There must be some misunderstanding.
Although I’ve escaped now, if I go back just like this, my family will definitely suspect me.
Even if I say that the kidnappers did not do anything to me, as long as someone says that I’ve lost my innocence, I won’t be able to clear my name even if I have a hundred mouths.
you must help me, uncle.”

An ordinary student? Cowardly? Mo Ting looked at her with interest.
Could it be that the fighting and killing techniques she had learned during her fight with the criminals yesterday had been taught in school?

“Young lady, your request is indeed a little difficult.
What happened yesterday was very complicated, and it can’t be explained with just a statement.
Besides, do you know his identity? He can’t help you with this, so you’d better think of another way.” Cui Feng said mercilessly.
He could not stand it anymore.
He never agreed to let Mo Ting walk around with an injury, let alone see an unrelated girl.
Mo Ting’s inauguration ceremony was in 3 days.
In order to recover as quickly as possible, he was willing to use all the most expensive medicine in the world on his legs.
In the end, while he was in a hurry, Mo Ting came running over and was pestered by a little girl.
He even deliberately took him to see the girl’s back injury.
He must have had nothing better to do!

“What identity? Uncle, I know you’re rich and influential since you can call for a helicopter.
As long as you can make a statement, you can save me.
please.” Su Yuan continued to cry.
She did not believe that it would be so difficult to make a statement.
It was obvious that he did not want to help her and was just looking for an excuse.

Seeing that Su Yuan was not going to listen to his advice, Cui Feng quickly gave Fu Wen a look.
As Mo Ting’s assistant, Fu Wen naturally knew who he should listen to.
Cui Feng and Mo Ting had grown up together and were like brothers.
as for Su Yuan, she was just an unimportant stranger.

The two of them worked together and managed to rescue Mo Ting from Su Yuan’s grasp.

Su Yuan saw that she could not hold him back, so she ran to the door and blocked it with her arms.
She said with determination, “If you don’t agree, don’t you dare leave today!”

“You little girl, what the hell do you want?” Cui Feng said angrily.

Su Yuan completely ignored him as she stared straight at Mo Ting and asked, “Uncle, I’m only asking for your help.
I won’t let you help me for free.
I’m also a useful person.
For example…I know how to set your bones.
I’m very good at medicine.
I’ll definitely be able to help your leg recover as soon as possible!”

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