and did not even look at her.
She just kept on crying and said, “Brother Xifan, Yurou was wrong.
Yurou was too scared yesterday and accidentally pushed big sister.
It’s only right for big sister to blame me.
Don’t…don’t blame me…”

Before Bai Yurou could finish her sentence, Su Yuan raised her arm and slapped Bai Yurou across the face.

The sound was so loud as Su Yuan used all her strength to hit Bai Yurou so hard that her entire face turned to the side.

This slap was so satisfying that Su Yuan let out a sigh of relief.
She said to Pei Xifan, “Open your eyes and take a good look.
I’m the one who hit her now!”

Bai Yurou was dumbfounded by the slap.
She felt her face red and swollen like it was on fire.
She had forgotten how to act.

Pei Xifan was thoroughly enraged by Su Yuan’s actions.
He took a big step forward and pushed Su Yuan hard before quickly turning back to check on Bai Yurou’s face.

Bai Yurou’s face was visibly swollen, and Su Yuan’s five-fingered handprint was clearly imprinted on her face.
Pei Xifan was also dumbfounded.
The Su Yuan he knew had always been an obedient, well-behaved girl who never got angry.
Why would she suddenly hit her own sister so ruthlessly?

He yelled at Su Yuan, “You’re crazy! You’re really crazy! How did you become like this?!”

At that moment, Bai Yurou finally came back to her senses.
She covered her face and said, “Su Yuan, how dare you hit me? I’m going to go home and tell my dad! Huhu…Brother Xifan, I’m in so much pain.
I’m going to be disfigured…”

Su Yuan’s body was already weak.
After being pushed by Pei Xifan, she lost her balance and fell straight onto the bench next to the flower bed.
Her waist hit the armrest of the bench hard, and she felt a sharp pain.

She quickly reached out and grabbed the back of the chair to stabilize her body.
However, her face turned paler after such a struggle.

Su Yuan looked at the two people in front of her and wanted to give herself a few tight slaps.
How could she have been so blind in her previous life to treat a man who could not tell right from wrong like a treasure?

She could not stand it anymore, so she walked slowly to the hospital with her hands on her waist.

“Stop right there!” Pei Xifan called out to her.

Su Yuan stopped in her tracks, but she did not turn around.
She coldly said, “What else do you want to say?”

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