“Get better as soon as possible?” Mo Ting asked with interest.

Seeing that the other party was interested in this, Su Yuan hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes, yes, it’s true.
I promise you’ll be cured faster than in the hospital!”

Cui Feng was not happy and quickly retorted, “What are you talking about, young lady? You may have fixed Ting’s leg, but you’re not a doctor.
You’re too young to have received proper education.
How can you talk big?”

Su Yuan wanted to argue, but Mo Ting cut her off.
“I already have a doctor.” Mo Ting replied calmly.

Then, Cui Feng raised his head proudly.

Su Yuan frowned, her eyes darting around.
she gritted her teeth and said, “I, I have a lot of proposals with me.
You’re so rich, your family must have an entertainment company, right? My proposals will definitely make your company a lot of money!”

These proposals were her trump card, and she had exchanged them with her life.
in her previous life, she had used these proposals to help Pei Xifan.
In this life, she originally planned to use these proposals to start her own company and turn the tables around.
But, in order to get past this obstacle, she had no choice but to use these as bargaining chips.

Su Yuan eagerly waited for the man in front of her to nod his head in agreement.
However, Mo Ting replied calmly, “But I don’t lack money.”

Su Yuan was speechless.

Su Yuan’s blood was boiling, and her nerves were twitching.
She wanted to punch the man in front of her.
Why was this man so difficult to talk to? But she had a favor to ask of him, so she still said patiently, “Then tell me, how can I help you?”

Mo Ting shook his head impatiently.
It was not that he was difficult to talk to, but he indeed did not lack anything.

“Young lady, why don’t you think of something else if you have the time?” Cui Feng said, “Even if we’re all here, Ting won’t be able to make a statement for you in the end.
His leg is still injured and needs to be replaced.
You’d better get out of the way and let him go back to the ward to rest.”

Su Yuan had already given up, she had used up all her cards, but she still could not convince Mo Ting.
However, she was not going to give up so easily, so she did not move and continued, “Uncle, you really can’t reconsider? I can give up everything just for this declaration.
Why don’t I spend money to buy it? As long as you give me a number, even if I don’t have any money now, I’ll work like a horse for the rest of my life and earn it for you.” She knew that Mo Ting’s identity was special and the Mo family was the richest family in City A.
But, she had no other choice.
All she could do was beg him one last time.

Just as Su Yuan thought she had lost all hope, Mo Ting suddenly said, “It’s not impossible to make a statement…”

Su Yuan’s eyes immediately lit up with hope, but Cui Feng and Fu Wen frowned in confusion.

Su Yuan struck while the iron was hot and said excitedly, “Uncle, just say it.
If you can make a statement, I’ll agree to any condition you have!” As she spoke, she kneeled down in front of Mo Ting and looked at him with a face full of desire.
She knew it, the two of them had been through a life and death situation together the night before.
Even though they had only known each other for a short time, he would not leave them in the lurch.

Mo Ting looked into the little girl’s clear eyes and his lips moved slightly, “Marry me.”

Su Yuan was about to agree, but when she heard that, she was stunned.
However, since the words were already in her mouth, she swallowed them back.
Her saliva got into her throat, and she started to cough violently, “Cough, cough, cough…uncle, what did you just say?” Su Yuan asked in disbelief as she glanced behind Mo Ting.

Su Yuan was not the only one in disbelief.
Even Cui Feng and Fu Wen, who were standing behind Mo Ting, were dumbfounded.
The two of them looked at each other and confirmed that they were not hallucinating.
Their expressions were a little complicated.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Su Yuan knew she had not misheard.
Mo Ting had indeed asked her to marry him.
She could not figure it out.
The future head of the richest family in City A, the future diamond bachelor that all women in the world wanted to marry the most, was asking her to marry him just because she asked him to make a statement…? If these words had come from someone else’s mouth, Su Yuan would have smacked the person’s mouth until it was crooked.
But, this was Mo Ting, the real boss, someone she could not afford to offend.

Even if Mo Ting asked her to be his invigilator, she would have accepted it.
After all, it was normal for a rich man to have a few women.
But, he actually wanted to marry her.
Marriages in rich families were all about matching social status.
She was just an illegitimate daughter that grew up in the countryside, what would Mo Ting get from marrying her? Of course, there was a more important matter…

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