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There was someone in the group of reporters who knew the staff at the venue.
This person kept reporting the situation at the venue in real-time in the group.
Suddenly, the reporters in the queue began to discuss enthusiastically.

“They said that Mo Ting entered from the North Gate.
There’s no one there.”

“Then should we enter from the North Gate too?”

“What are you thinking of? The Mo family was the organizer, and they said that reporters were only allowed to enter from the West entrance.
Even if you managed to sneak in from the North entrance, would you dare to post the photos you took? You don’t want your little life?”

“If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have waited at the red carpet.
They’re all foreigners.
Chinese people don’t like to watch.
I would have come here earlier to line up for admission.”

“What’s the situation inside? Did they say what the new president was like? How old is he? The Mo family is too mysterious.
Is the new president an old man?”

Just as they were in the midst of a heated discussion, one of the reporters’ cell phones rang.
He took it out and saw that it was a photo sent from the inner hall.

Bai Yurou had sneaked up behind the man and saw a tall, noble man in a suit.
Even though the photo was a little blurry, it could not hide his outstanding temperament and appearance.
His hair was very short and neat, and his expression was cold, especially those long and narrow eyes that revealed a sharp gaze.

After seeing the photo, Bai Yurou’s heart started to race.
The head of the Mo family was actually so young and handsome?

“Oh my God, your friend didn’t take the wrong picture, right? He’s Mo Ting?”

The reporters looked at the photo one by one.
They were all in the information industry, so they should have more information about Mo Ting than the average person.
But, they did not have any useful information.
She only knew that he had grown up in M Country and nothing else.
On the entire internet, including foreign websites, there was not a single photo of Mo Ting.
So, now that they had finally seen him in person, everyone was in disbelief.

“He’s so young and handsome! Are you sure you didn’t take a picture of the wrong person? Don’t tell me you mistook one of the male idols for Mo Ting?”

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“Hey, did you see that? there’s a little girl beside him! The one wearing the mask, could she be his girlfriend?”

“No way? Didn’t the rumors say that this ceremony was actually a blind date arranged by Elder Mo for his grandson? All the daughters of the rich and powerful are here!”

The reporters were still talking and laughing, but Bai Yurou quietly retreated to Bai Weiguang’s side.
She turned around and looked at the crowd in front of her.
She clenched her fists, as if she had just made a huge decision, and said to Bai Weiguang, “Dad, I want to try my luck at the North Gate!”

By the time Mo Ting and Su Yuan arrived at the venue, most of the guests had already arrived.

Before they entered the venue, Mo Ting suddenly held onto Su Yuan’s hand and whispered into her ear, “Don’t be afraid, the people here aren’t as old as you.
You can do whatever you want, don’t hold back.
If you’re scared, you can keep following me.”

The man’s voice was very soft and light, but it was enough for everyone nearby to hear clearly.

Fu Wen calmly followed behind the two.
He was already immune to President Mo’s public display of affection.

However, the staff that the organizer had sent over all revealed shocked expressions as they looked at Su Yuan.

Su Yuan thought for a moment and asked, “I can do whatever I want?”

“Of course!”

Su Yuan suddenly moved closer to the man and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “There’s something wrong with you today.
I’m guessing you didn’t pull me here to be your shield, did you?”

The man was stunned.
At this moment, the entrance door in front of the two of them was opened.

Su Yuan pulled her hand back and took a small step back to stand behind Mo Ting.

At this time, the host announced Mo Ting’s arrival in a loud and clear voice.
The entire venue immediately went into an uproar.

Originally, Mo Ting was a little worried the little girl would not be able to adapt to such a big scene.
Therefore, when he was conversing with others, he would always subconsciously glance at Su Yuan.
However, to his surprise, the little girl seemed to be able to adapt to such an occasion.
She was like an old hand, able to talk to any stranger like an old friend.
It really amazed him.

Although Su Yuan was not as good as Mo Ting and did not know multiple languages, she was still good at English.

Originally, Fu Wen had been following behind Su Yuan, afraid that she could not understand the foreign guest’s words, so he could be a translator.
In the end, Fu Wen felt that something was wrong within a few minutes.

Why did Madam, who usually looked cold and quiet, change into a different person when she was in a crowded place? He seems to be a little redundant.

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