Are You Leaving Just Like That, Madam?

Su Yuan looked at Mo Ting with an evil smile, thinking.
Tsk, very possessive, cannot even look at it.
But she immediately changed to an innocent expression and said, “I’m not curious about him.
After all, he doesn’t give me money.”

Mo Ting’s expression darkened, but he simply glanced at her without saying a word.

After a while, Fu Wen came back with the revised contract.

This time, both of them quickly signed the contract and each kept a copy.
The remaining copy was kept by Fu Wen, the third party.

Su Yuan sighed.
In her previous life, she had put in so much effort to marry Pei Xifan.
In the end, she had lost her life and still, her wish had not come true.
In this life, she was actually so relaxed and married so quickly.
Although there was a time limit, no matter what, she was the lady of the richest family in City A from today onward.
Such a difference really made people feel strange.

Su Yuan quickly came back to her senses and stopped thinking about the past.
She said, “Uncle, since the contract has been signed, I’ll have to trouble you to release the statement as soon as possible.
There’s nothing else for me to do, so I won’t waste your medical expenses here.
I’ll take my leave first.” After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

But, before she reached the door, Mo Ting said coldly, “Madam, you’re leaving just like that?”

Su Yuan’s heart tightened and she stopped in her tracks.
The contract had been signed, so there did not seem to be anything else that needed her, right? She turned around nervously and waited for Mo Ting to continue.

Mo Ting stretched out his hand and handed over a pen and paper.
“Give me your contact information.”

Eh? Just this? Could the big boss not speak in such a scary way? Su Yuan took the pen and paper and let out a long sigh of relief.
She wrote down her phone number and quickly slipped out of the ward, afraid that something would happen again.

Mo Ting’s eyes lit up as he watched the little girl run away in a panic like he was looking at his prey that was about to fall into his trap.

After Su Yuan left, Cui Feng walked over to Mo Ting with a smile.
“I didn’t know, Mo Ting.
You’re the only one among us who never gets close to women.
We’ve found so many women for you so that you can live a happy life, but you don’t even look at them.
We even wondered if you liked men, but it turns out that you like young girls who have just come of age! Ha…”

“shut up!” Before Cui Feng could finish laughing, Mo Ting stopped him.

Cui Feng suddenly stopped laughing.
He was so depressed that he could not even laugh.
He wanted to ask what happened between them yesterday.
It must have been wonderful.
Such a big gossip was not allowed to be asked.
He wanted to suffocate himself!

On the other hand, Bai Yurou’s ward was filled with a lively crying scene.
The moment Fu Xinlian heard that her daughter had been beaten up by Su Yuan, that little b*tch, she immediately rushed to the hospital with the Bai family’s old lady, Zhang Huilan.

Before she entered the ward, she could already hear her baby daughter’s heart-wrenching cries.

“Doctor, please save me.
I don’t want to be disfigured.
I’m an actress.
My face is worth a lot of money.
Are you good at healing? If you can’t cure me, I’ll tell my dad and have the hospital fire you.
I’ll also sue you for compensation so that you can never be a doctor again!” Bai Yurou howled as she cried like she had gone mad.
The doctor wanted to check on her, but he could not get close to her at the moment.
The doctor’s expression was a little ugly.
For the sake of Bai Yurou’s face, Pei Xifan had invited the director of the plastic surgery department, who was one of the best doctors in china.
But now, he was being doubted and threatened by a young girl.

The people who came to visit Bai Yurou tried to stop her, but she only cared about crying and did not listen to them.

Fu Xinlian had just reached the door when she heard the word ‘disfigured’.
She was furious on the spot.
She supported Zhang Huilan, pushed the door open, and quickly entered the ward.
Her heart ached as she shouted, My poor Yurou!”

Bai Yurou cried even louder when she heard that her mother was here.
Her eyes were like water faucets as tears flowed down.

Fu Xinlian quickly walked to the bedside and said worriedly, “My good daughter, let mommy see how your face is.”

Bai Yurou let go of her hand that was covering her face with a trembling hand, revealing half of her face that was red and swollen like freshly baked bread.
There was a clear handprint on her face.

Fu Xinlian’s anger flared up as she pointed at the doctor and scolded, ” What are you doing? Why are you standing there instead of treating my daughter’s face? If you can’t do it, quickly get the best doctor in your hospital to come.
If you delay my daughter’s treatment, I won’t let your hospital off!”

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