119 Watching the Show

The more Fu Wen thought about it, the more afraid he became.
His wife was wearing a mask, so he could not see her expression.
He could only follow Su Yuan and take out his phone to inform President Mo.
In the end, before he could finish typing, Su Yuan saw something and suddenly turned around to grab his wrist, pulling him behind the dessert counter.

What was going on? Fu Wen was so nervous that his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

Shush, shush, shush.
Su Yuan made a shushing gesture and pointed outside.
The mask covered most of her face, leaving only a pair of dark eyes exposed, which were currently flickering with flames of excitement.

“Assistant Fu, quick, look!” She whispered, “Mo Ting’s admirer is about to confess to him!”

Fu Wen whimpered.

Over at Mo Ting’s side, the guests continued to come forward to toast him.
But, his expression remained cold throughout.
No matter how they smiled and exchanged pleasantries or how they talked, he did not show any expression.

From Su Yuan’s perspective, he seemed to be distracted and upset.
When he was talking to others, his eyes would always sweep around the venue.
It was unknown what he was looking at.

At this time, Mu Lanyi took a glass of champagne from the bartender’s tray and slowly approached Mo Ting.

Su Yuan looked at that figure with excitement, and her heart beat faster.
“Do you only know whose daughter she is?”

Fu Wen was busy reporting to Mo Ting, so he did not hear Su Yuan’s words.

After waiting for a while and seeing that Fu Wen did not respond, Su Yuan turned around.
Fu Wen looked serious, frowning as he looked at his phone, his fingers tapping quickly on the screen.

boxn ov el.
c o m

“What are you doing?” Su Yuan curiously went up to take a look, but by the time Fu Wen reacted, it was already too late to cover it.
The content on the screen was, [President Mo, Miss Mu is right behind you.
Madam and I are behind Miss Mu.
Hurry up and leave, Miss Mu needs to take a walk.]

Before he could finish, Su Yuan interrupted him.

Su Yuan huffed.

She pretended to be angry and suddenly said with a straight face, “Not bad, I treated you as a teammate, but you betrayed me!”

Fu Wen’s face was full of innocence, “Madam, I, I didn’t want to betray you, it was…”

Su Yuan opened her palm and said sternly, “Cut the crap, give me the phone!”

Fu Wen looked at the screen and then at President Mo, who was about to fall into a trap.
He gritted his teeth and placed the phone in Su Yuan’s hands.

Su Yuan secretly smiled and put her phone away.
She finally had a good show to watch.
How could she let her stage be destroyed at this time?

At this time, Mu Lanyi had successfully closed in on Mo Ting.
She put on what she thought was her most beautiful and confident smile and sweetly called out, “Brother Ting.”

Su Yuan’s bones almost went soft.
“Quick, look, this girl really likes Mo Ting.
What you did just now was wrong, how could you ruin someone’s relationship? That’s a sin!”

Fu Wen was speechless, “Madam, where did you get the idea that President Mo and Miss Mu had a good marriage?”

Hearing this, Mo Ting turned his head.
When he saw Mu Lanyi’s face, he furrowed his brows.
The foreign guests who were talking to him just now left tactfully when they saw this situation.

Not too far away, Elder Mo was holding onto a glass of wine as he looked at the couple with a smile.
They looked like a good match.

After Cui Shouzhong finished his conversation, he saw Elder Mo staring at a spot with a silly smile.
He followed his gaze and his heart sank, “What are you so happy about?”

Elder Mo said, “Shouzhong, look over there.
That’s the wife I found for my eldest grandson.
She’s pretty, right?”

Hearing this, Cui Shouzhong almost spat out the wine in his mouth.
“And you’re looking for a wife for your eldest grandson? They’ve already collected their marriage certificate!”

He used the excuse of going to the bathroom to escape from the scene.
Otherwise, he would be easily injured if they fought later.

“Brother Ting, do you still recognize me? Two years ago, we met in Chicago, and you even treated me to lunch, the Chinese Tang Zai pot rice.”

Yo! Hearing this, Su Yuan’s judgment of this young miss in the washroom was overturned.
There must be something going on between the two of them! They already had an affair two years ago, and it was in a foreign country!

Su Yuan scratched her head, trying to see what this Miss Mu looked like.
However, Mu Lanyi’s back was facing her, so she could only see Miss Mu’s thin waist.
She did not know if her chest was big or not.
If she was too thin and flat-chested, men would not like her.

Mo Ting was silent for a moment as he scanned the room and asked, “Miss Mu, what’s the matter?” His tone was calm and his expression cold.

Originally, when she heard that Mo Ting still remembered her, Mu Lanyi was a little excited.
Just as she was about to lean closer to him, she froze in place by his cold tone.

She smiled nervously, but she still said bravely, “I, it was my father who asked me to come.
He said…”

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