The Best Doctor

He had just been questioned and threatened by the patient, and now it was the patient’s family.
The doctor was completely furious.
This family was crazy! Why should he be treated like this? He did not want to be treated.
Whoever wanted to treat him could do it!

Thinking of this, the doctor did not say anything.
He simply took off his disposable rubber gloves, threw them into the trash can, and was about to leave the ward.
He met Pei Xifan at the door.

Pei Xifan thought the treatment was over and quickly greeted the doctor with a smile.
“Director Wang, is there any problem with Yurou’s face? ”

In the end, Dr.
Wang did not even look at him.
It was as if he did not hear him.
He walked straight past him and disappeared in a short while.

Pei Xifan was dumbfounded.
What was wrong with this doctor? He was fine when he came.
What was he doing?

Pei Xifan pushed the door open and saw Fu Xinlian sitting on the bed with Bai Yurou in her arms.
He quickly went over to greet her with a smile.

Fu Xinlian’s expression was not friendly at all.
Pei Xifan was merely the illegitimate son of the Pei family.
Their Bai family was a rich and powerful family.
Although they were not the best, they were not something the Pei family could compare to.
Bai Yurou was her only daughter, the heiress of the Bai family.
How could an illegitimate son like Pei Xifan be worthy of her daughter? He was simply a toad lusting after the flesh of a swan.
Wishful thinking!

Seeing Fu Xinlian’s disdainful expression, Pei Xifan lowered his head.
His hands behind his back clenched into fists and dug into his palms.
His eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

Fu Xinlian suddenly thought of the fact that she had yet to find a doctor to treat her daughter.
She quickly squeezed out a fake smile and said, “Little Fan, you’re here to see Yurou too? But her face hasn’t been treated yet.
Please go to the hospital and call the best doctor to see Yurou.”

“The doctor just now…” Pei Xifan was stunned and quickly said.

Fu Xinlian saw that he was about to mention the doctor from earlier and her face darkened.
She said angrily, “Don’t mention that doctor.
He’s not good at medicine.
I don’t know who found him, but he just knows how to stand there.
Go and get the best doctor.
If it doesn’t work, call the director.
If the director doesn’t come, tell him who I am.”

“Alright, all of you shut up!” Grandma Zhang Huilan, who had been silent the entire time, spoke.

when Fu Xinlian heard old madam’s words, she quickly shut her mouth.
No matter how arrogant she was usually, she had never dared to go against old madam’s wishes.

Seeing that Fu Xinlian had stopped talking, old Mrs.
Han continued, “At a time like this, don’t you think it’s embarrassing enough?”

Fu Xinlian quickly got up and walked over.
She helped the old granny to a chair and said, “Mom, don’t be angry.
I was just too anxious.
Look at Yurou, she’s so pitiful.”

“Our two daughters are fighting.
If this kind of thing gets out, where will our Bai family put our face?” The old lady said slowly.
She could ignore other things, but she could not ignore the Bai family’s face.
Even if her face was hurt, she was still a girl.
How could it be more important than the Bai family’s face? Who asked her, Fu Xinlian, to not have the ability to give birth to a boy?

Fu Xinlian looked at how the old lady did not care about her daughter.
She gritted her teeth and pinched her own thigh.
Her leg hurt and her nose ached.
a few tears fell and she said, “Mom, Yurou is the younger daughter.
Now that Su Yuan beat her up like this, as her grandmother, you have to stand up for Yurou!”

Just as Fu Xinlian finished her sentence, the friend who was visiting Bai Yurou suddenly stood up and said, “Grandma Bai, Yurou just told me about Su Yuan hitting someone.
Su Yuan was too bad.
Yurou was so kind and took the initiative to care for her sister, but she got beaten up like this.
As a friend, I can’t stand it anymore!”

The other students also quickly said, “That’s right, Grandma Bai.
We all know Yurou.
She’s gentle and kind.
It’s just that Su Yuan went crazy and was so cruel to her.
Xifan was there too.
He saw it with his own eyes.”

Hearing that, Bai Yurou cried even harder.
She sobbed and said, “You, you guys, don’t say that about my sister.
She, she didn’t…it’s all my fault.
I pushed my sister and caused her to be kidnapped.
She, she, she deserved to hit me.
My face is fine.
It’ll be fine soon, very soon…”

The more Bai Yurou cried and the more she spoke up for Su Yuan, the more everyone hated Su Yuan.
They all thought that Su Yuan was a lunatic who hit her sister.
After all, Bai Yurou looked like the weak one who needed more protection.

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