105 He Doesn’t Know How to Solve This Problem

The atmosphere in the room suddenly froze.
Mo Ting never expected Su Yuan to ask him so directly, like? His eyes narrowed.
This term was very unfamiliar to him.
It was as if in his world, he was the only one who wanted or did not want all the people or things in the world.
He had never known what ‘like’ was.

The little girl’s gaze was on the top of his head.
Su Yuan seemed to want to know the answer to this question, so she kept staring at him.

He was not sure if he was seeing things, but Mo Ting felt like the little girl had suddenly become a stranger.
Especially the look in her eyes, the weather-beaten look that should not have appeared on her face.
Perhaps this question was really important to her.

Mo Ting thought for a moment and replied in a serious tone, “I don’t really know what it feels like to like someone, but I know that you’re very special to me, more special than anyone I’ve ever met.
I think this feeling should be like.”

Bah! This sentence was simply a classic quote from a scumbag! Scumbags never say they liked someone, but they say that they were special when they ask.
That they were more special than anything in the world!

Mo Ting thought that even if his answer did not give full marks, it would at least be a good one.
But, who knew, after the little girl heard this, she actually laughed out loud!

“Haha, you said you like me?” Su Yuan laughed.

Su Yuan looked at the silent man coldly and asked, “Do you know my habits? What time do I wake up and sleep every day? Do I have a morning temper? What do I like to eat for breakfast? What color I you like? What movies do I like? Which male celebrity do I like? Which director do I like? Do you know everything about me? You clearly don’t know anything, yet you still say you like me?”

Mo Ting froze.
Just as he was about to nod his head, Su Yuan asked, “Do you know what ‘like’ means?”

Mo Ting froze on the spot.
He was finished! He would not be able to answer this question!

‘Your love is so cheap!’ Su Yuan said this in her heart.

Mo Ting’s expression changed from shock to confusion before it slowly turned dark.

Su Yuan felt that he was just going to fly into a rage out of humiliation after his lie was exposed.
At this time, she must not walk into the muzzle of the gun!

She had already put it in a very ugly way.
Su Yuan’s motive was to dispel Mo Ting’s thoughts about her, she did not want to fall out with him.
She quickly put on a cheeky face and her tone softened, “Uncle, please don’t joke with me.
You are the president of EL Entertainment and the head of the Mo family.
There are at least a few thousand girls who like you.
I believe that you will find your soul partner among them.
Please let me go, okay?”

After Mo Ting fell unconscious and Fu Wen told her with a serious expression that Mo Ting liked her, how speechless she was! She did not understand what went wrong.
Was he not gay? Did Mo Ting’s sexual orientation change after she reincarnated? However, even if he did not like men, he should not like her either! They had only known each other for a few days! Big Brother Mo’s feelings for her were quite sudden.
She really wanted to pry open Big Boss Mo’s head and see what was inside it.

After hearing these words, Mo Ting furrowed his brows and fell silent for a long time.

Just as Su Yuan thought she had convinced Mo Ting, Mo Ting suddenly lifted his head and looked at her.
He asked coldly, “So, which male celebrity do you like?”

Su Yuan said, “Hmph, is this something you should be concerned about right now?”

She suddenly remembered Fu Wen and Aunt Du’s words.

Fu Wen told her explicitly, “My President Mo is very pure in love!”

“President Mo may be 28 years old,” Aunt Du said, “but he’s never been in a relationship.”

Fu Wen said, “I swear to you, not only has President Mo never liked any man, he has never liked any woman.
He only likes you.”

Aunt Du said, “President Mo is really different from other second-generation rich kids.
He’s a good man.
Try him and you’ll understand!”

But now, Su Yuan only wanted to shout, “Bah! You guys are definitely f*cking blind! How could a man like him have never been in love? Who are you trying to fool!”

“Eh? What’s the male celebrity’s name? Also, is the director you like a man or a woman? How old are you?” Seeing that Su Yuan did not respond, Mo Ting became a little impatient as he asked with a sharp gaze.

‘Ah? I’m telling him to let me go, but he’s still fussing over who the male celebrity is? There are so many handsome guys in the entertainment industry, I can like all of them, so what? Why was he like this?’ Su Yuan really wanted to say everything in her heart, but she did not dare to! She really did not dare!

Even though the mansion looked like it only had four people, there were actually many bodyguards hidden all over the place.
After Mo Ting lost consciousness, Su Yuan examined him and discovered that he needed a few precious Chinese medicines.
Before she could finish her sentence, a few handsome foreign bodyguards suddenly appeared from the corner of Mo Ting’s bedroom.
Su Yuan looked in the direction they had appeared in and was shocked.
Where were they hiding?


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