, find her immediately!”

The Bai family’s bodyguards were very efficient.
Within ten minutes, they had found some useful information.
Other than Bai Yurou, there was only one female patient in the VIP ward.
Although they could not find out her name and age, they found out that the female patient had been admitted last night and was upstairs.

After hearing the bodyguard’s report, Fu Xinlian went to Zhang Huilan and said, “Mom, do you think the female patient upstairs is that girl, Su Yuan? If it’s her, she would have escaped from the kidnappers last night.
Why hasn’t she contacted her family yet? Did we make a mistake?”

Zhang Huilan was the only one who had an opinion of Su Yuan, and after hearing Fu Xinlian’s words, she hated her even more.
Her face was extremely dark as she said, “We’ll know whether it’s her or not when we go upstairs!”

The group of people took the elevator up and arrived at the door of the ward.
The old lady raised her walking stick and slammed it hard on the door.

A few loud sounds rang through the entire floor.
All the nurses in the nurse station came out and saw so many people blocking the door of the ward.
They were obviously not here to visit the patient but to find trouble!

One of the nurses stopped her.
“Hey, you bunch of people…” Before the nurse could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Fu Xinlian’s fierce gaze.
She had wanted to tell them that this ward was occupied by their hospital’s VIP and that even the director did not dare to offend them.
However, Fu Xinlian’s expression was too fierce and the group of people were not dressed like ordinary people.
The nurse could only hold back her words.

Since she could not offend either side, she decided to leave.
Thinking of this, she quickly gave her friends a look.
After a while, the group of nurses all left.

Pei Xifan saw that the old lady was really angry.
He was thinking about how he could help Su Yuan put in a good word for her without offending the old lady.
This way, Su Yuan might be touched and not break up with him.

Zhang Huilan held her breath and waited for the door to open.
She was going to fly into a rage and give Su Yuan a good scolding.

But when the door opened, everyone was dumbfounded.

“May I ask who you are?” The person who opened the door was a well-dressed middle-aged woman.
She looked at the large group of people outside the door, her expression unchanged and her posture calm.

Zhang Huilan was dejected and quickly looked at Fu Xinlian.
Fu Xinlian reacted and looked into the room while shouting, “And who are you? We’re here to find Su Yuan!”

“You’ve got the wrong room.
there’s no Su Yuan in this room.” The middle-aged woman said and was about to close the door.

“Hey, wait a moment.” Fu Xinlian hurriedly stuck her hand through the gap in the door and said.
She had endured for so long and finally found a chance to get rid of Su Yuan, that little b*tch.
How could she miss it so easily?

The middle-aged woman was not angered by the other party’s rudeness.
She smiled and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“This is Su Yuan’s ward.
You must be her helper.
Get her out, we need to talk to her.
” Fu Xinlian said as she used her arm to block the door.

The middle-aged woman said helplessly, “Madam, there must be some misunderstanding.
There’s no-”

When Fu Xinlian heard this, she did not wait for the other party to finish speaking.
She quickly shouted, ” “What misunderstanding! Su Yuan made a mistake and didn’t dare to come out, and she even got someone to help stop us.
How much did she pay you to hire you? I’ll pay double!”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged woman remained elegant and polite.
She maintained her polite smile.
Compared to her, Fu Xinlian was like a shrew in the marketplace.
She did not have the dignity of a matriarch of a wealthy family.
Old Mrs.
Han’s face turned livid at the fact that she had lost her self-control regardless of the place and occasion.
she wanted to give her a few tight slaps.

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