116 Bodyguard

At this time, a foreign guest suddenly complimented Su Yuan, “Morton, your bodyguard has a pair of bright eyes.”

Bodyguard? Mo Ting looked at Su Yuan in confusion.

Su Yuan shrugged, “Then how do you want me to introduce myself? They asked me why I’m wearing a mask.
I can’t tell them that I’m actually your wife, can I? It’s so scary!”

Mo Ting said, “Uh…”

Was it scary to be his wife?

Su Yuan replied, “Of course it’s scary!”

Many women had already approached her to ask about her identity.
If she did not say she was a bodyguard, then was she supposed to say she was Mo Ting’s wife? They no longer had a chance, so they had to leave.

“Mo Ting!” Cui Feng suddenly jumped out from the crowd and opened his arms to hug Mo Ting.

Mo Ting’s back was facing him, so he did not see Cui Feng.
By the time he heard the sound and reacted, it was already too late for him to dodge.

“Chief Feng! Be careful of President Mo’s leg! His leg hadn’t recovered yet, and being able to walk didn’t mean that he could be pounced on!”

Fu Wen was so nervous that he almost shouted out the words he should not have said.
He strode forward and planned to block Cui Feng.

But, before Cui Feng even got close to Mo Ting, he let out a groan.
His eyes widened as he kneeled in front of Mo Ting.
Everything that happened suddenly made the surroundings quiet down.

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“Impudent! Where did this unruly thing come from? Get out!”

Everyone’s eyes were focused in the direction of the sound.
Not far away, a white-haired old man in a black suit and a dragon-headed walking stick walked over with a serious-looking middle-aged man.

The white-haired old man’s face was stern.
Although he was very old, he was in good spirits and was not at a disadvantage compared to the middle-aged man beside him.
He walked over to Mo Ting and glared at Su Yuan coldly.
He then ordered in a strong voice, “Take her away.”

The bodyguards hiding in the dark instantly surrounded Su Yuan.

Su Yuan looked around coldly and did not move.

Fu Wen was shocked.
Just as he was about to step forward to explain, Mo Ting stopped him and gestured for him to help Cui Feng up.

Cui Feng also realized that he had caused trouble.
He looked pitifully at Mo Ting, only to be met with a glare.

Mo Ting did not say a word as he directly stood in front of Su Yuan.

“Throw her out!” Elder Mo suppressed his anger and ordered the bodyguards again.

The bodyguards looked at each other as they carefully tried to grab the person behind Mo Ting.

“I’ll see who dares!” Mo Ting replied coldly, forcing the bodyguards to withdraw their hands.

Su Yuan stood behind him.
Although her expression was calm, she was very touched.
In her two lives, this was the first time she was being protected like this.

At this moment, more and more people gathered around to watch.
Although many of the foreign guests here did not understand what the grandfather and grandson were talking about, they had all brought translators and had a general idea of what happened.

No matter what identity or race they were, when it came to gossip, human curiosity was the same.

Elder Mo’s eyes narrowed.
Just as he was about to say something, the middle-aged man beside him cut him off, “Don’t quarrel, it’s just a small matter.
Today is a big day.
Little Feng was young and his body was strong.
He wouldn’t be broken.
It’s fine, everyone can leave.”

Since the person’s father had personally come out to be the peacemaker, the onlookers naturally did not need to look any longer and dispersed.

Meanwhile, Elder Mo stormed off in anger.

At this time, Cui Feng ran over and stared at Mo Ting’s legs for a long time.
He wanted to ask something, but the words that were on the tip of his tongue were quickly swallowed back by Mo Ting’s gaze.

Cui Shouzhong patted the back of Cui Feng’s head and said, “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have let you come.
You’re just embarrassing me!”

Cui Feng put his hand on the back of his head and said innocently, “Dad, can you not hit my head in public? It’s so embarrassing.
Besides, if you hit me too many times, what if I become stupid?”

Cui Shouzhong had served in the army all his life.
When he was at Cui Feng’s age, he was also an iron-blooded man.
In the end, something went wrong and he gave birth to a son.
Not only was he stupid, but he also spoke like a woman.
He got angry when he heard him speak! It was such an important occasion today, but Cui Feng rushed over as if he did not have a brain.
This lady was very skilled and was obviously Mo Ting’s bodyguard.
If she did not go easy on him, Cui Feng might not have just knelt down, he might have lost a leg!

Mo Ting held up two glasses of red wine and handed one to Cui Shouzhong as he said respectfully, “Uncle Cui, this glass of wine is my apology to you on her behalf.”

Cui Shouzhong had a forthright personality, and the Cui family and the Mo family had been friends for generations, so he did not take such a small matter to heart.
He received the glass of wine and took a sip.
He then looked at the people behind Mo Ting and praised, “Ting, where did you find this female bodyguard? You’re pretty good!”


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