It’s Definitely Mine

Just as Su Yuan’s mind was running wild, Mo Ting said to Fu Wen, “Remember madam’s words.
Draft them into the contract word for word.”

“Yes, President Mo.” Fu Wen quickly replied and left the ward.
When he came back in, he was holding a folder in his hand.
He opened the folder in front of Su Yuan.

Su Yuan looked at the file in confusion and was instantly dumbfounded.
Inside the file was the contract, and there were three copies of it.
This was way too efficient…

Mo Ting did not even look at the contents of the contract as he received a pen from Fu Wen.
After a few strokes, he signed his name on the side of the contract.
His handwriting was majestic and as sharp as his face, giving him a sense of beauty.

Su Yuan quietly admired his handwriting and his face.
As soon as Mo Ting lifted his head, their eyes met.
Looking into Mo Ting’s deep, dark eyes, Su Yuan’s heart began to beat faster as she quickly lowered her head to look at the contract.

As he looked at the little girl’s flustered expression, Mo Ting’s lips curved upwards once again.
This little girl was getting more and more adorable.

Su Yuan could feel Mo Ting’s gaze on the top of her head.
She guiltily swallowed her saliva and let out a long sigh before she continued to read the contract in peace.
The contract was drawn up by Mo Ting’s assistant.
He did not need to look at it, but she had to.

In her previous life, she had helped the company’s male celebrities draft a marriage contract.
It had taken her a whole month.
The two parties had met many times to discuss the details of the contract.
They were afraid that they would be entangled again because of something when they got divorced.

However, as Su Yuan read on, her expression became complicated.
It was not that there was a problem with the contract, but that the contract was too simple…

The entire contract was only one page, and in the column of party A’s responsibilities and obligations, a line of big words was written clearly.
[During the contractual marriage, all of party B’s living expenses such as food, clothing, accommodation, and transportation will be borne by party A.
Party A can not force party B to do anything she is unwilling to do.]

The responsibilities and obligations of party B were as follows.
[After a friendly negotiation between party A and party B, party B promises that during the contractual marriage, party B will unconditionally satisfy all the occasions where party a needs party B to cooperate.
Unreasonable rejection, rejection, loss of contact.]

Su Yuan frowned as she looked at the two lines of words.
It was indeed the same meaning as what the two of them had said before, but she felt that something was wrong, but she could not put her finger on it.
Moreover, this contract was too simple.
it was even a little childish.
Were all contractual marriages in rich families like this? However, on second thought, the contract was complicated because neither of them wanted to be taken advantage of by the other party.
However, the big boss only needed her to cooperate with some occasions and did not care about the small amount of money.
Thinking of this, she was relieved and continued to read the contract.
Suddenly, her eyes widened and she asked in surprise, “This, this, this is…!”

It turned out that there was an additional clause at the end of the contract, which said, [During the contractual marriage, if either party violates any clause of the contract, it will be regarded as a unilateral breach of contract and the party must pay five times the agreed amount to the other party within five working days.]

Su Yuan was dumbfounded.
If she broke the contract, she would have to pay 2 billion and within five working days.
Even if she sold herself, she would not be worth 100 million.
This…she made up her mind to never break the contract! But, just because she did not want to breach the contract, it did not mean Mo Ting would not.
She rolled her eyes and asked, “Uncle, does this breach of contract include cheating?”

Mo Ting furrowed his brows and replied, “Of course, that includes it.”

Su Yuan’s lips twitched.
They were in a fake marriage, but she could not have an affair.
How inhumane! But if that was the case, does that not mean that the boss and his little assistant cannot be together? She peeked at Fu Wen’s reaction again.

Fu Wen’s heart tightened under Su Yuan’s gaze.
He hurriedly picked up the contract and left the door again.

In Su Yuan’s eyes, this was a heartbroken escape.
She was very happy and thought to herself, ‘Big Boss Mo Ting, you never expected that I would know your secret, right? As long as you dare to cheat on your assistant, I’ll be able to get the compensation.
From now on, I’ll keep an eye on the two of you.
The 2 billion compensation will definitely be mine! Hahaha!’

Mo Ting noticed Su Yuan smiling at Fu Wen and his expression darkened and said, “It seems like you’re really interested in my assistant.”

Fu Wen, who had just reached the door, heard this and his legs went soft, almost falling to the ground.

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