Is He Serious?

Su Yuan said weakly, “Uncle…I just had my 18th birthday yesterday.
I haven’t reached the legal age for marriage yet…” The legal age for marriage for women in China was 20 years old.
Was this uncle trying to abduct a young girl who had just come of age? Ah ah ah! She kept screaming in her heart.

Hearing this, Mo Ting’s cold expression suddenly changed.
His lips curved upwards as he said, “Don’t worry, there’s no age limit for you to marry me.”

Su Yuan was stunned.
What did the uncle mean? There was no age limit for her to marry him.
Could it be that he liked young girls who had just come of age? She had just escaped from the Bai family, but was she about to fall into some dangerous situation again? She was about to cry and looked at Cui Feng and Fu Wen with grievance, trying to ask for help.
She just wanted a statement, but this was too much!

Fu Wen and Cui Feng stared at each other, the shock in their eyes no less than Su Yuan’s.
The two of them had the same question in their hearts, ‘Was he serious?’

Fu Wen was Mo Ting’s assistant.
Although he had doubts about his boss’ decisions, he never failed to execute them.

But, Cui Feng was different.
He had grown up with Mo Ting and he was a doctor.
He could not just watch Mo Ting lose his mind and not do anything.
He was certain that Mo Ting must have hurt his head yesterday, so his mind was in a mess.
Under such circumstances, as a good friend, he had to stop him from acting out of the ordinary!

“Ah ting, you should…” As soon as Cui Feng started speaking, Mo Ting raised his hand and cut him off.
The rest of his long speech was stuck in his throat.

“Marry me,” Mo Ting said slowly, “I’ll give you 200 million in 2 years.”

Su Yuan was stunned again.
Her brain was about to stop working.
after a while, she stammered, “U-uncle, you, you want to get married to me?”

Mo Ting nodded his head and replied, “That’s what I meant.”

Su Yuan thought about it for a while.
There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.
He helped her make a statement and wanted to give her money.
This proved that there must be something in this marriage that the big boss wanted.
However, no matter how hard she racked her brains, she could not figure out what her big boss could gain from this contractual marriage.
In her previous life, big boss did not get married until the day she died.
what was the reason behind this? Besides, even if it was a fake marriage, the big boss had such excellent conditions.
the number of people who wanted to cooperate with him was more than the population of City A.
Why did he choose her?

At that moment, a possibility suddenly appeared in Su Yuan’s mind.
The 200 million yuan after the divorce might be hush money! With this thought, she sneaked a glance behind Mo Ting and happened to see Fu Wen let out a sigh of relief.
She quickly retracted her gaze and was secretly happy.
She knew the reason why big boss had been single!

In his previous life, Mo Ting had never gotten married and had never even had a girlfriend.
The internet had been filled with speculations that his boss had a weak body and was not interested in women, so he might be in a relationship with his assistant…

The first two were pure guesses and there was no evidence to support them.
However, there were some photos that might prove that the assistant was right.
Because no matter what the occasion was, Fu Wen was always by Mo Ting’s side.

There were even some photos where the two people could clearly see eye contact, so it was no wonder that everyone had such wild thoughts.
But now, it seemed that it was very likely to be true.
Thinking of this, Su Yuan glanced at Fu Wen again.

Fu Wen was very young, tall and handsome.
He did not talk much, but he followed behind Mo Ting silently, his eyes never leaving his side.
The more Su Yuan looked at them, the more she felt the two of them looked like a couple.
she finally understood, no wonder Mo Ting was able to resist touching her even after he was drugged.
He was not interested in women, he was interested in men! He only wanted a marriage of convenience!

“Why do you keep looking at Fu Wen?” Mo Ting asked coldly.
He had been observing Su Yuan’s expression the entire time.
He did not expect her to not look at him but at Fu Wen.
Could it be that Su Yuan was interested in Fu Wen? When he thought of this, he felt inexplicably unhappy.

Su Yuan’s thoughts were pulled back by Mo Ting’s words.
She quickly turned her gaze back to Mo Ting’s face and noticed the dark expression on his face.
It seemed like he was very upset that she had peeked at Fu Wen.
He was obviously jealous as she tried to probe, “No, I just thought that your assistant was handsome, so I took a few more glances.

Hearing this, Fu Wen was stunned and quickly lowered his head.
He looked a little flustered.
how could he not be flustered? If the girl agreed, she would be his lady boss for the next two years.
At this time, the girl praised him for his handsome appearance.
How could he not be flustered?

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