Get Out of Here Immediately

Hearing Pei Xifan’s explanation, Su Yuan’s face turned cold and she asked sternly, “Not like this? Then what do you mean? Aren’t you here to question me why I pushed Bai Yurou? Let me tell you, Pei Xifan, I, Su Yuan, didn’t push her.
She fell on her own, and it has nothing to do with me!”

“But I did hit her! You saw it too, I did it on purpose.
Since she accused me of pushing her, why can’t I smash her fake face? Pei Xifan, if you want to speak up for Bai Yurou and want me to apologize to her, please get out of here right now!”

Hearing this, Pei Xifan was once again stunned.
He had known Su Yuan for almost two years, but she had never lost her temper at him.
She had always spoken to him gently.
Even when she was wronged, she would only cry secretly.
But now, she was asking him to get out! Pei Xifan could not pretend to be gentle anymore.
He was so angry that he was shaking.
He pointed at Su Yuan and said, “You, you…”

“You don’t understand human language? The door is right there, take care!” Su Yuan said impolitely.

Pei Xifan’s face was so dark that smoke was about to come out, but he did not move.
He clenched his fists and suppressed his anger.
His expression became gentle again and he smiled.
“Su Yuan, I know you’re feeling uncomfortable.
It was my fault yesterday.
I didn’t protect you well.
I’m right by your side now.
If you have any grievances or anything you want to say, just tell me.
You’ll feel better after you say it.
no matter what, I’ll always be on your side.”

Pei Xifan’s voice was gentle and his eyes were filled with sincerity as if he was truly concerned about Su Yuan.

However, Su Yuan’s stomach started to churn as she looked at that hypocritical face, and she felt like she could throw up at any moment.
Stand on her side? It was only because she still had value.
In her previous life, it was she who helped Pei Xifan get the approval of his family and made his company bigger and stronger, making it second only to EL entertainment.
She thought that she could live the happy life she wanted like this.
Who knew that all that awaited her was Pei Xifan’s cold treatment and disdain?

Pei Xifan always said that she was too strong-headed, not gentle, and not feminine at all.
At that time, Su Yuan had placed all her attention on Pei Xifan.
In order to win his heart back, she had given up most of her work and power in the company to return to her family.
In order to be more feminine, she went around looking for teachers to learn etiquette, figure, and dance.

However, her efforts did not win Pei Xifan’s heart.
His attitude towards her changed from cold to nonchalant, as if he no longer needed her.
Finally, one day, she arrived home a day early from her business trip.
In their home, on their bed, she saw him and Bai Yurou entangled together.

Su Yuan was on the verge of a mental breakdown.
She rushed up to Bai Yurou, wanting to hit her, but Pei Xifan kicked her to the ground.
at that time, Bai Yurou was sitting on the bed, watching the show with a smile.
Su Yuan, who was lying on the ground in so much pain that she could not get up, heard the most painful words of her life.
Pei Xifan said that he had never loved her and that the person he loved had always been Bai Yurou.
After he finished speaking, he took out a three-million check and threw it in her face, saying that it was a break-up fee for her.
After she took the money, she would return all his shares and get out of his company and life.

She had given ten years of her youth to Pei Xifan, that scumbag.
Su Yuan hated him and hated herself for being blind.
She could quit his life, but she did not want to give up the company that she had put all her heart and soul into.
However, she had underestimated the shamelessness of this adulterous couple.
Just as she had prepared the materials to file a lawsuit against them, she was arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide.

From then on, until her death, Su Yuan had never left the prison.
As Bai Yurou had said, she was an obedient dog in her previous life.
She gave up everything for Pei Xifan but was abandoned like trash in the end.

Su Yuan clenched her fists as she recalled the past.
Her nails dug into her flesh, and a sharp pain pulled her out of the pain of her previous life.
She leaned against the bed, half of her body already numb from the pain, but her face was still calm as she coldly said, “Pei Xifan, please listen to what I’m going to say next.
I don’t want to repeat myself.
I want to break up.
From now on, you are you and I am me.
We have nothing to do with each other anymore!”

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