back under the blanket.
But when he touched her little feet, he froze.
Why was it so soft and smooth? He could not help but touch her hand.
During the day in the study, he had noticed that she had a pair of cute, white feet.
And now, this little foot was obediently lying in his palm.
It was small and not even as big as his hand.
Her toes were light pink and very cute.
He looked at her cute little foot and reached out to scratch her foot.

Su Yuan felt ticklish and retracted her toes, making her already small feet look even smaller.
They were white and tender.
Mo Ting could not help but lower his head and give her a light kiss on the back of her foot.
His kiss was very restrained, and he left the moment they touched.

Su Yuan was startled, but she did not wake up.
She only mumbled something, turned to the side, and put her feet under the blanket.

Mo Ting looked at his empty palm and helplessly patted her on the head, “Little girl, we still have a long way to go.” He was about to turn around and leave when Su Yuan’s phone on the bedside table suddenly lit up.

Mo Ting furrowed his brows as he looked at Su Yuan’s phone for a few seconds.
In the end, he could not hold back his curiosity and picked up Su Yuan’s phone.
It was a text message.

[Little Yuan, if you want to see Chen Yi, meet him at the north gate of Ginza at 10 am tomorrow.
I’ll be waiting for you there.]

The north gate of Ginza? Meet Chen Yi? Mo Ting’s pupils shrank.
The phone required a fingerprint to open, so the message only flashed for a moment before disappearing.
He glanced at the young woman who was sleeping soundly.
He took her right thumb and pressed it on the fingerprint recognition area.
The phone was unlocked in an instant.
He found the text message.
The number that sent the message was not saved, but from the tone, it was definitely a man.

Mo Ting suddenly thought of Su Yuan’s friend, who he had met across the road.
Could it be him? Thinking of Su Yuan’s words that night, his heart ached.
He wanted to delete the message, but on second thought, he clicked ‘read’.
After he exited, he was about to put his phone back when he suddenly saw the alarm clock label on the top of the phone.
He subconsciously opened it and saw a row of alarms.
Behind each alarm clock was a different label, [You have to get up.
Get up and run!]

[This place is so annoying.
Fortunately, she can swim.]

[I didn’t eat my fill last night.
I’m going to steal some food from the kitchen.
Otherwise, I won’t have the strength to swim.]


Mo Ting’s face darkened as he looked on.
He was scum? How was he a scumbag?

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